What's up? A long overdue Yardbird update

When I started listening to Emperor, I had just been promoted to a new position that I felt unqualified for and I was stumbling badly. Within 5 days I started to feel some effects and after two months or so, my life started to radically change for the better. I ended up getting a big raise and bonus, then about a year or so later I got another promotion. Some time after that I stopped posting here and only visited the forum maybe 3-4 times since then.

My main goal with Emperor were to make enough money writing to quit working and support myself as a self-published novelist. My secondary goal was to get hotter women and get them more easily than I had in the past. I pretty quickly started having lots of fun in that area and also my relationships with friends deepened more than I could have expected.

However, I started to feel like I was dividing my focus too much between getting girls, kicking ass at my job and writing. I kept thinking of the popular Ron Swanson quote from Parks and Recreation: “Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.” I decided to think hard, what single thing would help me the most to get what I want in life? What’s the one thing that, if I achieved it, would have a domino effect and help me achieve all my other goals?

I realized that for most of my life, money has been the biggest cause of stress, or rather, the lack of money. I was making really good money, enough to easily pay my bills, but I was still a big unexpected expense away from crisis. I would still panic that the air conditioner in my house would fail or I would need to pay for some big plumbing repair (both things that have happened to me in the past.) So, I decided that I would focus on making as much money as possible by the clearest path available.

Since I hadn’t finished a novel yet, I decided to put writing and women on hold and commit to my job 100%. I made myself indispensable at work, taking on projects that no one wanted, trying to learn as much as possible, working extra on weekends when needed and even making myself available at night to help anyone who needed it. I was answering work texts even after midnight, without compensation.

My company suspended pay increases and bonuses late in 2018 when employees were due for compensation reviews because of a crisis the company was facing. We were supposed to get them in late March of 2020, but then the COVID-19 crisis resulted in another delay. I never wavered, never lost faith. Finally in May, I was offered two very different advancement opportunities. One was a higher leadership position and the other was a technical position on an engineering team. There would be no pay increase for the technical job because we still had a freeze on pay increases and I would be switching to a different division of the company, so I was told if I wanted more money now, I should take the management position.

I had decided that I really didn’t like managing people. It had its moments, but I felt that there was too much babysitting involved and too much time was spent mediating fights between employees. The technical position wasn’t a sure thing. Whereas the management position was mine if I wanted it, the other job was just an invitation to apply. Even though I’m not an engineer and I’m a college dropout, I knew–not thought, knew–that I would get the job. And I did.

From day one, I loved my new job. It’s the most challenging work I’ve ever done and I’ve had to learn things (like using Linux and editing code) that I’d never done before, but it’s been a life changing experience. The salary freeze ended in August and my manager gave me a 13% raise, which I was thrilled with. He actually felt bad because he wanted to give me more but was limited to what he could give me as a newcomer to the division, so he gave me a $12,000.00 bonus since he had more freedom to award bonuses as he saw fit.

Before starting my Emperor run, I was earning $38,000 per year. I finished 2020 with total gross earnings of $81,844.73, more than I’ve ever made and more than I would have thought possible without going back to school before getting on Emperor. With a decent raise, next year I’ll have my first six figure year. I realize that there are others here who already made more than that before Sub Club, but this has been a huge shift from where I was before and it’s more than what I had hoped to be making by now between my job and publishing novels.

Now that I’m making enough money to not worry about money, I’m dedicating 2021 to launching my self-publishing empire. I’ve also recently picked up two new playmates–a gorgeous 30 year old with the greatest tits I’ve ever seen and a sexy, playful 27 year old who’s so dirty she makes me look conservative. Nothing serious; after all I’m keeping my eye on the main prize, but I’m having the time of my life with them.

I have never been so close to having everything I ever wanted, nor have I ever felt so sure that I’m going to have it all.

About six years ago, I made a list of attributes that I was looking for in a woman before I would consider marrying again. She would have to be smart, kind, affectionate, strong, independent, financially successful, responsible, honest, loyal, open minded, beautiful, funny and have a very high sex drive. At the time I thought I would never marry again because women with those attributes would be completely out of my league. A few months ago I stopped thinking that. Nobody is out of my league.

I can’t thank @Fire and @SaintSovereign enough for giving me the tools to finally unlock my potential. I honestly forget that I’m 47 sometimes because I feel like I’m in my mid-twenties with such an incredible future ahead.

I hope the rest of you are crushing it in life and look forward to catching up on all that I’ve missed. Blessings to all of you in the new year!


Good job - congrats man!


And this was all using Emperor.

Welcome back, @Yardbird. I periodically refer people to read your old journal. Though I should probably refer it even more. (I’m overdue for a re-read myself!)

Wish you more and more compounding blessings and wellbeing!


Excellent results based on consistent Emperor use. No customs or complicated stacks. Kudos to your persistence and hard work (along with determined subliminal use)

Any plans to add Ecstasy of Gold for your wealth goals? I feel you are a prime candidate for that

Also the Renaissance Man title coming next year could aid your self publishing goals too


Any financial success stories are welcome here, doesn’t matter who posted higher returns. Ballin’ is ballin’.


@Yardbird Good to see you.


Amazing! can you elaborate about the inner changes you feel emperor initated in you?
wether its cobfidence or calmness etc


Thank you @Yardbird! I just read through your journal and want to say congrats on the outstanding results.

Your consistency using the same sub and action taking is truly an inspiration. While I am not using emperor, I am inspired to stick with my current stack for much longer to get those deep changes that have occurred in you


Fantastic results @Yardbird
You completely turned your life around for the better
and crushed your goal!
Will you continue with Emperor indefinitely ?
Did you switch to EQ when it came out?


One of the journals that inspired me to go with EQ. Congrats man, happy new year


Thank you for the kind words, guys! I’m happy to see so many familiar faces on the forums along with many new ones. @JCast you were always such an encouraging voice, it’s really great to see you again.

No, I’m currently not even listening to any subs, except for Limitless a few times before a training session on a new product the company I work for is releasing soon. I bought Alchemist as soon as it came out but after a smooth stage 1, I found that I couldn’t sleep on stage 2, so I’ve put that on hold for when I’m no longer on a work schedule because I can’t afford to fall asleep at 4:00 AM right now. I’ve recently been inspired to take another stab at learning to play guitar and would definitely play a sub for mastering an instrument if SubClub has one, if not maybe Ultimate Artist is good for that? TBH I felt so complete with Emperor that I bought a few other subs that I may never use just because I wanted to support SubClub and felt a little guilty that I got so much out of my first purchase. LOL.

I remember getting emails about EOG but I’m not familiar with it. One of the biggest discoveries for me while on Emperor, which I’ll elaborate in one of my answers below, is that I had a severe case of shiny new toy syndrome when it came to self-improvement and I determined to stop that.

Sure! My true inner confidence soared and by that I mean that I used to consider myself confident prior to Emperor but I was really just playing the role. People frequently described me as confident because I acted like someone confident and had read enough about projecting confidence through words and body language to know how to fake it, but I had insecurities about my age, lack of education, body and financial status. I’m really bad at remembering timelines, but off the top of my head I’d say that it was around 10-12 months of listening to Emperor that I started to truly believe in myself to the point that had anyone even tried to put me down for anything it wouldn’t have fazed me because I would just consider it a lie.

I also started to feel what I can best describe as serene. During the period of turmoil in the company that I mentioned earlier, there were two big mass firings and I never for a moment worried. One of my coworkers texted me during a day we have since named “Black Friday” because dozens of people, including some managers and people with 10+ years of service were fired, and asked me “Do you think you might get fired?” and I actually laughed, literally laughed out loud, because it was unthinkable to me. It was like one of those movie scenes where that one character is walking calmly as buildings are crumbling and there’s chaos and destruction and people are running and screaming. I guess calm is the same thing but it’s a very profound calmness.

The biggest shift though was a newfound ability to clear the noise and see the big picture. What I mean was how I determined that if I prioritized making as much money as possible as quickly as possible, everything else would fall into place so I could then write, consider having a steady relationship, travel, devote time and money to old and new hobbies, etc. When you want a lot of things and start to see that you can have all of them, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and think “what do I target first?” and end up suffering from analysis paralysis, which I had done countless times for years.

Also related to that, I made a list of qualities that I didn’t like about myself and another list of qualities that I wanted to have and made a conscious effort to eliminate the negative ones and cultivate the positive ones.

I also went from wishing I had an abundance mindset to truly having one. When my son needed over $1,000 of dental work recently, my ex-wife freaked out and I thought “there’s lots of money, I’ll just get more.” That’s actually one of my favorite mantras and I have started to say it to myself whenever I spend a lot of money on something.

I think that’s a great idea. I saw great results after a couple of months, but after around a year and a half or so is when things started to get really amazing.

I’m not currently listening to any sub and all I’ve listened to for 2 years was Emperor and for about 6 months also Limitless. The bloom period was just so good that I didn’t see reason to go back. I never considered switching from Emperor to anything else because for the 8 years or so since I had started getting seriously into self-help, I kept moving on to the next promising thing. I’d done Sedona, Frederick Dodson’s Enlightenment Technique (which is really excellent), Quantum Light Breath and a bunch of other stuff, most of it never completed because I became a self-help junkie, always needing to try the next promising thing. So when it became clear that Emperor was the real deal and had the potential to help me get everything that I wanted, I decided to stick with it and fight the urges to try something else. One of the reasons why I stopped visiting this site was I didn’t want the temptation every time a new product was released and I was so deeply into “get shit done” mode that I didn’t want to slow down for anything.

I hope that helps.


Very inspiring! i really appriciate your review about how your inner state has changed also due using emperor.

in my opinion, you should have used more advanced versions over the years since if i recall correctly the first version of emperor only included total of 50 somthhing pages where the last one (EmperorQ) includes over 120 pages.
which mean more script to help manifest the goals faster.

but anyway, great progress! i am so excited to start Emperor journey myself, but i decided to start with ascension first to get the inner alpha foundation set.

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Hi Yardbird,

Thanks for the update.

I’m very much inspired by your experience with Emperor - not many people have the discipline to stick to one subliminal and stay away from the Shiny Object Syndrome for over a year.

In fact, your experience with Emperor as a salaried staff shows that one doesn’t have to set up his own business to run it.


@Yardbird thank you for writing this. I was thinking of running Emperor for the whole 2021. Your testimonial just solidified that idea for me. This is highly inspiring.


I meant to post on this comment earlier, but I foolishly ran the Renaissance Man prototype for quite a few loops and it’s got me lost in reconciliation again, hahaha.

That being said – it’s posts like this that let us know that we’re doing the right thing. I questioned whether it was smart to leave my day job (and the reconciliation isn’t making it better), but when I see people thriving from our work, it rejuvenates me, makes me want to go even harder.

Congratulations, @Yardbird. While I know the subliminals helped your journey, ultimately, it was you who chose to walk this path and put in the work. Let everyone take note of what happens when you choose a goal and take action to achieve it.


Something new I wanted to report on here because I believe that I owe this to Emperor as well. I’ve become addicted to investing. I started investing $200.00 each paycheck into crypto currencies a couple of months ago, then I did another $1,000 in a lump sum and decided to get serious, so last week I liquidated $15,000 of stock to invest in crypto. I’m up around 30% so far but these are long term investments, I’m not interested in pump n’ dumps and I didn’t participate in the Gamestop/AMC/Blockbuster/Dogecoin shenanigans.

In the past I’ve been very afraid of losing money and wouldn’t dare invest more than $100 of my own money, but I really enjoy researching different crypto projects and investing. In addition to the biweekly and large lump sum investments, any time I think of making a purchase that I consider a waste, I spend that money on buying more crypto instead. For example, because of COVID, I can’t wait inside the salon when getting a haircut, so if they’re not ready for me, I used to go to a cafe in the same shopping plaza and buy a coffee and pastry. Both their coffee and baked goods are pretty mediocre; it was just a way to kill time until the salon called to say I could go inside. With tax and tip it was always $13-15. Last week, instead of going to the cafe, I signed into one of my crypto exchange accounts and bought $15 worth of crypto.


@Yardbird Always so cool to see you here. You and I go back to almost the beginning of Subliminal Club.

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Thank you, I’m happy to see you still working at this also.

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I’ve been having very similar experiences with being almost addicted to investing as well, I never guessed that this may be due to emperor’s programming. If I recall correctly though, I think there is scripting in the mogul portion of emperor that assists with cultivating a mindset from where one spends frivolously, and instead chooses to save or invest the money they would’ve spent on an impulse buy. I’ve been experiencing this more so the past week than ever myself.


@Yardbird were u using emperor Qv2 or Qv1 :slightly_smiling_face:?