WARNING: Please Read


Back in June, we received reports that individuals were tampering with our titles and releasing them in the wild. The situation is worse than we anticipated: we now have hard proof that many of these pirated / traded subliminals are not only fake, but are causing adverse effects in the people that have run them. Many of our superchargers have been counterfeited also.

Those who have used these fake titles are experiencing terrifying nightmares, waking up at odd times of the night and sensing “entities” and other strange issues. We’ve actually listened to the fake versions of “As Above / So Below.” Admittedly, the track was actually kinda funny. Some old man rambling on about fire elementals and the such.

Even worse, this isn’t happening to just our titles – the individual(s) created counterfeit versions of popular titles from every major subliminal producer and spread them across various pirate channels.

We cannot stress this enough: do NOT run any title acquired from an illegitimate source. If you didn’t purchase it yourself and download it from the official SubClub server, assume that it could be fake. I’ve alerted Shannon Matteson of Indigo Mind Labs of the issue and since many of our users also use his subliminals, he requested that I remind everyone that all of his titles comes with a hash file to verify the authenticity of your downloads. That being said, I would recommend avoiding pirated versions of ANY producer’s subliminals, not just ours. Even though we’re technically “competitors,” we’re having conversations to develop initiatives on how we come together combat things like this, given that it’s an existential threat to the entire industry as a whole. As subliminal producers, it’s hard enough convincing people to have enough faith in us to run a subliminal without seeing the script – things like this threaten to bring the entire field down as a whole. More information on that later.

In order to increase the safety of our users, we’re going to start providing hashes also. We’re going to start rolling them out this weekend. They’ll automatically be added to your account once completed, and I’ll update this thread as the hashes for each file becomes available.

Rest assured that @Fire and myself spend a significant amount of time ensuring that our titles are safe. That’s one of the reasons why we use consultants and experts in the development of both our subs and superchargers. That’s also why we have an open forum where you can post your results and concerns. And that’s also why we immediately jump to action when we hear things like this.

If you think we’re making this up just because we want to scare pirates into purchasing products, you’re wrong. The company is doing GREAT thanks to loyal customers like ya’ll. A company couldn’t ask for a better customer base, and we thank you all for it.

For those of you using pirated copies for whatever reason, I’m not gonna lecture you. Instead, PLEASE BE SAFE. This threat is real.

Why do I get such strong dislike on Khan stage 1?
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Admittedly, the track was actually kinda funny. Some old man rambling on about fire elementals and the such.

Voice Actress: Am I a joke to you?


Sub Club files are also on a last.fm playlist. We’ll assume that’s dodgy.

Good to see there is dialogue between competitors, even though one feels like killing* the other at times.

*metaphorically, of course.


whats the purpose of releasing hash files for us? If we have the product for you it is legimate and the only way to have access to those hashes files is if we buy the product from you. I mean lets say i dont have EoG and i get pirated. Then i dont have hash files to check if it is good. If i buy EoG from you then i get it from the source so there is no need for hash files. Do i miss something?


@rising is right.

Also, I believe the hashes should be only attached to the sub in the “Download section” and they should not be shared publicly on this forum.

Otherwise the pirates can simply come to the forum and use the hashes to check whether their pirated copy is legit or not…


Yes, @rising is correct.

Give hashes out publicly and you’ll enable certain individuals to verify if their copies are genuine. If they get successes, they’ll contribute those to SubClub, leading to word-of-mouth advertising from what is likely a significant demographic (what they lack in numbers they make up for in networking).

Attach the hashes to the private download areas and their purpose will serve only to verify that there were no errors in downloading the files, but would not offer a way for the aforementioned people to verify the authenticity of their files. If they can’t and their copies were tampered with, they’ll still blame SubClub for the lack of positive results.

Danged if you do, danged if you don’t.

In the end, it’s about finding a healthy balance between those that purchase and those that share, for even the latter will to some degree contribute to SubClub’s growth.

If you do collaborate with IML, please do stick to your principles.

I continue to be amazed how Saint knows exactly where to find everything faux-SubClub. Probably better than the majority of members on this forum, myself included (not for a lack of searching, I love parodies). :slight_smile:

I did recently discover how easy it is to embed ultrasonics on YouTube. With everything playing at HD nowadays, YouTube will gladly play them. Creepy thought.


This isn’t about punishing pirates, it’s about protecting the industry as a whole. Many of these pirates are just people that stumbled upon a file and didn’t quite realize what they were getting themselves into. After listening and getting some results, they’ll come here and buy titles.

I’m not supporting the theft of anyone’s intellectual property, but if we certainly don’t want someone getting hurt because they used a fake sub with our name attached to it.

This is an industry where you have to think of the greater good. So far, given the honesty and loyalty of our customer base, I still believe that people — for the most part — are good. That’s why we’re taking it upon ourselves to do what we can to protect everyone.


I found it very interesting that people get very strong negative effects from subliminals. I read about this even on youtube subliminals. It seems like negative effects are far easier to achieve because there is internal resistance so the mind ruminates a lot more on it.
Just my thoughts. Btw. I sent you my email


That’s crazy! You could actually be listening to sissification subliminals and be thinking your listening to Khan or Emperor! Might even wake up with a pair of leggings on​:fairy:‍♀. That wouldn’t be good!:scream:

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lmfao that pic tho


Glad to hear that you guys are talking to your competitors aimed at coming to a solution to this problem. I have never heard of this subliminal tampering. Nice to hear your talking to Shannon hes not a bad lad just has ihis own way of doing things.

[Mod Edit: Please do not encourage people to pirate after we just warned everyone about a threat.]


Please don’t encourage people to pirate when we’ve just warned everyone of the potential dangers. We have eyes everywhere. We’ve seen and heard the fake tracks ourselves. We’ve seen people complaining about the adverse effects. We’ve received the support messages of people complaining about adverse effects or in some cases, accusing us of being scammers because their ultrasonic file was empty. When we asked them to send the file, it was obvious that it was counterfeit. Of course, we knew that already because there was no record of that person ever purchasing anything.

At this point, if you run a subliminal that you didn’t purchase yourself, you’re asking for trouble, point blank. We’re doing what we can to help, but don’t come blaming us of crap or accusing us of being “satanists” or some other mess because you made a bad decision.

I know some of you live in economically challenged areas where your currency is worth much less than the USD, so $34.99 can be a hard amount to part with.

For the rest of us, you’ll be hard pressed to convince me that the cost is restrictive and you can’t save up $34.99.

If you think this is a fear tactic, whatever. Go ahead — it’s your mind at risk.


Excellent post , just shows people are sheep in mentality and behaviour!


The point to getting subliminal is to improve oneself…why steal it or forge it? And for goodness sake pay for an authentic subliminal…If not…it’s like using a used sex toy found at a dumpster.


I won’t listen to YouTube subliminals because I have heard stories that were not good. The 30 percent off coupon is generous. I have bought $200 after the code.