Quantum Limitless Q Vs Limitless Q

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How should a person determine between running Quantum Limitless Q and Limitless Q?

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Short answer: If in doubt, buy the single stage program first.

Long answer: It depends on your needs. How much do you need cognitive enhancement? If your career or business relies on it, go for QL. It’s much more in-depth and hits deeper. If cognitive enhancement is something you want, but it isn’t integral to your life, run Limitless. I’m always running some form of cognitive enhancement since we’re trying to constantly improve our products. If I had the mental throughput, I’d run QL.


You are the co founder of SubClub. How can you not?

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I wanna be an innovator entrepreneur in the long run while I do my job and rise up the corporate ladder and build connections.

My current work does not really need to me innovative or does not require much cognitive development. But I wanna do something big… I don’t have any idea what yet, but something big related to tech. Will start side hustle when I get the idea. then move to it full time.

I’m using StarkQ core custom plus E:HOM

Actions: I’m learning python, Applying to new jobs, trading in the stock market


Back in Jan I did QL ST1 for a month, did QL ST2 for a few days and then stopped the program and swapped out QL.
Again in July I did QLST1 for a month and then swapped out QL again

So, if I restart start QLST1, do I start from day 1 again?

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Does limitless help with processing of subliminals?

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@SaintSovereign and @Fire


does that include music production ? would QL be a good fit for it?
im considering running it later

saint, since youre a music producer and into music and djing and stuff same as me which is my main focus

i wanna incoprate either Limitless or QLST4 into my beautiful custom that is based of

Limitless or QLST4? what do you think chief? or am i missing some QL sauce that i need to buy it standalone and do the stages? do i really need it for that kind of creative artistic approach, since i have a lot of creative stuff going on in my custom and im basing on it


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Neither will be required. Stark has the best of QL, and UA was a modified Limitless.

Add Ultimate Music Producer along, and you’re good to go.

thats intresting to hear, i will check the main disc thread of UA for more info

i think i need either QL or limitless cause i sometime struggle through learning and cogniitive abilites and learning hard stuff, QL lite on stark from what i read is meant to apply for onyl stark goals

so its not like youre incoperating QL as a standalone, thats what i undertstood and read that if you need a module add it

cause its not like youre running limitless or QL standalone, if youre running just stark for that limitless

i have that planned too :smiley:

thx buddy

Sure, and those goals are to be a Genius, world-changing Innovative Visionary Leader. :sweat_smile:

If you want a more student vibe / learner archetype, take QL with Spotlight, and don’t use Stark. Both together will be an overload of cognitive scripting.

:heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:

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what i actually need from QL or Limitless is not for studying or anything. its just pure congtive enhancment as for reading books congitive abilities in general not realted to studying at all
just to boost the congitive processing in general i think i need that

Did you use Stark for tech yet?

I never code, I delegate that stuff. I’m happy to make Flowcharts, and debug when the programmers are pulling hairs to troubleshoot. :grin:

To answer your question more generally, ALL programs with ANY form of Limitless help a lot in tech / thinking work, in their own way/context – Stark, Emperor, Limitless, Beyond Limitless, Quantum Limitless, Renaissance Man, Ecstasy of Gold, Mind’s Eye … everything.



Which one would you say is the best for tech/IT, Emperor or Stark?

Both are good. The choice will depend on the nature of the user and/or his job.

Emperor would be better for an introverted, motivated, indispensible developer.
Stark makes more sense if you are in a lot of meetings, and want to be a show-off.


So both would be good for learning IT and cyber security also the cloud? From the looks of it Emperor would be better. I always saw Emperor as more of finance sub before that’s why I asked you the question.

Technically, yes. You may want to experiment as to which experience you prefer.
3 weeks minimum.

Emperor Qv2 is quite different from the previous versions. IME, it works very well even for an employee.


Interesting! I will try keeping Emperor for 3 weeks and I will let you know how it goes:)

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