DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal

Dracarys is the high Valyrian word for Dragonfire. It’s usually used by Daenerys as an instruction for Drogon to wreak havoc on their enemies (Game of Thrones).

Stacking can wait. It is time for my body, mind, heart and soul to face the fires of the Dragon. As much as I want to continue to enjoy the benefit of my current stack of EmperorQ and Power Can Corrupt, it is correct to assume that I will be better served with a more focused stack of running Dragon Reborn alone, stage by stage.

Just as my patience was rewarded when I ran a tight playlist of Elixir Ultima and RegenerationQ together, am sure it will be the same here. Moreover, DR will enhance my experience of any other SubClub subliminals I will play henceforth after I am reborn in fire and blood.

My main goal for this journey is to attain Physical Healing. Healing of the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional aspects will surely aid the Physical. So this will be a wild experiment to see what this dragon baby can do for me.

Lion Q (custom with Primal and Ascension cores running from Day 36):

  1. Primal Q Core
  2. Ascension Q Core
  3. Godlike Masculinity
  4. Alpha Body Language
  5. Alpha of Alpha
  6. Dominion
  7. Emperor’s Voice
  8. Invincible Presence
  9. Iron Frame
  10. Leader of Men
  11. Lion IV
  12. Manipulus
  13. Natural Winner
  14. Power Awareness
  15. Power Unleashed
  16. Pride Unbroken
  17. Rogue
  18. Steadfast
  19. Submodel Alpha
  20. Tyrant

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Please tag me in your journal as much as possible, if you don’t mind, @Lion - your journal is one I’m super interested in and I cannot wait for you to create and manifest incredible results.

Wishing all the best for you my brother.

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So you decided…


I thought you would want to stack it with Emperor but maybe that’s the best solution for you at the moment. Everybody is different and needs healing on different levels and to a different degree. I’m planning on stacking that dragon baby with Emperor but first I want to run Emperor+RebirthU for some time (42 days :smiley: ). It’s going to be really dense but I’m confident I’ll handle it.

Godspeed, friend! :slight_smile:

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@Sage_Ninjistic - thank you! Salute!

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Thank you, @Brandon. You have any particular kind of results you are looking forward to? Will keep that in mind when I have to tag you.

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Yeah. Better for me that I stick with one subliminal. More rewarding to focus on one thing at a time especially when it comes to coaxing some physical healing out of Dragon Reborn.


I really did but a last minute hunch adviced me to squeeze the most out of playing Dragon Reborn alone just as I did with Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ.

Yes! And since I have multiple issues on the physical plane, am gonna focus DR on all of them like laser beams.

Cool plan, man. Curious to see what that will bring.


According to the DR sales page, you can stack Elixer with it to likely boost your physical healing.

“You might ask – what is the difference between Dragon Reborn and titles such as Regeneration, Rebirth, and Elixir? The difference is in the approach. Each has a specific way of healing you and helping you let go of trauma… and each method can and should be used.”

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I did consider it but I haven’t noticed much in terms of physical healing from Elixir Ultima although it did beautiful on the emotional front along with RegenerationQ.

It is good advice but I will try and see how Dragon Reborn by itself works for me.

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Great. I’m finishing my St1 loop now, and I think it’s begun working on my bodily tension. I’ve stored a bit of emotional pain there.


Awesome to hear that, @subliminalguy



Absolutely anything man, I love reading your stuff and seeing your experiences so absolutely anything.

I’m also dealing with a physical pain I want to heal with my knees and I’m hoping DR can help them out. I’ve just wrote about feeling DR pulse through my knees in my journal so hopefully it’s going to work with that and push through.

Interesting, I’m feeling the same. Been trying to crack my body in the past couple of days and it’s like it’s so tense that it just won’t crack the bits I want (it’ll be a build up of dancing but also emotional stress) and hopefully DR will help with that too.


@Lion. I will be watching this journal closely. Let me know how it goes. All the best. Have fun with this one.

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Day 1: Monday (Week 1)
Dragon Reborn ST1 x 1

  • As I started playing this track while getting ready to sleep, I immediately noticed mild pulsing sensations in my legs similar to when I used to run Emperor Fitness ST1 which was related to healing. The pulsing lasted only a few seconds and stopped.

  • After setting 1 loop of this and going to sleep, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. It was around 3.30 am. I immediately felt a rush of high libido wishing that I could have my way with a woman. @Simon wasn’t kidding (well he was kidding and not kidding at the same time) when he said that DR will give you Random Boners.

  • Talking about Random Boners, I at least did NOT have any issues which had me in embarrassing situations where I had to hide my erections similar to when I was a teenager but I did have many moments of high sexual desire throughout the day. Am not proud of it but I did masturbate without ejaculating inorder to get some sort of relief.

  • Because of waking up earlier than planned and the high libido, I couldn’t immediately go to sleep. Hence when I eventually went to sleep, I woke up groggy but was able to function through the day.

  • Felt a mild sense of disappointment for stopping my Emperor + Power Can Corrupt stack but somehow convinced myself that it was all for the best. EQ + PCC ended up being a surprising favorite for me during the past 3 weeks and am sure that resuming that journey after being baptised in Dragon Fire, Blood, Flight and being Reborn will be worth it and magnify any SubClub alpha stack.

  • Fortunately, I was able to take a decent afternoon nap which had me wake up with pleasant aching sensations all over the body. Felt a bit more energised in the evening when compared to the morning.

  • Mood through the day was “patience but with an edge of irritation”. Thankfully nothing untoward happened save for a long musing session where I wanted better out of life especially on the physical healing front.

  • The sales page for Dragon Reborn mentions a lot about helping with physical conditioning and healing. I do hope that I can reach a place where I can be satisfied. It’s the first step of the Dragon Reborn journey. Who knows how many more journeys I will have to take to reach my desired destination. All I know is the next step I have to take. And am fine with that.


Your self-discipline is noteworthy!


I’m unsure of Emperor Fitness as I’ve never used it but exact same sensations I was talking about earlier with my knee are what you described with your leg. I’m more than sure that’s going to be the healing power of the Dragon. This excites me and makes me super excited for you and anyone else going through this healing time, especially physically.

I love your line on being baptised in Dragon Fire, Blood, Flight and being Reborn.

New favourite quote.

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Thank you, @RVconsultant. I used to badger SaintSovereign to release a physical healing title. Maybe Dragon Reborn is the answer to that plea. No confirmation of it yet when I asked SaintSovereign and Fire but the sales page does speak volumes.

So I was like “what the heck, I will try it. Even IF I don’t recieve any physical healing, running other subs will work better after going through DR.”

Am also intrigued by Project Hero. Maybe that’s the "Prince That Was Promised’ with regard to Physical Healing. Or PRIMARCH. Or is Project Hero and PRIMARCH the same thing?

Well, will take things as they come. If there is a better subliminal from SubClub that will resolve my issues, I will spend my money on it since they are all worth it one way or another.


I am thinking the same thing.

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