Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive ZP v2

Now available! For those who have purchased in the past, the upgraded version will be available in your downloads within an hour or two of this message (or sooner, keep refreshing).



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This sub is so overlooked that it’s almost a crime.


Limitless Executive ZP v2 has been updated again, updating a bit of scripting that was added in Limitless ZP v2. Increases cognitive enhancement.


If people tell me that I am “Dick”, can my subconcious make this act as penis enhancement?:grin::grin::grin:


@SaintSovereign what addition was done to limitless zp2?

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Anyone have new results with this?

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How would this stack with seduction title? Like Wanted? :thinking: anyone tried this?

One thing that this sub is not known for but should be. Is the creativity that it gives. I see a lot of people talking about NE (I’ll try that for sure). But the creativity on this sub is very high and practical. Many ideas come to mind and I know how to implement them into my business.

Some other things that I noticed while running it with Chosen:

  • I’m verbally strong, but my speech is even getting better. The transition from my thoughts to words almost seems effortless. That “Uhm” moment that we sometimes need just disappeared
  • Improvisation skills have improved a lot, especially while teaching. It’s easier to switch from one topic to the other
  • Memory recall is definitely good on this sub. It was way easier to remember scripture for my bible study.
  • Feel driven and motivated to do things, but in a nice and sustainable way.

I think this sub is very good with things like Stark, Emperor, Ne, and many other productivity subs that make you feel motivated. This sub will help you Execute on that motivation.

I’m going to leave out this sub for next week to see the difference.


What happened when you left it out?