Main Disc. Thread - Rebirth ZP

Available now:

As always, if you already purchased it, it’s in your downloads.


Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you!


Thank you. I had a feeling this was coming today when it was mentioned a few days ago

Curious to see how the ZP version will work, I liked the title but not the ultima build.


Will there be a new description and list of objectives?

Once all the titles are out. Right now, for the most part, the description is still accurate.


Going to be recommending my girlfriend a stack of

  1. Rebirth to help her reframe her own past, which she has a lot of shame around, alongside our past, which involves some unfaithfulness and massive fighting.

  2. Chosen, for unlimited positivity, hope for the future, and retraining the mind to interact with everbody with compassion, inspiration, leadership, encouragement, and to inspire the same in others. Great for our relationship and great for her career.

I’m thinking this stack will really help her own her story and be a more powerful leader in work, love, and life!


I fell asleep shortly after running two loops of Rebirth ZP.

Had a strange dream in which I was dreaming about other people and I am not even sure if I was present in the dream scene.


Ran a single loop this morning there was moment of mental tiredness for about 20 mins then i was back to normal. Keep in mind i was really excited about this new rebirth release and 4 hours before i had run my custom, emperor so it may have been a bit of an overload initially.


Thinking about giving the same to my wife.

This seems like a general good stack for women, because we all are very emotional about our past, but I feel women are even “worse” when it comes to this.
You need to let go.

Plus, together with Chosen amazing combo!


I’m considering this, and possibly with Regen when I can get it.


Thats not a bad combo actually regen and rebirth

Running my first loop of rebirth this morning, will it be okay to work specifically on Emperor and Wanted’s issues even if I run it two days later in my stack?
My current listening pattern :
Day 1 : Emperor+Wanted
Day 2 : Rest
Day 3 : Rebirth
Day 4 : Rest


I was thinking about taking the Chosen + Rebirth route myself after finishing my current Chosen + Emperor stack cycle. I do like the new Emperor though, so I could even test run 3 x ZP titles (Chosen + Emperor + Rebirth). I don’t know if that would be too much or not.

I ran Rebirth ZP yesterday and it is definitely helping me let go of things I have clung to for so long. I used to be literally obsessed with wanting to move back to an area where my Wife and I used to live and today I realized I don’t care where we move as long as we’re happy


Traditionally, we’d use Rebirth to PRIME our minds to welcome the next sub in the playlist. (IMO)

So, my pattern would be:
Day 1 : Rebirth+Emperor
Day 2 : Rest
Day 3 : Rebirth+Wanted
Day 4 : Rest



I had a feeling for this too! It’s just ZP’s listening schedule is pretty strict, I haven’t experimented a lot. Since Rebirth was a stacking module and not a major title, I think there is no wrong in trying this pattern.

I will start with Rebirth+Wanted tomorrow morning :wink:


Are there really any stacking modules on ZP, considering the core script?

I was truly thinking about how to stack Rebirth, regardless of it being a light script, I feel like the recommendation still stands for the 3 titles, or not?

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Look closely. There are only 3 titles.


If you meant the pattern … it was officially approved a month back. :+1:t2:


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I am also curious how to optimally stack Rebirth with Wanted and Libertine. Run Rebirth + Wanted one listening day and next listening day run just Libertine?