JCast Journey 🤘

@Hoppa - is that a result of EoG?

@JCast - I had already decided to run EoG when I start DR ST3. Just put it in my journal a while back. I think it’s hightime for me too

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@raphael Because of my immaturity and resulting bad decision making I was often the one desperate for help.
It would be so nice to be able to return the favor , pay it forward , or be able to pick up the tab without having to check my account


EoG and later Emperor.

The business was growing before too, but EoG really boosted it.
I’m pushing 7 figures this fiscal year. When I took over I think in 2016 (details are not too important to me :P) gross sales for the previous year was 145k €.


I feel you on this one. In my case, I would like to return the favor to my parents


That’s plain awesome!


Now this one… My parents have been working on minimum wages their whole life. Trying to build our family business.

This year they semi retired. They bought a 85k € car this past summer. And still can put 2000€/ month to savings account. Because of EoG and Emperor.


It’s a trip sometimes to read articles about how your mindset and beliefs impact your wealth and financial status but it makes complete sense. Not in a New Age or Law of Attraction way but I keep thinking about how EOG and Limitless Executive are the ultimate wealth stack


@SaintSovereign and @Fire Have created tools to drastically if not completely alter the course of our lives and it’s up to us to decide what to prioritize and focus on

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I was raised with some very unhealthy and toxic beliefs not just about money but wealth and the people who have it. I also have this really stupid belief that I can’t be wealthy and look the way I do. I want to change all of that


Mindset and beliefs are the only thing that separates the wealthy from the poor.

Of course there are situations that are outside of your control. If you happen to be born in North Korea rural areas for example. But in general.

I would add to that DR. To really get rid of all the baggage.

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What’s your definition of “waste of time”?

To me there’s no such a thing until you start using certain metrics and contexts which are always subjective.

I think DR helped me ease into that notion.


@Voytek Putting things off that could easily be done. Procrastinating. I somehow even with having ADHD developed the habit of getting things done as early in the day as possible so the rest of the day is mine. Unfortunately the people I live with or rent from don’t see the merit in that and either criticize it or think I’m doing it to make them look bad or lazy. How they make my habit or boredom about them I have no idea


This is freaking powerful. I’m going to be keeping this in my mind from now on. Thank you for putting this in your journal. May need to add it to mine.

This one will be burning in my mind too now.

You’re just an incredible person man, how amazing that you’ve managed to help so many people during this year.

Jesus holy Christ.

Tonight I just keep reading more and more about the power of subs and action. You guys keep amazing me every moment of every day.


Currently running a third loop of Stage one and will run a loop of Stage two right after.



Making sure he sees this. It’s a powerful statement.

May your family continue to thrive, @Hoppa!


I ain’t a sentimental type, but this one made my eyes sting. Very happy for your family.


That is awesome that you have used your ADHD to develop such an important discipline. This is the kind of discipline that’s needed to develop wealth. Do you notice if the subs have been helpful to manage difficult people better?

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Day 43 Stage 1 Day 2 Stage 2 -

Running a loop of stage one

Late afternoon here and finally running a loop of stage two. I’m thinking I am only going to be able to get two loops of each in today. Did a lot of work and chores earlier and then I was thinking " fuck it" I will do what I can today

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