Main Disc. Thread - R.I.C.H. Crypto Ultima + Solace Prototype

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So to manifest general money the normal RICH is helpful, when it is about trading psychology and charts the Crypto one is helpful, but both are Ultima, so there is no more space in the stack for another Ultima, only normal titles?
Maybe it is time that there is a RICH-RICH Crypto one build. :wink:

I would have thought Quantum Limitless + Rich Crypto + Beyond Limitless Ultima would be the right stack. What are the benefits of StarkQ in this case compared to Quantum Limitless? Is Quantum Limitless a wrong choice for coding?

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Both stacks are good in my opinion. I think it is more of finding the right stack for the user given their short-term and long-term goals, circumstances, subliminal listening experiences, etc.

As Quantum Limitless (QL) is a multi stager it is more for long term gains for productivity and cognitive abilities. Both QL and Limitless are good for coders. In the link below, there is a post by Saint mentioning that QL is for career people whose job heavily relies on thinking & productivity.

Also one more thing Limitless is in the current ZP format while it is unknown when the ZP version of Quantum Limitless will be out.


Thanks @shinyobjects

What about StarkQ? Why is it recommended in this case? What does StarkQ bring that Limitless or Quantum Limitless doesn’t?

This is from the top of my head. Stark provides a mix for those who want increased wealth, brain power, productivity, social skills. It has some elements from Emperor, Limitless, Daredevil, Inner Circle, Primal Seduction.

Limitless & QL are for productivity & increased brain power only.

About the recommended stack of Stark + RICH Crypto + Limitless, I would not know why it is recommended. Maybe RICH Crypto + Limitless is enough for coding a trading bot.

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Did anyone else see bitcoin cash get hacked and go up over $400,000,000 a coin yesterday? I logged into my account on a whim and about shit myself when I saw a few hundred million dollar balance. Of course they locked trading on it and within an hour it was back down to $135.

I have not seen it happen but I did hear about it. This sounds similar to the case several months ago with Polkadot (DOT). Had some DOT in the Exodus Wallet and saw some numbers in the trillions or something. Sending & receiving on DOT at the time was unavailable.

I had a similar feeling to you @OmFlux when I saw those crazy numbers on DOT.

I hope this will get ZP version soon .


Yes , Saint , drop it .

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I thought only a Trader who has a solid strategy working for him would benefit from RICH Crypto.

But no , even a beginner who is in ’ finding the Holy Grail ’ phase can also benefit.

It’s very easy to create Limiting beliefs in Trading once one gets burnt financially and EMOTIONALLY. You get burnt trading in 5 min Chart , that’s it , you will come up with something like ’ I can’t trade in 5 min chart ’ . Or maybe this system won’t work from me.

But I think RICH Crypto will heal these .

So you come back to those and try to modify what you do which can suitable to your personality.

I always thought , I will get burnt if I go less than 1 Hr chart , but now , my system is based on 15 min chart.

Out of pure necessity . last week , I was scalping in 1 min chart taking Ridiculous Risk compared to the Account size , and I didn’t even have any FEAR doing it .

I hope this gets ZPed too and please supercharge the scripting for all markets - Forex , Indices , Commodities .


Is this specifically build and focused on Crypto or would it work equally well for Forex?

I wish it was R.I.C.H Investing or Trading instead because this —

Makes me NOT want to use it because it’s so focused on CRYPTO.

Look at this post my friend :wink:

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You are thanked @GoldenTiger

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What is the recent update on this folks ?

Do you mean about RICH Crypto? The latest is RICH Crypto ZP v1

what I mean how people are doing using this ? how it is helping them on their daily trades and so . Any significant changes such as psychology, trading loss, etc.

RICH Crypto got the V2 upgrade

NGL i don’t know who uses this … I am sure someone uses it tho

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Instead of rich crypto we should have rich trading version which covers all across any sort of trading


it’s just the name
actually it covers all areas such as forex and stocks market etc.

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