Main Disc. Thread - Godlike Masculinity ZP

Available now:

As always, if you’re already purchased it in the past, the upgraded version is available in your downloads.



Wonder if it’s going to be like Emperor, which has become more chilled out and mellow.

Reflecting on Emperor’s lack of harshness, I’d posit a guess that it’s a combination Of @SaintSovereign reducing it intentionally because it was a pretty edgy program overall that he’s commented on the “coldness” of (quotations his), alongside the lack of recon that can only be possible as a result of near-instant integration.

GLM without the uncontrollable bursts of aggression some people report would be a powerful sub indeed. I wonder how this would stack with Emperor…


I think my concern with running the pre ZP version of Godlike Masculinity was concern about venturing into toxic masculinity territory.
I crave self reliance and as a man I don’t see how that would be possible without embracing your masculinity

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When I stacked GLMU with CommanderU, I definitely got a sense of “Do NOT mess with me.” I liked how I felt on that, but it was intense and I couldn’t handle if I did that all the time.

I’ll be seeing how those 2 do together in ZP once Commander is out.


I don’t think so

I ran The Commander and got into an argument with my landlord the same night. I think he was shocked that I didn’t give in or back down.
Who knows. These " alpha " titles are fun for folks like myself who have struggled with being assertive
What’s sort of weird now is that with running ZP especially Chosen I don’t see the point in unnecessary confrontation. I would rather just walk away


I’m willing to bet that I was like how I was because I ran those 2 and was sitting in the restaurant afterwards when I felt them hit. Wasn’t actively working on anything productive.

If I’d stacked them with something like Ascended Mogul Q or Limitless Q, I’m certain my productivity and focus would’ve been off the charts.


Wanted made me that way. But it’s true that since I started subliminals I am less and less afraid to express my opinion. But I don’t have too, certain situation where I would lose too much expressing it and not win anything.



The “don’t have to” bit loosely reminds me of the scene in “The Equalizer” with Denzel when he’s in the office with the Russian mob goons trying to give them $9800 to leave the blonde girl alone. They laughed…refused.

He goes to leave…then like 3-4 times…just opens and shuts the door…you can tell he doesn’t WANT to hurt these guys, but he will because doing so means she’ll be safe.

For context: He’d promised his wife he was done with his “former” life of being CIA wetwork operator or whatever it actually was.

Dude is ice as fuck in that movie. Definitely one of my favourites of his.


Any chance you could balance out the prices?

I would love to test godlike masculinity but it just feels so wrong when Emperor for example costs only 34 $ lol. Why not have all the ZP Previews be the same price?

Aren’t you also missing out on great feedback that way? Personally, GM is no priority for me, I don’t need it but I would like to try just to test it and give my feedback on it. But because of the 30% price difference, I won’t do that now and would just wait for the preview to end and the price to drop. Isn’t that giving lowered price products an unfair advantage when it comes to feedback?


The prices will change. They’re just doing it for the previews and giving us the chance to pick up a title at certain prices if we want them now.



I asked about the prices yesterday and Saint said it would happen after everything is upgraded to ZP

Yes, I know it was a good question. But why wait with that after the Preview ends? That doesn’t make sense. If they want homogenized feedback, all products with the same built method should have the same price.

You lose the ultimas when price drops.

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The prices are balanced. Right now GLM comes with both an Ultima version and the ZP version. Y’all ain’t getting both for the lower price. When the preview is over, the Ultima version is getting pulled and all one stage titles will be $44.99.


Ultima’s were hard to listen with that background noise, apart from solace what is happening with that format as it was an experimentation.

I agree with Friday. I would like to test things like GLM too, but theres too many good titles dropping and just the ability to do three even that is alot sometimes and what I see is washout can be longer and less is more with ZP,

Then this is the tip of iceberg, before you know it zp customs.

Being a subclub zp listener is tough😄

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Ok, I seem to be expressing this one differently than I anticipated, especially since I know the script. I was worried it would cause a bit of outward aggression, but instead, it has helped produced this sense of incredible internal strength, stoicism and resolve.

Even when the lady was tapping my nerves earlier, I didn’t have to speak and tell her to stand down like I normally do (and as you can probably tell, I have no problems telling someone to leave me alone), I only had to glance up from my computer and lock eyes with her before she bailed on the nagging.

Now she’s making breakfast and talking to me in a baby voice. Lol.


Godlike Masculinity, Emperor, Spartan

Who needs to wait for God of War Ragnork, when you can become Kratos