Main Dev. Thread - Updates to Older Programs

While we’re hard at work on Gaming Mastery X, it’s different versions and the new skills development titles, we’re going to update and reposition some of the older titles, focusing mostly on ones that began life as a stacking module or supercharger.

If you’ve been around old enough to remember, when we decided to discontinue both of those, we turned those titles into major titles. The problem is, we were much less experienced then and did a poor job in positioning them correctly and providing maximum value for what they could bring. Rebirth and Limit Destroyer, for example, fell into really great spots among the product offerings. Titles like The Elixir and The Legacy, however, did not.

So, we’re going to do a bit of repositioning. The Elixir is now going to fall under the Sanguine line of the products, rebranded as “Sanguine: The Elixir.” Sanguine focuses mostly on immediate stress and emotional turmoil relief, with little healing scripting. The Elixir, however does provide light healing. We’re going to add the Sanguine script to Elixir, then modify both to create a title that provides immediate stress relief, then “digs in” a bit to make that feeling a bit more permanent.

This will allow you to have a choice about how you want to approach Sanguine. No healing (which is good if you’re stacking it with something like a healing custom), or healing + the emotional health scripting that The Elixir already has.

We’ve already created (and uploaded) a new box for this version (but the new version isn’t out yet):


Next up is The Legacy. To address The Legacy, we need to address Spartan, which is a major title that occupies an odd space. Spartan is going to be rebranded as Spartan: Apex Fitness. We’re not going to remove the focus on martial arts and fighting, but Spartan will now serve as a powerful title for exercise and fitness, a sort of intermediary before graduating to the hard hitting Emperor Fitness.

The Legacy will now be branded as Legacy of the Spartan, which will focus almost exclusively on physical shifting toward achieving that “spartan body.” They will be extremely synergistic when used together, but Legacy of the Spartan will work with any health based title or custom, or by itself (as long as you exercise). Yes, Spartan will contain some light shifting, but the focus there will be on exercise.

Annnd, even though we’re rebuilding these from scratch (though it shouldn’t take too long, as we already have an amazing framework built), we are considering them upgrades, meaning if you’ve purchased them in the past, the new version is FREE. This project is more of a service to our customers, to provide them with more choice and freedom in how they can approach their goals.

Emperor Fitness, for example, is a very hard hitting program that many of you don’t need. For those who already have the motivation to hit the gym, the healing in Emperor Fitness can slow things down a bit. hence, Spartan. Or Legacy of the Spartan, for individuals who are in the gym a lot and want to improve aesthetics.

We’ll update this thread when we start looking at the other classic titles, but if you have ideas, feel free to put them on the roadmap.


That looks mystically delicious and spiritually refreshing
I’d chug


I have a friend who is going through it right now, could I recommend this to him when it comes out?

Happy to hear about the reboots to 2 often ignored programs in Elixir and Legacy, but can’t help but be a little concerned about the potential changes to Spartan, especially for the people that love and use it with everything.

I hope this isn’t a downgrade of Spartan’s all-encompassing aspects, and more about Legacy’s positioning than anything else.


So a couple of questions, What about Beast unleashed/beast within, how will they mesh with Spartan/Legacy, and which one will have physical shifting with it?

The physical shifting part. Which one out of those 4, will have the best physical shifting or will Wanted (minus the seduction) provide the best?

Speaking of wanted, will there ever be a Wanted:Physical shifting type sub with less of the focus on seduction, and more on Physical shifting?


Very interesting approach! I like it! :+1:t3:

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We’re not taking anything out. Just adding more scripting in regards to exercise and making sure the various choices makes sense in regards to product positioning.


We are not sure, yet. They will most likely become part of Emperor Fitness, since they share a scripting base anyway.

Legacy of the Spartan will become the best choice for physical shifting.

Yes. Legacy of the Spartan, lol.


Is Wanted 2nd? Curious


I Wanted Legacy of Spartan. :grinning:

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Damn just after I made my Stark and Spartan custom :joy:

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what about the primal seduction :iron throne ?can we bring that back ?

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I can hear the collective sigh of relief. Hopefully that additional scripting is also health/diet related, as that was probably my favorite aspect of my cycle of Spartan I ran.


HERO: Stage Zero !!!




How about removing just the Libertine script from Rich?

Not only does R.I.C.H. help you shatter through any mental wealth ceilings, it also has incredibly powerful energetic scripting, the aura and energetic scripting developed through titles such as Paragon and Libertine.

In my experience, running Rich ZP, Refreshed and V2, even applying conscious guidance, i get somehow Libertine results mixed with a little bit of money manifestations… humm….

But R.I.C.H. ULTIMA V1&2?? Damn…that was it! The obsession, the hustle, the ideas, no excuses, no shame, no guilty conscience, true love for money and no bs thoughts about it being the root of all evil… i get none of this with the ZP versions whatsoever…

Can you look into that?

As always, thank you.


“Developed through titles” is a historical nod.
RICH contains it’s own Aura & Energy scripting, not of Libertine or Paragon.

If you’re getting social benefits, its your mind’s idea of what a Rich Life must include.



Money used to attract chicks! :rofl:

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will Legacy of the Spartan include scripting for physical shifting of face?