OldChap The English Millionaire Review

Hello gents. It has been some time, but OldChap has been going at it!

My journey with Subliminal Club was not the easiest, but it was one that made me incredibly grateful to be alive on this little round ball of dirt we call home.

As some of you may know, I went through a gruesome divorce, was disrespected at work, all the usual stuff. That’s when I started Emperor and turned my life around, making my ex wife jealous of the success I was starting to create.

I was promoted, started making real money, started meeting amazing women, just living it up. Soon I went for Alchemist, and really nailed down my spiritual path and became able to feel and control energy and have incredible spiritual experiences. Since finishing the Alchemist and taking care of my spiritual side of life, I advanced to Quantum Limitless.

This is where the memory lane ends and we can start talking about what I did relatively recently on Quantum Limitless and my custom that I call the English Millionaire.

Quantum Limitless is a true piece of art let me tell you. On it I managed to innovate things that earned me incredible respect in the company I worked for and I became first name basis with all the major players at it. This is a multi-million company here, and I was the rising star. I was the go to guy for everything related to my invention, and I just kept improving it further and further. It’s just amazing what you can do when you keep getting smarter and getting crazy new ideas!

But I wanted more. So it was time to graduate, and near this time SC came out with customs.

You know I went for it right away mates. I built a custom based around one of my first subliminals, Emperor, combining it with some extra modules and Quantum Limitless. The English Millionaire was born, in more ways than one.

A couple months after and some more work in the company and the owners had accepted me taking a share of the company. It seems so simple when written, but the coincidences, or rather the manifestations leading up to this event were hilarious. We were having a break with some coffee and tea, and the CEO walks in to talk, takes me aside. Right away he tells me how invaluable I was to their success and straight up offers me a share.

I accepted.

Only later did it hit me that this small share of the company puts me extremely near the one million mark of cash in the bank. I predict in about 2 weeks I will cross the mark and achieve my dream of being a millionaire.

First SC millionaire? Not sure since I know a couple of other guys on here make big money too, but one of my childhood dreams is just about to be fulfilled and I cannot be more grateful to everyone here for all their experiences and knowledge and to the creators themselves for their tireless work.

Thank you mates, couldn’t have done it without you and without Subliminal Club.

Maybe it’s time for a Dragon Reborn custom now, I’m sure I have more trauma to work through. Maybe Dragon Reborn with Emperor.


Holy shit this is awesome to read. It’s inspiring, to say the very least!


Amazing! just shows you how hard work with the right tools can create huge success.

how long have you ran emperor for?
also do you feel like alchemist contributed to your success?

Hy @OldChap
Test a Dragon Reborn Custom solo First :wink:
If you realy have much trauma/topics then it’s very wise to do it solo and then after 2-4weeks reevaluate if you can ad another custom.
Specialy if you do a DR st1 solo custom like me, and I think I am the only one here that does a ST1 custom.

Good luck and burn the shit :joy:

Awesome! Congratulations, mate! :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you kindly write how Alchemist contributed to your success, please? Thank you for your time.

@OldChap Bravo! This is the reward of action taking and compromise with one title!
I am very happy to read about your success.

Wonderful @OldChap. Congratulations!

I think @SaintSovereign was the first SC millionaire :sunglasses:

Outstanding success @OldChap! Super inspiring to read. I love how you keep it clean and simple and make the absolute most of the tools here. You ignited me to look big and I intend to be posting a similar review by 2022


I’m having a great time on Dragon Emperor myself. I would suggest that you run it in four stages. Keep everything the same except for what stage of DR you’re running.
It’s awesome to hear about the success you’ve been having.


and Hermit will be the second one. :relaxed:


Today I became a millionaire.


Gratulations!! :partying_face:

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congratulations by the end of this year i will be joining you so see you there


may your fortune only multiply!

Happy Millionaire Birthday!

That is a great news! Congratulations, @Oldchap!

Congratulations @Oldchap :smiley:

Thank you guys, means a lot to me. Subliminal Club, this forum and you guys with your insight and journals have been integral to my success.

Helps a lot to pick up listening tricks from others and see what helps.



Money in the bank increasing, things are great. Closed a deal for the firm worth a couple million, will be getting a nice cut for that

Now will be looking for a more permanent partner since having multiple ones is getting boring. She’s gonna need to have some real qualities to her though

An idea I had is to draft a list of all the qualities of my future partner and I have already started on this project. Two of the girls I’m dating right now fit some of them, but none of them fit all at once

Gonna make a custom for this, let me know your thoughts guys:

House of Medici Core
PCC Core
Gorgeous Manifestor
Instant Spark
Transcendental Connection
Inner Circle
Current Invoker
Intuition Enhancer
Love Without Attachment


How about adding Mastermind, Instant Business Tactician, Sultan, Wealth Limit Destroyer and Furious Ascent? I know it’s about attracting the right partner but since you’re into making money…