New Guy from UK with questions - im lost :(

Hi Everyone

Im very new here. Totally lost lol. I read the FAQ and honestly the terminology used and names used were confusing. From Q or Q2 to terminus (reminds me of the walking dead tv show if anyone knows it ) and other things.

So I decided to then email support as im lost and while I wait patiently for them to reply to me I thought i should just take the plunge and join the forum and hopefully you guys can help with me. (I say patiently though its obvious im now here asking you guys for your POVs as i cant wait lol).

So ive used hypnotherapy, subliminals and brainwave entrainment (a little) before. Nothing seems to have worked. The one I spent most time on was subliminals from another company that also claim to be the best on the market and there I was told its my fault, im doing something called stonewalling that I never really understood since all I did was hit play and listen.

Anyway a member there told me to come try here and thats all, he didnt say it worked or didnt just to come and see. I dont even know if he ever tried the subs here but anyway im here now and well lost.

I guess the first obvious thing to ask is have the subs worked for anyone here if they dont mind sharing what worked for them and how? just a quick succinct answer is fine if thats all you want as i just need to know im doing the right thing as ive spent too much time on other companies and products that just havent worked for me and time is no longer on my side.

I also would like to ask what subliminals as a newbie here would be best for the following topics that I feel are my issues:

Fear (fear of something that stops me from picking up the phone to look for work and fear to apply for work),
confidence (im overweight with hair loss and so very self conscious of how I look though i act confident when im out - i totally fake it) so yeah i have insecurities,
procrastination - i start motivated ready to go full on and then an issue or obstacle comes and throws me totally off or i just avoid starting something that benefits me (such as studying, learning) until the last minute,
and i guess the only thing to add to all this would be hairloss, weight issues and of course no sex life at moment.

Anyone mind helping and thank you in advance for reading this as I know it wasnt a short intro.

Im really at the end where nothing having worked leaves you lost as to what to try. The last company, the subliminal site that claimed to be the best, were always upgrading their subs, taking money and yet never worked and there was always this aspect of ‘new research unearthed which will help more than what already has’ that made them sell subs with ever increasing price.
Then there are companies that arent so complex with simply subs, some with brainwave entrainment others without who have over 200 titles and yet theyre not too expensive and no idea if they work or not - the ones i tried didnt on me so yeah im lost :frowning:



Welcome @AjUK,

Ascension. That will be the best starting point while covering most of these issues.

On purchase you’ll receive a PDF that has a quick-start guide, alongside many detailed explanations.

Q, Qv2, Terminus are different technologies/strengths. It’s most relevant to custom creation right now, so don’t worry about that - all the major subliminals on the store are in the ZP format, and you need to listen 1 to 2 loops every other day.

Here’s the thing.

Action is the secret. It’s the most important thing you must ensure you are doing - taking action towards your goals.

If you decide to start running our subliminals, make sure you are taking daily action:

  1. Fear - sending out job applications, talking to people and especially women (as per your issue after procrastination).
  2. Hit the gym or martial arts hard. Look into hair loss treatment or embrace it.
  3. Sit yourself down and figure out why you are doing what you are doing. Examine every aspect of it, what will happen if you do not, what will happen if you do. Ensure your diet and sleep is on point. When you get distracted, get back to it right away. Look into different productivity techniques (such as pomodoro’s). Figure out your working style (short but intense bursts, constant relaxed work day in day out, etc.)

Subliminals are an incredible technology, but to achieve a truly profound transformation you must be taking action - you are directly opening the pathways of manifestation this way, and reinforcing those behaviors which you desire to instill within yourself. Once you see results through action and proper listening, don’t handwave them or logic them away.

Build discipline, listen properly and don’t be impatient.

Greatness takes time.


Welcome @AjUK

Highly recommend following @Fire advice here.

My sub recommendations for your current situation would be Ascension + WANTED without question.

Don’t exceed running more than two subliminals from SubClub for quite awhile since you need to build your foundation.

Might even be worth looking into Ascension plus healing subliminals. Those really help as well.

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Thank you @Fire for replying and replying so quickly. I was busy looking around the shop and didnt realise I had a reply so thank you for your time.

I found a sub called Executive and another called Limitless and thought that may have been suited as procrastination and studying are 2 areas I need to focus on but thats on top of everything else. Would you suggest Ascension still or these or add these or something?

So you said this so in my case based on my lack of results in the past and the need to get results sooner rather than later (especially with procrastination and fears) would you say I can do 2 loops every other day?

So can I start to run the subs at first without taking action (since the fear etc is strong) and then take action? also im in the process of moving out of the family home to my own place where then I hope to get focused with taking daily action even if tiny small steps, such as exercise, healthy eating, studying etc. At home im living out of a box and its just not easy + the fear of course.

I just need that initial boost to get me started. For example even though no subs worked, as a procrastinator, im the type to get the job done at the last minute and so ive done that but its always been super super stressful and I rather become the guy that gets the job done as soon as its got to be done and not waste my potential.

Sorry if this is long im trying to be clear, apologies.

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Hey @Nero Thank you for replying and yes thank you for the welcome and to @Fire for welcoming me too :slight_smile: Nice of you guys thank you.

Ah ok lol So i found executive and limitless and so ok ill take a look at Wanted now too. I found a few with Ascension in the name but I think I found the right one is it this: Become an Alpha Male with Ascension - Subliminal Club
(hope adding links here is allowed as im new)

ah ok so maximum 2 at the moment ok.

thank you so much ill take a look.

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Ascension over Limitless and Executive.


Suggests to me that the core of the issue is not productivity, but fear, confidence and self-image. You are literally asking me whether you can run subliminals without action and going down the line of “I will do it once this and that happens!”.


Why are you not getting angry over this situation? You are letting yourself be limited by an emotion that you yourself create.

In this day and age, many consider negative emotions to be bad, evil, etc. It must all be white light and love, or you’re evil and bad.

You have negative emotions for a reason - use them. Use them as fuel and start taking action, build your discipline.

10 minutes of working out, 10 minutes of studying, 1 woman talked to every day, 10 minutes of deep introspection and examination of your fear, 10 minutes of sending out job applications.

Combine with Ascension, increase every day by a minute, increase how many talk to every day. If you feel the urge to go for more, do so.

Journal it all.

The best time to take action?



Thank you @Fire I understand now after reading your reply.

you mentioned in your first reply:

so do you suggest for me to do 2 loops every other day?

@Nero suggested WANTED with ASCENSION, do you agree or leave the wanted?

thank you this is actually the best advice ive had in a very long time. Ill will listen to the sub and start even if its just 1min at day at looking at the job sites at least its a start a major start for me as well as opening a textbook to study yes even 1 minute or 1 page is a start as well as everything else so yes thank you and yes ill start journaling here too. Honestly thank you fire!


Don’t cower when faced with fear. Find the steel within you to stick to 10 minutes every single day, regardless of what happens.

Take 10 minutes right now (seriously, do it after reading this) to imagine yourself working out in the rain - everything is slippery, rain is pouring down on you, it’s cold and muddy. Make it as vivid as possible. Feel the dedication you must experience to continue working out in that situation - that feeling right there is the very seedling of discipline and resolve.

Remember it, cultivate it by using it every day through these disciplines, don’t start shirking away and reducing the times.

When I was younger, that is exactly what I did. A set time every single day, regardless of rain, mud, snow or wind, I would be out there for an hour and a half grinding out dips, handstands, pullups, dragon flags, different holds and levers. Not just for the physical benefits, but for the discipline.

For the mind and the spirit, so that they can learn and be cultivated.


Thank you @Fire

Do you mean the 10min visualisation or the action sorry of doing the tasks for 10mins daily without fail be it exercise, studying etc?

Thank you and sorry for sounding like a broken record, but is this the ascension: Become an Alpha Male with Ascension - Subliminal Club

For me do you suggest 1 or 2 loops every other day with headphones?

And @Nero suggested adding WANTED - do you think thats a good idea? You’ve said no to EXECUTIVE and LIMITLESS in my case lol (shows how little i know myself haha)

Thank you



Start with 1. Evaluate after a week.

@Nero did give you a good suggestion, but that would be for the future. Because of fear and self-confidence, WANTED would have to work on that - otherwise, what are you going to do when others express interest in you?

Since that is the case (and since you are new), Ascension would be a better fit to work on fear and self-confidence directly. After a couple of months of dedicated work and Ascension - you can go with WANTED, Executive or Limitless.


Fantastic thank you that makes complete sense!

Ive put that sub into my basket, ill create an account and buy it and use it today.

Thank you!!

For the journal of my experience I dont do it in this category for the others, yes? ill use this account for that and create a new one at the shop to purchase the sub.

I really hope this works for me, thank you and if after reading the pdf i have any questions hope its ok to come back here and ask :slight_smile:


@AjUK You’re new here so you have literally no idea what a rare honor a convo with Fire is… :upside_down_face:

Also, welcome! :+1:


Hey @BLACKICE thank you and yeah no idea at all but extremely grateful! Anyone giving me their time as a newbie here (who may sometimes speak a lot or waffle lol) is really appreciated and means a lot. Thank you for the welcome and im about to purchase the sub @Fire recommended and then here I go :slight_smile:

I see it like you have just invested in some serious fireworks and having lit the fuse, and now awaits the big show :boom: :fireworks: This forum is a great place to discuss and grow in because there are so many knowledgeable and awesome people in here from all corners of the world with years of subliminal usage and wisdom.

Welcome and good luck on your journey :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Tobyone thank you so much! haha i have to get used to using the emojis more that was cool and thank you I really appreciate the welcome you and the others have given me.

I didnt expect it to be honest, especially as i felt what i wrote would seem boring but im glad very glad @Fire, 2 others and yourself (I cant mention more than 2 members the system said) have taken time out for me :slight_smile: Thank you and yeah im at the billing page now, about to get that sub and make it happen!

I cant wait! :muscle:

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So I put in my payment details and a new page came up with a special offer for Elixir. Im so tempted to get that but ive stopped myself as im new here to the subs and @Fire suggested ascension anyway so ill stick to that but that elixir sounds very good indeed.

Edit: now true social sub too is bounced up on special offer. again ill have to dismiss all these for now.

Ascension done! Bought and 2 zip files downloaded, one with pdf and another with all the subs. Here we go!


No problems, you will notice that on this forum people are more than willing to help out and share.


Hey @AjUK - welcome! I want to recommend you the Masked file out of the 2 files in the zipped file. You can use Ultrasonic file but the instructions to use it isn’t straight forward which is why you should use Masked.

Put on any decent headphones and listen to 1 loop as Fire recommended. Listen to the water trickling noise at a comfortable volume. It’s only 15 minutes.


Yeah thats really really awesome!! Thats whats swung it for me all the advice and sensible guidance from @Fire

May I ask if its not too private and personal what you’ve used and what successes you have had? I wont know by any subs name what they are for but ill figure it out from your answer.

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