Ascension for a new member! Up we go!

Hi all that above is the first post I made to the forum just a few hours ago in the introduction area.

I cant reply there any more, as new members can only reply/post a certain number of times so I will reply to @Lion there in the 22-24hrs that the system allows me to lol so hope you see this here.

@Fire very kindly directed me to this sub.

I have just downloaded the zip files and will return to journal daily i hope though I dont want to make it feel a chore.

As its my first time here and first time journaling, any advice or suggestions as to what to include that would benefit me or you all?

Thank you for reading.


I appreciate your courtesy, bro :pray:


Great choice! Ascension is the best first sub in the catalog because having a high baseline self confidence and sense of self value will help with anything you do in the future, and it is the fastest path to that.
And welcome aboard.



Great first sub. You got perfect replies from people. I look forward to running ascension myself after my healing stack is done.

I wish you lots of success. I joined in February myself and it’s been nothing but a positive and supportive experience here.

Journal and take action. :slight_smile:


The most important thing is to journal every day, even if you don’t have any progress from Ascension, just talk about what you enjoyed doing that day or something that made you feel frustrated or even an interesting dream you had. Your journal is a place meant for you to chronicle your growth, so really anything goes as long you’re comfortable sharing with us. Also, if you have any questions just post them here and someone will direct you to the appropriate info.

As for some general advice on the forum, make sure you look around and don’t be afraid to interact with the other forum members, everyone around here is generally quite nice and polite so no one will give you a hard time.


very welcome bro you took the time to write and I hoped that my sudden silence wasnt seen as rude or lack of gratitude or lack of appreciation in anyway.

I wrote the above and then couldnt send it due to the limit set on me for replies lol so ill send now and reply to the rest before updating this new journal.


Hey @COWolfe thank you for the welcome and that vote of confidence! Im really hoping for great things from the sub - fingers crossed!!

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Hey @Geoff thanks for the welcome and the encouragement. How is your healing stack going?

Thank you man really appreciate it!!

Really mind sharing any successes or anything you got form the subs here as it will help with my trust and persistence, coming from someone that hasnt found any other subs in the past that worked for me.

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Hey @Dark thanks for all that advice! ill journal everyday hopefully and keep the journal going. I have the first update to post shortly now that ive replied to everyone here. Thanks man!

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Day 1 - Listened to 1 loop (17th May 2022)

Yesterday was my first day with Ascension.
I listened to the sub before going to sleep. Im awake all night and sleep all day, due to a family member recovering from surgery and as im not working im doing what I call the ‘night shift’.

Due to this currently its 5.53am, 24hrs ago was when I came to this site, and downloaded the sub and uploaded the masked track to my phone.

I put off listening to the sub though for some reason until I resisted no more. Its only 15mins yet I avoided listening to the sub, and instead preferred watching youtube on my phone. My room was hot but maybe it was that, maybe it was the fact somehow it felt like a chore, maybe something else I dont know.

I listened and for the first minute or 2 I adjusted the volume up 1 click and down 1 click until I felt I found the comfortable sweet-spot. I then lay there in bed and decided I could listen and at the same time check social media messages on my other spare old phone while I listened. So I did that. At times I wondered if I had accidentally autolooped the audio player on my phone, and that im suddenly on the 2nd loop when its only meant to be 1 loop for 15mins. However eventually the sub stopped and phew it was 1 loop. I then went to sleep.

I dreamed. I cant recall the dream but I dreamed 2 or 3 dreams, it seemed like it all happened in the same location but each differed slightly kind of like different players involved as well as some from the 1st dream - like a sequel or trilogy if it was 3 dreams.

I slept for 9hours! now I never get 9hours sleep as i get woken up or I end up waking myself and realise its too late and jump out of bed, however i wasnt disturbed and I slept 9hours or just under. 9hours is my optimal sleep time. If I had the luxury too, i would want 9hrs sleep every night.

I woke content and relaxed and went about my day (everyones evening lol).

I went through different emotions during the time from waking to being here now.

I started off content and happy. I had dinner and was tired/food coma and then had a short temper with my bro. We are always arguing or fighting, we are always triggered by each other. I then went to being hyper. My sister noticed it and said calm down (jovially) you’re hyper lol Ive no idea if this is relevant or not.

I during the day felt confident and not fearful of those job hunting or at least aspect of job hunting that I need to get started, as I thought about them. Now I must add that im the kind of person that doesnt always realise his feelings. I call it apathy. I may not fear something from imagining it as its not real but when in front of me I then have that fear.
For example: A spider in my mind doesnt really terrify me but one on my wall would.

However before coming to this forum, so the latter half of my day, I felt suddenly self conscious about my image. My hair loss in this particular moment was for no reason on my mind and made me feel oddly self conscious though I had no reason to be as im safe at home.

That seems to be the main aspects of my day today.

So I have 2 questions regarding the listening protocol that I hope someone can kindly help me with please.

Question 1:

This ZP Ascension i understand is to be listened to 1 loop every other day. So for example day 1 listen, day 2 do not listen, day 3 listen.

However then the instructions say at day 21 make it a 5 day break. So ok I take a 5 day break, then I do 1 loop every other day and continue again, or is it now day 1 1 loop, then 5 days break, then 1 loop again, then 5 days break and so forth?

What do I do at the 2nd 21st day of listening?

Question 2:
Also someone in my other introduction loop said after 21 days it is the right/good or possible time to then include another sub.

My question is, how can you add another sub so soon? surely you need 6-8 weeks at the very least if not 30days, otherwise 90days or longer to see if the sub is working before adding in another sub?

Thank you for reading.


Nice first Journal entry. You’ll find that the dream and changes in sleep schedule are a trend with the sub club ZP format. I’ve had a lot of interesting dreams, that have granted me deep insights about myself so keep an eye out to see if anything in your dreams resonates with you.

As for your questions:

After 21 days take a 5-day break (if day 21 is a rest day, then include in the break) and then restart the cycle of 1 day on, one day off. The breaks at the end of the 21 days are very important as they also yield deeper insights. You’ll find that the days that you don’t listen are as valuable or sometimes more valuable than the days you do listen.

As for question 2, the format ZP yields incredibly fast results. Most users will notice results within the first few days, so 21 days is perfectly okay to feel like you can add another sub. However, in your case, since you are new, I recommend that you stick to ascension exclusively for at least 45 days so as to build a good foundation. It’s the recommendation that @Fire gave you, so you should stick to it.


Thank you bro! I wasnt sure if I put anything relevant into that first entry but ill keep at it daily as thats what everyones telling me to do so I will and its enjoyable as im spending my time awake wondering how my feelings or behaviours are.

Ah I see I see, right so a cycle in a way is that 21days+the 4/5days break. Then its repeat again. I get it now thank you.

Yes I went back to my other journal to check on what @Fire advised, and he said couple of months which is fine for me, im right now hoping that once I move out which is in the works - I should move out fingers crossed in around 2 or 3months then ill see where im upto with this sub and add to it as I can.

At home where I live taking action isnt so easy, I literally have no privacy or time to myself to do anything as im always needed for help and support however once I move out ill be alone and ready and far more willing to put all my goals into action, from eating healthy to studying and job search etc.

This actually works for me and hopefully whatever I can add to ascension I will.

15mins is so easy!! lol

I have another 2 questions which I forgot to ask so ill ask in a new post below.

Question 3:

So the forum system told me it may be better to put replies to everyone in 1 single post, and I think it suggested I tag you all by names and quote all of your message or parts of it in that post. Those of you reading and replying and responding to me, is that better for you all or would you prefer I reply to each of you as ive done above?

Question 4:

So I have spent lots of time reading the website before I got confused and then joined the forum. Some terminology I have come across that the other subliminal company I used to purchase from used. I never had any success from there which is why im here. Terms such as Blooming, Stonewalling, resistance etc.

Its seems to much of a concidence and for a moment I did wonder and panic am I at a credible subliminal site lol so im wondering are these terms due to some scientific research paper which is why more than 1 subliminal company uses them too?

Thank you

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Yes, those concepts and terms are common to personal/systemic growth and change in general. Subliminals take the natural growth process and intensify it by adding focused structure and energy to how we learn. As a result of the enhanced and augmented pace and quality, you’re going to feel the ups and downs–and stops and starts–more intensely than you normally might. Most of the terms that get used around here are describing one or another aspects of that basic principle.

At the same time, as in any community, we’ll add our own little spins and angles to the fundamental concepts, based on our experiences and observations. At the end of the day, however, it all comes back to Growth.


ah i see thank you for answering @Malkuth.

I realised I had another question and forgot that as well urgh, so ill post that below too.


Question 5:
So 1 thing that ive realised from my reading the website is that as well as subs, its journaling and action.

The action part still confuses me. I mean if I take action for lets say I dont speak to girls, I now decide to speak to 1 girl a day or atleast smile to 1 girl a day or as many as I see then the probability that 1 girl will eventually respond will go up.

So the confusion I have is what how do the subs help? what is the difference in taking action without listening to a sub and listening to a sub?

thank you


You can type the question in the same post.

Subliminals will help make things easier.

  • When before you found it difficult to speak more confidently, you will be a little less nervous now.

  • When before the girls didn’t see you since you didn’t approach them, now they see your sub-heightened aura.

  • When before you thought talking with girls was a challenge, now when you open your mouth it will be fun.

  • Etc

Basically the subliminals multiply your effort. An effort of numeric value 2 is multiplied by the subliminal by 3 for example and produces 6. Without the sub, the effort is 2 and you get 2. Without the effort but using the sub, multiply 0 with 3.


Action has been, and still is, the centrally compelling feature to me, when it comes to the sub journey.

I’m controlling myself to avoid burying you under a pile of previous entries. I’ve been thinking about this question for quite a while now.

Well, first, I’ll just direct you to one post where I was thinking of the same question that you’re asking now.

I’m reminding myself of @Simon right now. He’s got so much wisdom spread around here on the forum that he can usually just link you to a previous post(s) in which he already addressed your question. hahaha.

Also @AjUK you can literally go up to the ‘Search’ icon at the top of the screen and type in the word ‘Action’ and you’ll see a bunch of useful discussions on this very topic. It’s a justifiably popular topic.

(That Search function will probably come in very handy to you in the next few weeks.)


And (I won’t bother trying to resist), here is one more from another discussion on Action (and ‘Conscious Guidance of the subliminal.’).

I’ll just paste it here.

Second: a metaphor

European folklore and fairytales have the idea of “Seven League Boots”

These were mythical footwear that magically enabled the wearer to instantly travel many miles in any direction by simply taking one step. Obviously they were much sought after by the heroes of those legends. (Just stay with me. I guess you’re not into fairy tales.)

These are a good metaphor/analogy for how Saint describes Ascension Chamber up above.

They amplify your efforts to make progress in a given direction (i.e., Results Enhancement).

But even with magickal Seven-League boots, the wearer still has to choose a direction and take a step. That process of choosing a direction and taking a step is the essence of Conscious Focus.

Conscious Focus is doing whatever you personally need to do in order to generate a sense of direction, purpose, immediacy, and intention.



Thank you, yeah I didnt do that i thought doing that by editing the post will only be seen by new people and anyone that read it may miss it if that makes sense lol

this answer makes complete sense thank you @Lion

@Malkuth oh wow you’ve given me a lot to read there and i appreciate it so ill take a read when im back on as I need to sleep.

Ive spent last 3-4 hours easily searching for posts here on Ascension as well as reading the sales page on the sub and other subs that seem great and im left with a mental mush haha

Im already thinking of what the next ZP sub should be since 15mins is so cool and thats without even testing this sub to see if it even works on me yet hahaha

From now on ill try to reply to people in 1 post I think to make it easier for all… ill try it now and see if it works.