ZP 5 or 7 minute loops vs 15 minute loops and more rest days. Which works best for you?

Just wanted to pick everyone’s brain on this because I’ve done it again. I thought I could power through my every other day 15 minute loop schedule with ZP but I’m experiencing some pretty significant cognitive decline that’s making my life more difficult.

I haven’t done much experimenting with 5 or 7 minute loops. For those of you that do, did you try more rest days prior to that with the 15 minute loop?

Basically I’m trying to figure out if shorter loops and more consistency is better. Or longer loops and more rest days is better.

I’m gonna stop typing now because I’ve already corrected so many typos and I can barely string together a sentence accurately right now . It’s been very difficult finding the right schedule for my brain.


I have tried all kind of variations: 5 min, 7 min and 15 min with more rest days. the clear winner for me is: 5 min

with 5 min every second day I’m getting faster and more profound results.

when running 15min, the effect is much weaker and setting in way later. most of the time I’m not really getting any positive effect from 15min. I mostly experience a cognitive decline like you, with laziness, boredom, depression, etc. running it 15min.

I wonder how these 5 min would be like if the running time was longer - so 5 min extended over 15 min. would be interesting if it would be more effective since it is less compressed.

I may even try to play the audio at half speed so it maybe easier to process by the subconscious mind. @SaintSovereign do you think it is worth to try out?


Please send a support ticket.

I don’t know if this is helpful but I decided to give the ultrasonics a try and later that day my recon was gone and I had been struggling with recon for a few weeks I also added some extra rest days before I listened to the ultrasonics. My listening pattern

Seductress zp 1 loop / R.I.C.H 1 loop
Mogul ZP ×2 loops (started off with 1 loop first few sessions). I think the recon kicked in when I increased to 2 loops

2 rest days then listened to Seductress ultrasonic & R.I.C.H ultrasonic and Ascension chamber ultrasonic and felt great

I may try the shorter listening next time I listen to mask but because I had great results with ultrasonic may stick with that for the rest of my current cycle.


Same here, if it 1 sub at 2 loops then I get recon, 2 different sub at 1 loop less recon.


Interesting. I know for me I don’t tolerate ultrasonic well so I use masked. But I’ll keep that in mind.

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Sorry was this directed at me or zen?

I didn’t either on Qv2 but my intuition told me to try it out on zp and I’m glad I did no headaches or anything and I was surprised because I listened to 3 ultrasonics I think the last time I listened to an ultrasonic was back I’m July. That may be a good discussion qv2 ultrasonic vs zp ultrasonic i dont think anyone has spoke on it yet.

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Tagging @AlexSQ and @Invictus here. It was good for me at 5 mins but I went back to 15 this week since it felt jarring that the runtimes were shorter than AsCh at 7 mins.

I’m wondering about just ignoring that feeling and returning to 5 min runtimes.


Thank you for clarifying.

@Zen see above for my reply about entering a support ticket.

Honestly, the only time I used any ZP for less than 15 mins was when I was testing Mind’s eye vs Paragon for hangovers (my “high” does that when I go overboard), and it was only at that time that I even thought about using them at shorter run times.
But here’s the thing, I’m not the right guy for that because if I started using subs at 5 mins, then knowing myself, I’m not going to focus on any long term gains, and just try to come up with “15 mins stacks” to be used in morning and evening (yes I mean 6 subs :rofl:).

So yeahhhhh, it’s better for me to stay at the full 15 mins :stuck_out_tongue:, however, in your case, the best way I can tell you to test it out, is by using a sub like EF st2, one week at 5 mins, one week at 10, then check your weight loss/body fat percentage change, and whichever shows more changes is better :man_shrugging:t2:


I wasn’t aware that 5 minute versions where publicly available. Could anyone let me know where I could find them?

Well, there aren’t any. What they’re referring to is running 5 or 7 minutes of the 15 minute sub. So you stop listening at the 5th or 7th minute.


Gotcha, thank you for clarifying.

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Very interesting. I can never tell with the ultrasonics if my adverse reaction is due to the actual frequency range vs the ultrasonics somehow entering the subconscious through a different channel. Do you think maybe ultrasonics bypass your conscious mind more effectively? And since the new ZP scripting handles recon better its smoother than Qv2? Definitely some things to ponder there.

Always wondered a bit about the ultrasonics in general but haven’t experimented with them much.

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Do you get an overwhelmed type of feeling? Like your body is all tense and you can’t calm it down? I have trouble differentiating from recon vs just straight up overwhelm from too much input I can’t handle.

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Recon usually comes along with negative emotions, while overwhelm is more physical. I mentioned before that on ZP, some people get extremely active, others get tired. Personally, when I’m overwhelmed, it becomes hard for me to write / type, or I’m tired.

This is why rest days and washouts are essential. You need to give the subconscious time to rest.


I have wondered a long time how the ultrasonics work even after reading the ultrasonics info 10x lol I’m still confused on how it does the same as masked without words or is it the frequency vibration of the words from the script that are being used? Well I guess the main point is that they definitely work. I will try to articulate this as best as I can it’s hard for me to describe the experience in words but here goes. As soon as the ultrasonic starts playing I feel like things in my brain activated its a feeling of euphoria and light vibration so with the ultrasonics its definitely feel the way it works is more on a physical level versus mind or thought level. I don’t know exactly what is going on but it feels like brainwaves, brain chemistry even hormones possibly are all being adjusted reprogrammed and moved around. I hope this makes sense. I guess the way to simplify what I’m saying about my experience is that masked feels more mental(mind) and ultrasonics feel more physical (brain / body chemistry):blush:


Lol yes I believe the running theory is that ultrasonics vibrate the tiny hairs of your inner ear and the subconscious decodes those vibrations. So you don’t really “hear” it like normal conversation. So what you said sort of aligns with my theory that they travel a different channel to the subconscious.

I could also be entirely wrong lol. But it’s very interesting.

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@elementary_vision sorry I don’t even know if what I just wrote had anything to do with what you asked regarding the subs bypassing the conscious mind um possibly for someone like me ultrasonics may be a better choice I have always been told by doctors my brain chemistry was off that’s the reason for my adhd, depression and anxiety,math learning disorder so if my chemistry does need some adjusting and ultrasonics do help in that way it may be a better for for someone with issues like that because most of those things are what have made it difficult at times for me to progress in life well at least at the rate of an average person that doesn’t have those issues. I’m not saying that masked doesn’t do that but I definitely feel something more intense regarding the brainwaves when using ultrasonic

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