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I don’t truly realize this, ‘yet’.

Could you please share some experiences you had that totally convinced you of this?

Well, help us realize. How did you come to this belief? I am sure you weren’t always this way, but some things happens, and you saw this as truth. What experiences led you there?


Realisation is maybe a wrong word for this. If realisation is seen as enlightenment the way Buddha or Jesus experienced it, that’s not really what I meant.
What I mean is, that what I know for 2 years now, has sunken deeper into my subconscious mind, reaching to my identity.
The latest example just happened a few days ago, and I think I posted it here.
I did these meditations and visualisations to manifest money. I wanted to start off easy so I visualised 50 bucks, 10bucks, 5 bucks etc. Just to see how it works.
Nothing happened. I did this for about 2 weeks and I just wrote a comment on someones journal:

This was the 5th of September 2019.

This is not the first time such a thing happened. I experienced this with material things, opportunities, people, health etc. Sometimes the solution to something would just pop out and I would realise weeks or months later, that it was perfect. I havent been keeping a record of this, I should actually, but the things I experienced the past 2 years are just miraculous. I remember the first time I tried this, I was actually pretty sceptical but it worked within a week.
But still, you could experience whatever you want, there is this thing inside you that always tries to bring you down by trvializing things. I think everybody experienced this.
I came to a point where I could shut up this voice but still be anxious and doubtful.
Now I rarely have any doubt about it whatsoever.

Yes thats true. Absolutely. Actually I was quite the opposite for most of my life. But slowly and steadily, when I learned about neuro-science and quantum physics from various people and I began to understood how and why my life is this way and then I started to try things out and for the first time I could tell: Yes. This is it. There is something about it. And since then I am, very very gratefully, on that path of learning what reality, consciousness, time and power actually are and how they work.
Its absolutely fascinating I can tell you


Do you mean you visualize and meditate on something to manifest.

Then, at some point, something will happen.

Then, you realize what happened was just perfect?

And that that every time you do it, eventually something happens?

And, please let me know about this: Before you started manifesting, did some good things happen too on their own, or just no solution popped up?

I am very curious and interested in this. And thank you @ExploringAstronaut. I am grateful for you sharing this :slight_smile:


Well you know the thing about us humans is we were raised to predict everything. We want to figure stuff out. And one of the first things you will notice when practicing this is that you immediately try to tell how it will come into your life. But I can tell you from my very experience, it will always come into your life in a way that is absolutely unpredictable and that will dumbfound you. That’s the trademark of life, as I call it.
I remember my very first manifestation. I visualised some furniture for my room, a shelf and a showcase.
I thought I would just get the money to buy the stuff on my own. So here is what happened: A week later a friend of mine called me over for dinner. At the end of the evening he said: “Hey, I got some stuff I dont need anymore because I get new ones. Are you interested?”
I said: “Sure, show me.” And he showed me one shelf, a smaller shelf and a third one, smaller. Plus a writing desk. At that time I didnt realise whats happening, but when I got them home I noticed something that really baffled me. The wall I had back then was a bit embedded, so it was like a big niche. When I put the shelf and the medium shelf in that niche, I couldnt even fit my finger inbetween. They fit perfectly. Not 1 inch of space left between them.
That’s when I got it.
And similar things happened after that, over and over again with the same pattern.

Of course there were good things happening to me before, just like everybody experiences them. The difference is, I was absolutely unconscious of what’s happening in and with my life. I was the playball of circumstances.
And even when good things happened in a material way, I wasnt happy at all at that time.
One of the key differences between manifesting and doing things the usual way is that manifesting adds value to the life of everyone involved. The usual way to do things always involves either taking it from someone or competing or willpower and force. It is the mindset of separation that is exactly why our world today is the way it is.

The way I can describe it the best is that my life was a hell made out of insufficiency and fear.
But when I look back I am really thankful for it and I think it was part of the process that lead me here. I got to know how pain and insuffiency feel and therefore I can enjoy freedom and fulfillment even more.

You know, people always get sceptical when they here about something like this, just as I did and I think it is right. If you try it out and it works one time, it may be a coincidence.
If it happens over and over again with the same characteristics… well that’s called a pattern.


Really cool way of describing things.

Could you describe your own process for manifesting? What do you imagine, what do you do, and how often, when do you let it go, etc?


I did multiple things to manifest the money so it is hard to point what exactly it was but maybe it was the sum of it.
I have a journal in which I write something you would call a mantra. I write it in a way that indicates I already have what I desire and I combine it with gratitude. For example:
“I feel gratitude for the financial success in my life.”
Then I meditated, imagined the money, how it would look like and imagined a scene that indicates I already own it. So I made it as real as possible and involved as many senses as possible. Have fun while you do this. Then, and this is the most important part, I let it go. I just didnt care about it anymore and I think this is the reason why it happened in such a massive amount in such a short period of time.
I did this to prove myself I could still do it, so there was no… clinging to the outcome. I just did it, dropped and it and thats it.
I think I did this meditation once every few days.

The crucial part I believe is to really let it go and let life sort things out. Because when you cling to it it means you dont trust and therefore you hold it back.


Thank you @ExploringAstronaut, that is very clear, and it helps a lot.

I remember however you said it worked for you even when you had a skeptical voice inside. So maybe it works even if people don’t “trust” and let go?


That seems to be the crucial point. To handle it as if it was a game. The times this worked the best were when I didnt “care” about it, meaning I could let go. This also involves however not trying to explain why it cant work. When I did this thing with the furniture I did it in the same way. I imagine how it would look like, moved around, felt what I would feel and thats it. I thought the least I would get out of this is the joy of experiencing it as if it was true.
Just like when we were kids actually.


This is the same that is going on here all the time: People looking at you, girls craving you, money opportunities, more strength, discipline etc… These are all manifestations of the (unconscious) thoughts and feelings triggered by the subliminals.

And btw from what I have experienced and noticed I can tell, that these subliminals are really thought-through and masterly crafted. They are very high-end pieces of art because they have a profound knowledge of the human mind and reality grounding them. Not trying to fawn but you just notice how everything fits in perfectly and the subliminals definitely give it a boost like I havent experienced before from most other subliminals.


Very little I can add to this amazing discussion (except I should do more meditating) but I will say that letting go of the image is considered the most important part. Once your have it as complete as you can get it, let it go. That’s when it can begin to manifest. Next time you visualize the same image, you are creating a new request, not revisiting the old one.


Thats a really fantastic way to look at it, thanks for sharing!
Yes, letting go is the most important part of it. When you did this a few times you really know when you are letting go and when you are not.


That’s very interesting.

What kind of boost do you feel you are getting? Or do you get it with Emperor, or are you using The Alchemist in secret to boost manifestation? :smiley:


Well, for now just what I described earlier. I feel more at peace because I feel more united with my creation because the truth, that consciousness creates reality and therefore I create the life of my dreams, sinks deeper. It even says so on the product page of Emperor:
An extreme sense of personal power and pride, that you are the master of your reality and being
The sense that achieving incredible success, money and abundance are absolutely effortless to you, and will flow endlessly into your life
That is how it feels like. I can have it. No problem.

Btw. I think Ill actually buy the superchargers when I finished my classes to boost my manifestations and enhance my energy.


Now, I understand, and I feel Khan has had very similar effects on me.

I was wondering, do you try to manifest multiple things, or do you keep trying to manifest 1 thing until it succeeds?


Right now Im playing around with stuff. Some things I write down and forget about them, some things I imagine over and over again because it is so much fun. But yeah, I do multiple things.
Btw. there are 2 things I just noticed when I thought about our conversation:

  1. This conversation itself indicates a major shift in my mind happened. Before, I wouldnt have talked about this subject so freely because of people’s (understandable) judgement. Now I really dont care.

  2. By about april this week I wrote a list of about… 50 things that I want to do. I meant this as a list of hobbies I want to be able to do and master one day. Among them were many things I never did before and I wrote everything down that came to my mind. I mostly forgot about the list and moved on.
    I just remembered that “Remote Viewing” also appears in this list.

And thank you, you inspired me to keep a journal and write every manifestation I encounter in it :slight_smile:


Day 17 - 165 hours of listening (v3) 12th of September 2019
Voice got a lot deeper. Fear me, Im the mighty DarkVoiceVader!
And I sleep alot more than usual. I dont know if it is Emperor or my Laziness searching for an excuse, but Ill keep an eye on it.

@AMASH Just skimmed through your KHAN-Journal, which is awesome btw. and I noticed you mentioned there you “manifested girls”. It seems like you knew about this concept before, didnt you?


I only really knew it from the sales page.

But it wasn’t a process. I just noticed a trend: before using Khan ST3 and higher, I met mostly crazy girls or girls not interested, etc. After ST3, I was consistently meeting cool girls and great women. Women who are my type.

So the sales page said we will manifest our ideal girls and ideal opportunities. I noticed that and used the same word as the sales page.

But you gave me a lot more clarifications. Thank you!


Ah alright. I just wondered about it when I read through.
Btw are there any other great Khan-/ PS:IT-journals you recommend ?


There are many great ones, but these came to mind first:


Day 18 - 180 hours of listening (v3) 13th of September 2019
I had a very interesting dream tonight. My mother (I still cant belive that) talked to me about subliminals and that they are dangerous and I should stop because they were already 2 highly dangerous incidences because of them. So let me break it down here what it is that is so interesting about it.

My mother doesnt even know subliminals exist. She is a rather nervous person and she as a character inside the dream represents exactly that: My nervous side.
Second thing is, one of these two incidences never actually happened and the other… well the other was neither dangerous nor anyhow linked to the subliminals.
Remember a few days back then when I said I was sceptical because I didnt want Emperor to manifest my fears in the physical realm? That’s exactly what this dream was about. This fear.
Fear means to link things that have nothing to do with one another.
First I wasnt sure because I focused on my dreams before and that my dreams would guide me and show solutions to problems. But I doubt very strongly that one such dream would base its message on false “facts”.
The other part of the dream happened right after that, which is in context again very interesting.
I went downstairs into the cellar (subconsciousness) and there was an elder lady that tried some shit to scare me… I beat the shit out of her, to say the least.
I cant remember what it was that she tried or what I did but I know I didnt care about it at all.

So this was a very good dream and another sign that Emperor is doing its work by helping me to cleanse the cellars of my mind from those wannabe-monsters.

Edit: I have contemplated on the meaning of this dream and I think it is the dissolvement of the fear “something terrible may happen”. It reflects my thoughts lately perfectly and it is clear that this isnt compatible with the mindset of a person who creates his reality.
So this is what happened, I guess: I got confronted with the fear that there is something terrible, horrible, frightening would happen. And I went downstairs into my subconscious mind and told the poltergeist there to …go away. I know this is the signature of Emperor, because in most of my dreams that I have lately I am in a very calm mood. Usually I would get emotional in such a situation.
But here is just say once more: Get out of my way.

I like it, btw.