Guiding the growth consciously


Hi guys, I’ve been wondering how you guys guide your subs consciously.

For example, when I run godlike masculinity with the intention and thinking about discipline, it suddently becomes easier to discipline myself to start a homework, fast, talk to people, etc.

Same goes for using Health Codex in my custom, when I think about what I eat mindfully, it get so much easier to eat healthy and listen to my hunger!

But whenever I lose focus of what I am consciously trying to do, it seems I lose all.


Short answer-put it into existence-a visual reminder, in your calendar, a key word to reference throughout the day-DISCIPLINE, HEALTH etc. I put a post it note with $100,000 written on it above my computer and on the doors in my room.

Put stuff in your schedule related to why your running the sub

medium to longer term-do things to increase your awareness, and intentionality- meditation etc.

learn to follow a schedule if you don’t already and do whatever you tell yourself to do…you become the master :slight_smile:

Long answer:
So I’ve found that an awareness and a will power will show up on a given sub that will direct actions, its a like a heightened and new state of consciousness. I thought this was just for Emperor but every sub seems to have it’s version of it. I’ve discovered that if I am experiencing reconciliation even subtly, I will not be present to this. So what I do is create routines that will consciously guide me so I don’t have to make decisions. So for my goal of clarifying purpose and career I do 3 pages of free writing every morning, a course on career, reading Mastery, and What Color is Your Parachute-I have times set up to read and do these.

For Emperor I have time set aside to workout, work on business, and fulfill current work commitments.

For healing custom and alchemist I’m doing a 10 week meditation program called The Presence Process, TMS Education multiple month program etc.

I have a word document I reference every day with top goals for sub cycle, this months goals, and this weeks most important things to do, commitments I must do, logistics, routine reminders, I reference this throughout the day.

Then for Seduction subs in custom, it’s mostly autopilot, at most I’ll reference one code- which is did I show up as a man, did I have fun, did I make no excuses for my sexual desire, and take the necessary risks to move things forward. Although I was starting to learn about Tinder and online dating since I’ve become pooh pooh at it since I stopped several years ago lol.

Set the long term vision, put in place to the best of your ability what routines, habits, visual reminders, and steps will get you there, important : that you know your be willing to do! Put that in your schedule and follow it.


It’s like a new habit to learn.
Do it so often it becomes natural.
There is also the 4 stages of learning/ability

1 unconscious incompetence
2 conscious incompetence
3 conscious kompetence
4 unconscious kompetence

It takes a while to climb the ladder


Hahaha yeah I’ve seen that in school.

Yeah, could create a small routine to trigger all those pathways.

Long term vision. I don’t know exactly everything I want. I want to be a consultant for now carreer wise, even tho my current work would be healing on woman, I could still write.

How are my relationship with woman?
How is my relationship with my own sexuality?
I remember the book the 6 keys of self confidence by Nathaniel Brandan, there was an exercice about completing sentences. I could definitly create sentences to complete.

Post it, I know eventually I’ll take them for granted. I’ll just tend to ignore the post it because I am used to seeing them there, annnnd I don’t live alone!

It’s hard, but I am sure I can do this, I am sure it is feaseable!


Sure you can👍


Do you have tips and tricks dragon rider? :wink:


That is so Emperor. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Brilliant sir! this is all gold


you don’t know everything you ‘will want’. You do know everything you want now for your immediate, medium, and long term future. Of course this may change but if your not present to it now, you’re probably qualify/censoring/ filtering your own (deeper) thinking/feeling/visioning out of realism, trauma, or necessity. This is something I’ve only recently discovered. Clarity is always behind something not needing to found or created.

But in the meantime I’m sure there is plenty you could do or are doing for success as a consultant and healing with woman :slight_smile:

That’s the point ! If you don’t want others to see it, your unconsciously resisting or embarrassed by it, and if you take it for granted it means your subconcious has integrated it and is working on it!


Oh that is fucking interesting :open_mouth:

Does makes sense with the first affirmation you told. Maybe I’me having trouble communicating exactly what I want consciously because I have some kind of shame of it :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


I am curious what you guys would recommend for consciously guiding the growth from a healing subliminal like khan Q ST1 or a custom that’s full of breakdowns. What exactly do you do on a conscious level? Meditate and reflect deeply?

I want to figure this out because I feel I can significantly speed up healing with conscious intent.


Yeah, I do have the same question, I think writing and reflecting would be good!


I change constantly
So it’s natural for me.
But when I start something new or learn a new habit or walk a new way I always say to myself :this is my new starting point and I build it up from here.
This helps me stay on track

Also a couple of years ago I had this feeling of pressure to arrive at the goal in life until I realized that the Goal is not the end, it’s the START. So I change that internally and for me it’s this one question I have since then: what do I want to start😉
This gives me way more energy and happynes for whatever I want to do and I have no fight internally to reach the goal


Like that way of thinking. First time I’ve read it. I’ve started shit tons of stuff hahaha, I’ll have to see where it goes! And I have to keep track of it!


I just follow the flow and get great results. :sunglasses:

But I guess, working towards the goals of the objectives of the sub would help. Right now I have no idea what I could do towards the objectives since it’s a healing stack (Regeneration+Elixir). So just staying at home learning Spanish/Swedish and posting on here. :slight_smile:


Yeah, healing is a little more geared toward yourself!


My next stack, most certainly, will be QL ST1 + Elixir so some more time to focus on my languages just staying home but later on… a lot of work to do.


Healing is a very broad label. I think that may be part of why it seems tricky to think of how to consciously guide it.

Healing often means re-establishing balance. If you are too low in a given area, that means going higher. But if you’re too high, then it means turning things lower. These two opposite directions can both be considered ‘Healing’, if they bring someone back to balance.

So, you need to establish what kinds of changes or experiences you personally need in order to re-establish balance, flexibility, and functionality.

Then whatever those turn out to be will, for you right now, be healing.

Two General Categories of Healing Action

I. Observing with care to evaluate where you may be out of balance or in need of support
II. Addressing those needs yourself or seeking help from others who can help

Your healing is unique to you and what you need at this time. So the first step is learning to listen and find out what you need.

Anyway, I remembered throwing up a random list of healing activities at some point. Just went and found it.


Seems healing is taking care of yourself in ways you are not used to!


Adapt this.

Write down your greatest sexual & social fantasies/dreams, and then all your reasons why they would be impossible for you to have/achieve.


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