ADD, "productivity" programs, and reconciliation?

Have you used QL? If so what did you notice?

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You mean running DR st1 together with Paragon?

Yes! I’ll check it out. And of course, always consult the medical professionals!

That’s an interesting theory that I haven’t heard about. True or not I do have unhealed emotional trauma, so that in and of itself should be draining the mental CPU either way, ADD or not :smiley:

Yeah, I’m getting an appointment to sort the medical stuff out with the professionals, of course.
I’ll check out QL and Paragon as well, but further down the line. Can’t buy every program at once, even though I want to :sweat_smile:

Take your time mate. The programs will be here next week, and probably next month too. :grin:

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Yea this is a major point for me. The shame has been building up over the years, and not knowing why “I’m not working” has been destroying me. Time to burn of the deadwood.

Fair point. As I heal myself I would need LB less, and my ailment is not primarily physical, and I’m exercising anyway… But would you run “get shit done” (executive) and “emotional trauma healing” (DR) -subs at the same time?

How would Renaissance Man play into this?

I am open to all points of view. What makes you think that this is wrong?

Yeah I know what you mean, and I recognize myself in your story as well. Working with a structure is imperative for me, and I’ve really been beating myself down over the last two decades. Ah, such a waste!

Anyway, I am where I am now, and I’m working on building myself up. That’s all that matters in the end :grin:

Haha yeah, and If I get them all now, my spouse won’t be here next week anymore :joy::joy::joy:

:rofl: I think this is the hardest I’ve laughed all day! :rofl:

Thanks man!

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The fact that the first thing he mentioned was pesticides. Seriously?

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Yup, @Lion ran both programs for some time.


@Athanaxos - got a recently completed journey/journal on DR + Paragon. Largely those two titles although I did mix a few other titles once in a while (including some customs). But even if I added and dropped other titles along the way, I was consistent with those two

Here’s my journal


Right. Well, I suppose it could affect the brain (and the body) in ways we do not know yet, but it could also just as well not affect the body and brain. Simply put, more research is needed… Was there anything about the trauma-theory that you had different thoughts about?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply! :grin:

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Gotcha. Gonna run DR primarily for now and see if I’ll get paragon or RM a bit into DR st1…

Mmh, I wonder, how would Aura affect the DR st1 when stacked?

Thanks! Gonna take the time this weekend and check it out!

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For a summary, you could read the last few posts. That would provide enough of a clear picture

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thank you for this non-emotional based intelligent perspective. Suspension of conclusiveness and bias to address the actual facts is always appreciated in my book when it comes to getting to to the bottom of things.

I believe DR and/or RM would benefit you greatly in terms of efficiency and productivity respectively.

DR may cause moments of lack of productiveness but in the overhaul will support tremendously in doing what’s important to get done or matters to you. RM will support immensely with acting on and being productive on things where you’ve been held back out of lack of focus/flow or fear.

Emperor has also been great in my experience for drive to become a productivity machine.

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As someone that actually has ADD myself, im pretty sure that DR mixed with self hypnosis has pretty much completely cured it. It may not be completely gone but I dont really have problems related to it anymore at least.


Ah yes, am doing that right now! :slight_smile:

Did I just get a compliment from a total stranger on the internet? :blush:
But yeah, I’ve made myself the fool too many times already, believing firmly in my oh-so biased perspectives. I try to do better now :sweat_smile:

Sounds like what I need. I already have Emperor so maybe I should stack with that, and get RM (and maybe Paragon) at a later point. This will whole thing will take some time, after all. :smile:


Ah, that’s music to my ears!

Do you have any self hypnosis programs that you’d recommend?

If you can get access to it, beyond self hypnosis from Igor Ledochowski is extremely good. It’s expensive though, so if you want an easy free option, you can also do a bunch of hypnosis sessions on youtube untill you get somewhat of a feel of how it works and how you can approach communicating with your subconscious mind, and from there on you can easily do it yourself. To get into trance any mindfullness technique will do the trick


It’s a matter of experimentation then since, I guess, nobody has tried that move yet. :slight_smile:

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