Why do I get such strong dislike on Khan stage 1?


Since running Khan stage 1 it seems my family does nothing but talk crap on me.

Walking down the street people will walk past, take a look and spit on the ground.

I’ve had to pull out a knife on a homeless man that got too close.

When I run stage 4, all of this goes away and is replaced with respect. I’m not healed enough to stay on stage 4 but I’m curious what the fuck is going on.


Total breakdown causes your aura to change. By aura, we’re not just referring to your theoretical energetic aura – we’re talking about body language, word choice, pheromone production, etc. The changes can be subtle enough for you not to notice on a conscious level, but subconsciously, everyone around you knows that your internal sense of self is shifting toward higher value. And the sad fact of the matter is that people don’t like change. As you start to grow, those who knew the “old you” will attempt to force you back into that box. Those who aren’t used to being around those with a high value signature will also do the same thing.

It’s also possible that on Stage 1, you’re the one being aggressive and you don’t quite realize it. If you believe Khan is causing negative effects that places your life or the lives of those around you in danger, please stop using it immediately.

That being said, these extreme reactions are very uncommon, not to mention the fact that we have scripting to guard from these things. I’m curious about your usage habits and if your copy of Khan is legit.


I’ve had this extreme reaction on the later stages of Stage 2 and it really depressed me:

I can only surmise that your status is changing, your family notice this and want to try to pull you down again. Strangers also pick up on your rising status and will eithet respect you - or hate on you. Sadly, haters are everywhere and you wont need to do much to provoke them.

ST1 also pulls up all your faulty beliefs and it may make you feel like shit, with other people possibly picking up on it.

Pulling out a knife is extreme, and it’s something I will never condone. Sub Club IS NOT responsible for that kind of behaviour.


Welcome to the subliminal club. Since the time I decided to no longer be the victim, took my power back, took ownership for my actions, and gained control over my life, then that’s what happened to me but much worse and still goes on to this day. Maybe six years now. I keep toxicity at a distance an communicate from a distance just to honor my own personal values and morals. Otherwise I’d probably lock the door and throw the key away and walk into my success. I have been harmed in many ways. Will they change? No. Have I tried? Yes. The fact is you cannot change others that don’t want to. You can continue to progress and become your full potential and maybe one day they will respect you for it or you can remain the door mat and let everybody step on you for the rest of your life.

Why? Seek clarity and choose wise outcomes before you act. Don’t let fear run your life. It really is concerning regarding what @SaintSovereign said. Did you purchase your copy from here? I have not experienced this on subliminals speaking from a place where I was once a person not in control of my actions and behaved like this. Good luck


Went through this years ago when I started my personal growth journey.

Thing is, if you “talk crap” back or tell people to fuck off (or whatever), you’re being pulled out of your empowered frame and into their victim frame. Essentially that’s what they want. Being angry or confronting them or fighting back is not being empowered, it’s the opposite.

The only real solution is to shrug and let it go, maintain your empowered frame and live your life according to your principles. Constant confrontation really is a miserable way to live. Others (including friends and family) will either accept it or start to avoid you since they can no longer drag you down.


I’ve had this kind of stuff happen to me as well. The first time I went out in public just filled with love some guys walked by and said some horrible things about me and immediately I went into anger and wanted to kill those guys. They walked away and I got over it but it’s just part of leveling up for many of us. As Lester Levenson said, it’s healthy because it teaches you to practice the real love and the real peace, they’re making sounds with their mouths why should you feel bad about that? It’s just about the path to imperturbability, I’ve had people try and tear me down and I don’t ever have to say or do a thing and just feel good and some people can’t handle that because their own bullshit comes up and they won’t see that it’s theirs, they’ll try and blame it on the world or other people and in that they stay lost. Another thing Lester says is to just feel love and know that everything is alright. When the love is complete those problems drop away and things right themselves. If when we have more problems we would love more than things would be alright. Only when a majority of people live from love then we’ll have a nice world to live in… Watch his documentary Go All The Way on Amazon prime if you want more of his story. I also listen to a lot of Sydney Banks and that helps too. Also reading Krishnamurti and Vernon Howard etc etc.


My copy of Khan is legit. What I was describing was an intense situation that prompted an intense response from me. I know I’m not the only one having such a reaction as others have posted, and even on my daily crawl of the forums I found this from a user who is only using Sex Mastery for example:

Events like this haven’t happened since I posted but it was a particularly hectic week for me.


Remember, subliminals can drastically change both your inner and external realities, and FAST. Sometimes, you’ll encounter an incongruency, which occurs when one reality (or the other) has progressed too quickly. For example, internally, you feel more “alpha,” but those behaviors aren’t being reflected in your external world. Perhaps you’re giving off a very dominant energetic aura, but your body language isn’t reflecting that. This can cause anger, or adverse reactions in the people around you. Anger is the result of a person’s expectations not matching reality. As a result, anger arises and they attempt to create a personal sense of equilibrium by force.

After awhile, these issues occur less and less as equilibrium is achieved. Either way, these types of extreme reactions are exceedingly rare, and be sure not to go out of your way to provoke anyone.


Thats so on point @SaintSovereign its happening allot to me in the sense that sometimes the inner reality dont match up the outer reality, and ppl react like im hacking the system. ( guys trying to defy me , girls getting crazy with tests and emotional drama, and even submissive girls turning into crazy bitches…when i am aligned, the alphas behave like i am one of them, girls submit with the eyes of desire, boss gives me raise, etc


I’m starting to come round to the aura theory, when I had all those unresolved issues on top of building a Khan personality, other people picked up on this and started to react quite aggressively.

We’re still animals, like dogs we pick up on others funky energy without being able to verbal it. Subliminals do work but we don’t know what’s inside our heads already to be giving off vibes like that.

It’s all transmit and receive out in these streets.


@SaintSovereign @Fire does EmpV4 contain energetic/auric healing? Would it be beneficial to trial Emperor or Alchemist? Or do I just need to stay with Khan?