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Mind’s Eye Q is now available:

Note: The Mind’s Eye Q: Terminus bonus is NOT yet available. It takes a bit more work to get a Terminus title out and I didn’t want to hold up the launch for a few days over it. It’ll release sometime this week.

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.” – Cherie Carter Scott

When Jonas Salk, inventor of the Polio vaccine, was asked how he developed the vaccine — which helped eradicate it from the world — he replied: “I pictured myself as a virus or a cancer cell and tried to sense what it would be like.”

Billionaires Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson. Movie stars Will Smith and Jim Carrey. And of course, Leonardo DaVinci, one of the greatest inventors and minds in all human history. All of these individuals (and other prominent athletes, business owners and other “elites”) have said that the key to their success is their ability to visualize.

Mind’s Eye can help catapult your visualization and imagination capabilities to the highest levels. While some people’s thinking mode is that of visualizing abstract systems, some think by hearing an auditory stream. Some think in vivid images. Some experience deeply felt feelings and sensations. This is why Mind’s Eye is revolutionary — there is no need for you to train a thinking mode that is unnatural to you, with Mind’s Eye, you’ll become proficient in whatever form of visualization best works for you.

In our research, we discovered that everyone “visualizes” differently. You might not be able to visualize a perfect cube floating in the blackness behind your eyelids, but you might be able to vividly remember a touch or a movement, with all its distinct details. That’s why Mind’s Eye works with your subconscious in order to make you aware of how your mind works in regards to visualization and help you use that knowledge to take your visualization ability, whatever it be, to profound levels. For those who can project images from their mind into 3D space — imagine projecting the image of an apple so realistic that you can smell and taste it. For those who “hear” auditory streams, imagine easily separating the signal from the noise and being able to convey the ideas you visualize with incredible verbal clarity. If you were a tactile visualizer, you would be able to increasingly feel more and more distinct sensations, becoming able to create complex systems with direct sensations, that would make perfect sense to you, and so on.

Of course, if you want to learn another visualization modality, Mind’s Eye will accelerate your ability to develop that skill. That’s right, we included Quantum Limitless Lite and tailored it toward enhancing your visualization abilities.

Mind’s Eye also contains scripting to help you use your visualization abilities to predict the optimal outcome for any situation you experience. You will receive unending inspiration from your subconscious on how to improve upon your situation. You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations, etc.

You can also use Mind’s Eye as a tool for developing your own manifestation abilities. What this means is, whatever you consciously desire, and visualize with the intent to manifest it, Mind’s Eye will work alongside your subconscious to manifest your desired object or outcome rapidly, while removing the effects of doubt and negative emotions. And if you suddenly decide you do not want the visualized outcome, you can simply consciously decide to stop the process, and it will be so.

That being said: visualization is a skill like any other – similarly to going to the gym, it can take days, weeks, months for results, but results will happen with action and dedication. That’s why it’s time to take action NOW and learn how to visualize like the geniuses of older times.

Ready to change your life forever? Order now.

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This is amazing. I am really looking forward to using this one.

This will be the first program I use that starts to fit well with the Action and practices that I have already been doing. It’s like a transitional step to working with Alchemist.

Minds Eye will also work synergistically with the various Superchargers. So, one action people can take with this subliminal is to just run more superchargers.

for any magick workers out there, this is going to be interesting. :slight_smile:


Would it fit in a combination with QL and Alchemist? sounds like a good fit actually :slight_smile:


Will there be a thread for sharing and discussing techniques to improve visualization?


Can anyone confirm if this is a stack or major?


I am wondering are maybe parts of the script included in StarkQ?


It’s a major.


Yes. No one has sent me anything yet, though. I’ll post some resources tomorrow.




Would anyone be interested in reading my experiences with it?
I don’t know if it will be okay to run it with EoG though.
If yes, I will use Mind’s Eye as a means for gratification for a specific goal.


with combining programs, I consider two factors:

  1. bandwidth - my mental capacity to accommodate subliminals
  2. harmony/synergy of content - to what degree are the messages of the subliminals complementary

If I have low available bandwidth, I’m going to reject some of the content, or not effectively integrate it.

Messages that are at odds with each other (e.g., ‘stay at home and focus on tasks’ vs. ‘go out and socialize as much as possible’) will require more time and energy from my mind to be harmoniously reconciled. Our minds are up to the task, but it’s easier when the content is relatively consistent or one complements the other.

Mind’s Eye to me is the type of program that seems harmonious with almost anything. Visualizing and manifesting are important parts of any activities in which we engage. And all of the sub club programs are aspirational, they all have to do with goals, dreams, and potentials that we are trying to bring into the reality of our lifestyles. So, we’re visualizing anyway.

That just leaves the bandwidth problem. Will your mind be overwhelmed or overloaded by the amount of stimulation to which you’re exposing it? That’s the question. Seems the best way to answer that question is through a mix of experimentation and intuition.


Will Minds Eye eventually make dreams more vivid?


As a student of Neville I am geeking the f out.


I think the skills are actually related, although conscious visualization obviously uses the conscious mind while dreams use the subconscious mind(s).

But if you see visualization/imagination as a muscle (that thanks to everything being presented graphically to us nowadays has atrophied), then we can train that muscle and make dreams, lucid dreams, imagination, creativity, visualization and several others much more vivid and effective.

You’ll likely even score better in some areas of the IQ tests. Remember that one where you see three sides of a box and have to deduce what the fourth side is?


That’s what I thought too.
I got 2 problems to solve:

  • The possibility of being overwhelmed
  • A goal to choose in order to reward me with this subliminal.

Those of you who read my journal know about the situation and that I am planning to start using all subliminals again because I don’t feel like I have maxed out their potential. Now I just need to be careful not to overwhelm myself, with subliminals or with goals.


I think this willl be a big help to all programs. Going to help with some goals i have helping me be able to visualize it much better. I can’t wait till the minds eye-t drops, that’s where the fun begins.


The inner little seducer: Psst… there is a new subliminal, which helps you visualize.
Serial subliminal switcher self: I want. I want. I want. Please! Shiny new subliminal!
The inner parent self: Hey, what happened when you bought your last subliminal? And the one before?
Serial subliminal switcher self: Ah, I switched to a different subliminal.
The inner parent self: Do you see a pattern?
Serial subliminal switcher self: BUT… I want precious new subliminal!
The inner little seducer: Yes, just visualize what would be possible with it.
The inner parent self: No means no.
Serial subliminal switcher self: starts to cry
The inner parent self: Ok, you can have it…
Serial subliminal switcher self: I can?
The inner parent self: …when you finished your current stack schedule.

Just kidding, but this is currently happening in my head… a part would like to try it, another part just sees the long list of unfinished subliminal journeys.

Maybe next month I could add it as a booster for my supercharger use. Hahaha


I have been waiting for this as I have always struggled with visualizing. I love problem solving and being good or great at visualizing would make that a lot more fun and rewarding on many levels. Oddly enough I also ordered a nootropic this morning that I have been wanting to try.


Aniracetam? :slight_smile:


Perfect for this… :smiley:

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