ADD, "productivity" programs, and reconciliation?

I’ve got a few things I am wondering about in regards to ADD and productivity subs, and I wonder if you guys have had any experience of that here on the forum. Really, my question is if my ADD would could short circuit the productivity subs and create reconciliation instead, and the likelihood of that happening.

At a first glance it would seem that trying to force-feed my (unmedicated) brain with a mental attitude of creativity, production, limitlessness and progress while it’s also at the same time being a mushy mush would only serve to make things incoherent, and I’m afraid it’ll only serve to worsen things. Like trying to add a jet engine to a car that’s stuck in a tar pit (kinda). I’m afraid it’ll only set things on fire and I’ll be stuck in a burning pit.

Since the prototype release of Love Bomb I’ve been running that, together with Executive and Ultima in an attempt to unstuck myself. While I and others have been more kind towards me (which is nice!) I am feeling as stuck as ever when it comes to performance and productivity. At times it actually feels worse. So I’m thinking reconciliation :sweat:

I am 95% certain that I have undiagnosed ADD, and before I realized that this shit can be genetic I just figured that I was some looser-by-fate, unable to get anything done, or for the life of me finish anything. Simply destined to fail. Performance based self-esteem haven’t been helpful either … :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I just wanted to throw it out there to get your veterans’ perspective on the issue and ask if there is others out there. Also, would foie gras my brain with executive subs most likely not work? I’m thinking about how the scripting is made, and if my current capacity directly contradicts the script.

I have decided to invest in Dragon Reborn to heal my shit before I attempt any further productivity subliminals (yes, I am looking at you brand new RM!). Hopefully it will help me build a foundation strong enough to carry any future productivity subs. Maybe I’ll make a journal about that…

(Also, I have asked for professional help with getting a diagnosis, but right now I’m still in the dark).

Before I finished reading I thought of RM. If it comes to the Dragon, it’s more about emotional healing than physical. If you think it could be more physical we have Paragon at our disposal.

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Well, my life long executive problems have left me emotionally scarred in several ways, and my idea was to renovate my “house”, through and through. They say ADD might be caused by a lower production of dopamine in the brain - maybe Paragon could do something about that. It’s worth a shot, somewhere down the line. Maybe I can heal that bloody tinnitus as well :sweat_smile:

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DR combined with Paragon would be a great healing stack. If it comes to dopamine, learn more about Tryptophan but remember, the doctor should have the final word.


Experts in psychology say that the major cause of ADD is emotional trauma

wait what? how is that related? yes, i was confused too.

apparently when you have traumas ready to load at every second when there is the right cue,
it slow down your processing speed and make you feel “stuck” like you said.

if i compare it to computer, think like you have your CPU at 70% utilized when the traumas load, so you got like 30% left for processing your other daily activities.

it is very important to get rid of traumas, so yes i would suggest DR + Paragon to also help with dopamine rewiring of the brain.


I’m currently undergoing testing for ADHD and your first bit is exactly how I feel. I’m actually struggling more. This isn’t to deter you away from the subs, but in fact ask you to get checked out for ADD and go from there.


This is interesting as it’s how I feel and I have a bunch of productivity stuff in my custom. I’m just not feeling the push that I want, and I’m getting recon massively.

@SaintSovereign @Fire

I’m assuming this is something to get checked out by a doctor?

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If I thought I had ADHD I would seek out a test by a professional to get it confirmed or disconfirmed.

Then I would seek out some treatment such as from a Naturopathic Doctor. I would also seek out things that might help such as using a program such as BrainHQ, and running Quantum Limitless and Paragon Complete Ultima. That is my preference and what I would do.

So professional help and other things together is what I would do.


Last time I checked there is no formal test for ADD or ADHD in the United States anyway. There are self reporting questionnaires and potentially getting input from a parent , partner , siblings, and others regarding behavioral history. When I was diagnosed my Wife and I went through a list of my behaviors and the doctor knew what it was right away because her son has ADHD.
As far as the best program from Subliminal Club if you want to get shit done Executive is the way to go. If you’re looking to figure yourself out and get rid of all the shit hoarded up inside you I highly recommend Dragon Reborn and Renaissance Man. Shame is huge for anyone with ADD or ADHD and purging all the trauma and be able to express yourself and feel comfortable with who you are

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Yeah that’s not true at all

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@Athax If you’re trying to get shit done drop Love Bomb and you don’t need Paragon. Run Executive as you mentioned and run Dragon Reborn. Seriously consider Renaissance Man

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watch this mate, he actually gives a very compelling argument to why this is actually true:

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@Rusty1 Yeah he’s full of shit.


I’ve had ADD since I was a kid. I struggled my entire childhood and barely made it out of high school. Even my early years in the military were extremely hard. I’m 33 now but didn’t really start getting my life on track until I was about 27. I learned certain ways to work around ADD. Personally, making a to-do list works well for me. Also, I do much better learning something that I want to learn. That is why I struggled so much in school, I didn’t care about any of it except psychology.

I also do much better at self-learning. I went to college online and excelled because I was in control of it, if I got overwhelmed I would slow down. If I felt like pushing through I would get a ton of work done. ADD is about finding balance. While I still cycle from idea/obsession from time to time, I don’t let it hurt my self-esteem, I realize now that is just part of who I am. I’ve started and failed at hundreds of different things and I used to let that bring me down. Now, I move on and try out the next thing.

Using Beyond Limitless helps but it isn’t a cure for me. I still have days when I’ll make a list of things to do, use BL, and still get absolutely nothing done. When that happens I don’t chastise myself, I move on and try and do better the next day.

I think the biggest thing to do is stop beating down on yourself and figure out ways to work around ADD.


Have you used QL? If so what did you notice?

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You mean running DR st1 together with Paragon?

Yes! I’ll check it out. And of course, always consult the medical professionals!

That’s an interesting theory that I haven’t heard about. True or not I do have unhealed emotional trauma, so that in and of itself should be draining the mental CPU either way, ADD or not :smiley:

Yeah, I’m getting an appointment to sort the medical stuff out with the professionals, of course.
I’ll check out QL and Paragon as well, but further down the line. Can’t buy every program at once, even though I want to :sweat_smile:

Take your time mate. The programs will be here next week, and probably next month too. :grin:

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Yea this is a major point for me. The shame has been building up over the years, and not knowing why “I’m not working” has been destroying me. Time to burn of the deadwood.

Fair point. As I heal myself I would need LB less, and my ailment is not primarily physical, and I’m exercising anyway… But would you run “get shit done” (executive) and “emotional trauma healing” (DR) -subs at the same time?

How would Renaissance Man play into this?

I am open to all points of view. What makes you think that this is wrong?

Yeah I know what you mean, and I recognize myself in your story as well. Working with a structure is imperative for me, and I’ve really been beating myself down over the last two decades. Ah, such a waste!

Anyway, I am where I am now, and I’m working on building myself up. That’s all that matters in the end :grin:

Haha yeah, and If I get them all now, my spouse won’t be here next week anymore :joy::joy::joy:

:rofl: I think this is the hardest I’ve laughed all day! :rofl:

Thanks man!

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