DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal

Ahahaha! Very soon I will have a whole circus of customs named after animals. Maybe a Stallion Ultima for a Horse Biggus Dickus :smile::smile::smile:

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Lmao–what about Donkey Destroyer Ultima!?

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Am sure it will work. DR was the one which pushed me to also make my Primal Ascension custom so am sure it will help you with your decisions too

ROFLLLL :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Thanks, bro. Yes to The Writer’s Journey and another book suggested in the forum here called Ensouling Language (thanks to @emperor_obewan for the book recommendation). The latter got great reviews


this one jumped out at me

Pretty sure this was DR talking–saying Emperor and EOG!, [email protected], [email protected]!

there is still some doubt, I’ll leave it out there.

raphaelArch Alchemist



EoG and later Emperor.

The business was growing before too, but EoG really boosted it.
I’m pushing 7 figures this fiscal year. When I took over I think in 2016 (details are not too important to me :P) gross sales for the previous year was 145k €.

That’s plain awesome!

SaintSovereignCo-Founder, Subliminal Club



This year they semi retired. They bought a 85k € car this past summer. And still can put 2000€/ month to savings account. Because of EoG and Emperor.

I ain’t a sentimental type, but this one made my eyes sting. Very happy for your family.



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@Azriel - awesome. This would be the right fit for you!

I just have a feeling you’d do incredible things on EoG and Emperor @Azriel. I feel you’ll hit those monetary goals you were aiming for and you’ll be unstoppable. I’m here for it.


Especially after the extensive healing @raphael did.


He was talking about me :slight_smile:

I wish Raphael’s sub use affected my results lol

well it does in the sense that his journal is informative and inspiring.


My bad …lol
Even you…your ability to process subs is incrediable…
You action is also perfect for your goals.


Thanks man :slight_smile: I have some concerns though

part of me I feels/thinks I haven’t accomplished enough to justify going to the highest level of wealth sub -subclub has to offer yet. Would it be better until I break through financially more on Emperor?

Would it be better if I ran Khan first and then returned to EOG? Since Khan builds dominance, ambition, drive, and solid sense of self? ETC…I begin the new stack in February so I have a month.
I’ll write more on my journal to ruminate and get thoughts.


In regards to Khan, I think the wealth building aspect is mainly in the 4th stage, are you going to run Khan stage by stage? Are you building upon Emperor to go full Khan mode?

I’m pretty sure Mogul is built into Khan stage 4 anyway so why not use Mogul if the issue is that EoG is too high of a wealth status and then head into EoG at a later date?

Pretty similar to what I’m going to do by starting with Mogul first and then my EoG custom so I feel more comfortable.


will you post any of your thoughts on how khan effected your finance, career, purpose path here!?
Or how any personal transformation on Khan effected your thoughts on these. It may help to distill results and value you got as well


Yes the idea was to build on Emperor into full Khan mode

I’m in a totally different mental and capability space around career and my own business, and I have a lot of angles I am working now. I just want to get some traction on something and start transitioning all my expenses to be covered by non-employed/self generating means. I have job’s right now–not career-I get paid free lance per hour and on retainer with some bonuses. I want to get to where my performance actually drives my income in a career while building my own business on the side.



sorry, journal hiijack :slight_smile:
I’ll take it to my journal


Despite the mix-up, this is also true for me

Haha! Now that’s a new subliminal idea. Run a sub such that other people’s stack will help you too

Thank you! The feeling is mutual

According to your journal entries, it isn’t true that you haven’t accompished a lot in terms of monetary gains. And even if it was true, the idea of EoG is to reprogram you to achieve your wildest wealth dreams. So you can’t go wrong with it either way


Starting Mogul and then doing EoG is also a wise plan. Especially if we are in a hurry to get some initial good results that help motivate us faster

Okay, am digressing a bit but I wonder whether we can get a title that helps us in everything. I know that this sounds like Dragon Reborn or a custom but am thinking of something like Khan which will help us with healing, muscles, height, male enhancement, facial morphing, money, sex, power, creativity etc. Like a combination of all the titles. One Title To Rule Them All!. That would be incredible. Should we push for that @Brandon, @pacman, @PurpleRT73, @Apollo, @JCast, @Azriel ?


Renaissance Man. :slight_smile: