Does anyone actually get results?

Okay, I’m done.


Well actually… I would if I could! :wink:

Oof, I missed out on this. Executive was free?

In anycase, to the OP, I was just reading this journal a couple of minutes ago and I am very impressed: Executive emperor

I have no doubt in my mind these subs are very potent.

Honestly, I’ve seen a couple of very impressive journals as well, I have been doing my reading to make sure I make the right purchase for my needs. Best of luck and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

@ diegosanchez69

I agree with you. I do not see anything I would call impressive. Can you say what results you had with the other company products and who they are - pm the name .Thanks

You seem like the type that won’t ever be satisfied with the results no matter what. You’re absolutely right in looking for another company, because here it’s all about results and action and not bullshit.

I became a millionaire this year and I credit Subliminal Club with a huge part of it. Does that count for your “high” standards?


Anyone caught advertising other companies here will be promptly dealt with. I don’t care if people think it’s “censorship.” This is the house that SaintSovereign and @Fire built. Follow house rules or go elsewhere. This is your first post on the forum, and I suspect you’re a “competitor” trying to advertise your scam venture.

But, I’ll resolve this issue for anyone interested:

Before starting my Emperor run, I was earning $38,000 per year. I finished 2020 with total gross earnings of $81,844.73, more than I’ve ever made and more than I would have thought possible without going back to school before getting on Emperor.

Now that I’m making enough money to not worry about money, I’m dedicating 2021 to launching my self-publishing empire. I’ve also recently picked up two new playmates–a gorgeous 30 year old with the greatest tits I’ve ever seen and a sexy, playful 27 year old who’s so dirty she makes me look conservative.

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My parents have been working on minimum wages their whole life. Trying to build our family business. This year they semi retired. They bought a 85k € car this past summer. And still can put 2000€/ month to savings account. Because of EoG and Emperor.

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Yesterday I had sex with a celebrity. You heard me right. She is the equivalent of Ariana Grande in Sweden. How did it happen? Well, my younger brother makes music and beats for a hobby who went to the same school as one of her music producers. He invited my brother who took me with him to a private party with a bunch of her old high school friends. I went completely blind and knew nothing about her at first since I don’t watch tv, festivals, or listen to the radio. My brother lives and breathes rap and never liked mainstream music but he isn’t as oblivious as I am.

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Only later did it hit me that this small share of the company puts me extremely near the one million mark of cash in the bank. I predict in about 2 weeks I will cross the mark and achieve my dream of being a millionaire.

First SC millionaire? Not sure since I know a couple of other guys on here make big money too, but one of my childhood dreams is just about to be fulfilled and I cannot be more grateful to everyone here for all their experiences and knowledge and to the creators themselves for their tireless work.

Thank you mates, couldn’t have done it without you and without Subliminal Club.

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This is just great.
I had slight asthma since a little child.
I wantet to treat this in peru but yesterday before bed I played the first loop of Paragon.
I stop breathing 4 times for 10 seconds then after 30 minutes I fall asleep.
Today I woke up and had tears in my eyes.
No more muscular pressure and I CAN BREATHE


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I have completed 3 loops yesterday; 2 in the afternoon and one as I was falling asleep.

My sleep was incredible, as if I had taken 10 mg of melatonin or more. I woke up maybe 3 times if I remember correctly to change my positioning, compared to the countless times I usually do. What else… my lower back feels less sore than usual, so does my right should blade. Truly magnificent. Blood is flowing steadily to the nether regions through the day, where I am having a more prominent “meat vision” than usual without stimulation, even a more rapid flow when something stimulating is around. This could be from diamond, which I haven’t listened to in about a week. I generally feel lighter, more nimble than usual before even doing my daily stretches and workout routine.

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So I started using R.I.C.H on Wednesday evening whilst I slept… I had major recon as I feel like I definitely struggled with money and have always worried about making it (yesterday I was in the biggest mood ever…) but…

Two things happened.

A company member who owed me money paid their fee the following morning - they told me they’d be able to pay me on the 21st anyway but I hadn’t prompted them since we last spoke about it.

I met up with my boyfriend’s sister today and she wants me to make a tie-dye business with her and has everything I need in regards rlresources to set it up. I loved making tie-dye stuff for my company so I’m excited about this.

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HAH! My shoulder’s a bit dry but no longer sore and itchy! This title works way better than Hydrocortisone!
Man, years of using a cream with that component and this works similar but even quicker.
Yesterday I ran another loop and fell into deep sleep. Skin’s better now.
And just in time 'cause last week I tried to buy the same cream I’ve been using for a decade now.

It’s no longer being made, and Paragon then appears.

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Just like saint said, most probably a competitor, or he’s having some deep reconciliation considering the fact that he’s trying to change his working titles to subliminal club :rofl::rofl::rofl:

10 minutes jumping around threads and anyone’s gonna notice the profound effects from the community — or, believe that this whole forums is one intricate bot machine of fake testimonial. But I would love to see the AI that is able to exhibit such broad spectrum of personalities, emotions and thinking through the forum. Where’s ma’ jet pack??? :upside_down_face:

Guy expecting Genie from Aladdin to get convinced. Sh***t…

If you’re not a Cowan, bite the bullet and jump into the waters, you aint got nothing to lose for you’ll be refunded and get to keep the treasures.

I am becoming a whole person thanks to SC, fueled with drive, ambition and life. And the only thorn in my side is that I wish to give tremendously much more to SC for what they’re offering, for how much they’re offering it and for the vision they’re moving towards. This place will be a landmark for human evolution, all you have to do is wait and see.

This thread should’ve been closed long ago but it hasn’t just to get a glimpse of the rulers of this kingdom.


I’m picturing Saint and Fire using StarkQ with Executive Limitless to create Jarvis LMFAO!!!


Not a what?

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No !!!

No one here gets results EVER !!!

That’s why you can read about changes in people’s lives on here daily

I myself have posted two testimonials on the sales page for Dragon Reborn a multi stage program and I’m still running the first stage

From reading your post it sounds like you could benefit greatly from purchasing and running Dragon Reborn

Imagine the possibilities

Better emotional control???
Deal with negative emotions more effectively??
Purge and release traumas that cause you to unknowingly sabotage yourself ???
Gain clarity and perspective on who you really are??
Put thought into what you want to say instead of making rash judgments about something you know nothing about??
And more…

Act now or :fu:t3:


I usually look to be understanding and give the benefit of the doubt but here is an exception.

anyone who looks this Forum over and verbally negatively judges people’s
journal process or can look at the results that are posted here
and say there not impressed is a tool.

I don’t believe they should be given an ounce of energy of convincing. 1 because there likely running some scam run by comp. but let’s pretend that’s not the case.

Let them say what they’ve done or at least what they’d like to see to have the conversation be something real, not some bs internalized self effacing negation being projected anonymously onto others over the internet.

or let them go get results there impressed by somewhere else, which I bet doesn’t exist -because where ever they go they’ll be there, and that attitude will kill any results that could have been possible.


An archaic term for a rogue - an eavesdropper. Considering how we’re all here wasting our time, energy and lying to ourselves with not getting any results from the hundreds of journals. I had just woken up when I got linked to this thread :upside_down_face:

Damn it my entire perception of myself was just completely shattered

Maybe we should write off our SC purchases as donation, for research of course, at least we would get some tax benefits :thinking:

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Charity? Isn’t that the first step to starting a cult ?

:shushing_face: They monitor these things, man!

I disagree with you. I will answer back: “Go you f**k yourself!”
May be I will add: “Have a nice day”
Too much explanations, he or she can just read the forum.


it’s not a big deal.


@SaintSovereign gave a diplomatic, honest, thorough, and educational answer which left the person without any room for a snappy comeback or witty rejoinder.

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not saying that was definitely a rat or a troll/
But just in case @SaintSovereign grouted and spackled the hole/

(little known A Tribe Called Quest lyric)

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