DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal

FYI, Emperor Fitness ST1 was the first time Subclub incorporated physical healing into its titles. It did help with some issues (like a better diet, weightloss along with EF ST2), manifesting better treatments but I have even more problem areas to solve. And like you am also hopeful regarding physical healing with DR.

Haha! Glad you liked it. Am a big Game of Thrones fan. Especially of the books. So am quite inspired by the Dragon symbols and stories of that lore. Plus Dragons are just so cool. No matter where they come from.

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I actually wanted to do EF when I first started as I’m massively into fitness but wanted to stick with the other subs I chose first. I may have to do it eventually since my fitness has gone out of the window. I’m sure DR will fix all the areas mentioned since it’s on the product page if I remember correctly.

I have a strong feeling DR is perfect for you.

My boyfriend got me to watch Game of Thrones and I enjoyed all the Dragon stuff so I get it! Good to see something you’re passionate about for sure! But yeah I love that quote…really sums it up.


EF Stage 1 would be perfect for you, with it’s focus on Healing and Skills (like dancing). :+1:t2:


I’m sure it would be incredible, I’m hoping to add it to my list eventually when I get back into my focus mainly being on fitness.

In regards to dance I’m sure I remember Saint saying something about there being a sub coming out for dance at some point - I may be wrong, but I’m holding out for it.


There’s no way they pulled out a behemoth powerhouse like DR designed for complete and total healing and restoration on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and it wouldn’t address physical healing strongly. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is new or optimized tech in relation to that. That’s not even to mention the physical healing that can occur as a secondary result to mental,emotional, and spiritual healing. It’s hard to make promises in regards to physical healing, but this one definitely looks promising in relation to that.


For medical law reasons Subclub cant advertise any physical healing things


Of course, the medical/governmental service wants to have a monopoly, it’s too great a business to let others meddle and compete with them. Too bad. Anyways, @Lion’s journal should show us how it goes if it comes to that aspect. I’m very curious about that particularly.

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I think so too, @Brandon

Yup, that’s the dream of full health restoration on all levels

I can understand this sentiment. Fortunately, am not the type to complain and ask for refunds. But again, not everyone can be like us and it is in SubClub’s best interests to be careful in their wording.

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True. And I don’t expect full guarantees as long as they have incorporated their equivalent of physical health affirmations in it. The newer tech, the better.

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Am a bit hyped about Dragon Reborn too. Frankly, I was having fun with my Emperor stack but my physical issues were a constant source of irritation. So I couldn’t enjoy the Emperor benefits fully.

By now, am also sure that Dragon Reborn will help manifest results on all levels be they physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, etc since its the clearing away of ALL that stands in the way PLUS enforcing extra aid on ALL fronts.

Eager to experience being Reborn into a Dragon with nothing standing in the way.


I’m wondering how it will affect the masculine energy. I’m starting the journey soon so I guess I’ll see myself. Did you notice anything in that matter?


This is actually a good question which am surprised at myself for not asking. I reread the DR sales page after you asked this and reflected. I came to the following conclusions:

  1. Dragon Reborn is intent on helping us become the “person we desire to be”. Even though this is a unisex title, DR will aid in masculine development if that is our desire.

  2. Not only that, but after an absolute breakdown and building up of our energies and personality which include our masculine selves, there is bound to be an effect on that part

  3. Regarding noticing it, I will keep my eyes open on how my personal masculinity is being affected by Dragon Reborn and will post when it develops and shines. In two days time, I can say that am kinder even though I feel “manly”. There has been a few instances when I was irritable but I was quick to bounce back from such situations.


Yes me too, great question.
That and focus, ambition etc.

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From the sales page of DR ST3 Dragon Flight: “Possibility, ambition, vision and wisdom are what you will grow and what you will use to soar to ever greater heights


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That’s the part of the description which spoke to me most. WISDOM :slight_smile:


Was writing a welcome message on Voytek’s Dragon Reborn journal and the following paragraph just rolled out. Dedicating it to all our fellow Dragons @Varuna, @Dragon-Lesson, @JCast, @d1gz, @Avengers68, @subliminalguy, @DarkPhilosopher, @Gemstone, @RVconsultant, @Simon. Hope it inspires you:


Day 2: Tuesday (Week 1)
Dragon Reborn ST1 x 1

  • Unlike yesterday, I slept well through the night while playing DR. Woke up well rested

  • Mood was meditative throughout the day with certain interruptions of irritations which were on the verge of blowing up but fortunately didn’t end up that way

  • Noticed that my lips which are normally dry and which I usually bite to remove the skin, is much smoother today. Possible healing from DR already! Will keep watch whether my lips stay that way longer.

  • When I asked over DM, SaintSovereign has assured me that Dragon Reborn will help maximize Physical Healing along with any other treatments and healing modalities that I do. Felt a huge sense of relief when he said that. Also, others running DR have already started to report physical healings in their various journals! And it’s just been a few days since DR was released!

  • Was feeling a sense of self-disappointment mixed with hunger during the evening. I sat with it for a while when I couldn’t distract myself with reading Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer. Hey @Malkuth! Am already on the 3rd book. Heard that the 4th one was released very recently.



This is a good point! EF Stage 1 is about perfecting form.

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@RVconsultant - are you running DR now?