Transcending Mediocrity 2 - Emperor Logbook


Day 1 - 13 hours of listening

The first thing I noticed is that this subliminal (v3) really helps with sleeping and waking up. Weird.
Maybe it’s just me.
Im ready to go all the way to the edge of my soul once more and Im ready to deal with anything that needs to be dealt with. Come, Pain. Im here. Im ready.
It all lies in the hands of the universe now.
Guess it lies good there.

Btw. I cant believe that my favorite space rock playlist on yt got deleted!


Day 2 - 20 hours of listening (v3)

Remember how I ranted about picking Emperor over Ascended Mogul? Well, I think the way it happened is the best. I think AM is a lot more about short-term results, meaning you notice changes more quickly, like for example the inner motivation to do stuff.
Emperor seems to be a lot more… long-term. You probably notice differences just after listening for weeks or a month straight. Meaning it doesnt make any sense to post here every day.


Day 4 - 38 hours of listening (v3)

Feel like I’m at the end of my life and regretting how it went. Maybe it’s the beginning of the pain-phase.
I think so. Well it is not that this is the first time I deal with core beliefs and trauma and stuff so I think I am the verge of clearing a belief at the very core of my personality.
I think the modern world did a damn good job about letting us always feel like we are missing out on something. Always. Even if we have it all.
On the other hand we often dont even feel like we deserve it.
That’s pretty ironic.


Day 6 - 60 hours of listening (v3)

Just came to my mind “What if the volume is too low and this is why nothing happens?”
Hm… It is just as low as it was before and therefore… No idea. Ill listen on 2/15 from now on (was on 1/15 before)


Day 7 - 71 hours of listening (v3) 2nd of September 2019

Had a dream about me hanging out with Wim Hof. We really had a blast spending time together and talked about life, modern day’s stress and so on.
Regarding the benefits: I was just about to write that I haven’t noticed anything so far but I think this isnt true. The things is I have started meditating more frequent again in the past couple days so I dont know what is causing this but I start to feel more like… I am in complete control about whateve- or no, let me put it this way: I have the power to experience whatever I want. Reality is my playground.
This is the way it feels right now, but on a very very subtle level. It’s like I have to think about how I feel and then I notice these new beliefs. Actually these arent new but they have sunken a bit deeper.
Apart from that I feel a little bit more confident in a natural way.
For example the day before yesterday I was walking down the street and suddenly I felt the urge to sing “King of the street~”, so I did. (I dont know if that’s an actual song, the line just came to my mind)

To put it all together, Emperor seems to have the very same effect Limitless has on me. It feels very natural, and that’s probably the reason why it feels like nothing is happening in the first few days.
Hmm… If you look at it this way, my behavior that is a little bit more confident and the little crisis I had on day 4, its actually pretty logical that you would feel more confident if you have the deep belief that you are the master of your reality.
And I think part of the reason why I thought nothing is happening is because I didnt experience what others experienced (yet). So it’s good ol’ expectation ruining the day haha.
I like where this is going.

(Sorry btw for posting ever day. I said I wont do it but I just wanted to note it here before I forget about it. Ill also add the date to every post so Ill have an easier time knowing which day I am on)


Day 9 - 90 hours of listening (v3) 4th of September 2019

Had a dream about confronting a person from highschool. I guess everone has this memory about someone who pushed them around and they wished they stood up for themself. This is what happened in the dream, although I didnt really had vengeance or something, it was just a “Get out of my way”-thing.

Apart from that I have been confronted once more with a very deep worry and regret that is poisoning my life for a very long time now. I will meditate today and deal with it.


Day 10 - 96 hours of listening (v3) 5th of September 2019

Remember two dreams. One was about me being Leonidas and doing… spartan things to people in multiple scenarios (No joke, it was a mess)
The second one was about me dating a very beautiful, blonde girl and having lunch/dinner with her.
She came through the door and all my friends were like “Dude, you cant just date her!” and I was like “Why not?” and approached her.


Just after I wrote my comment about how we create our reality on Hollywood’s Emperor Journal
I got a present in form of 1000 bucks.


Do you have any obvious differences the first 96 hours of listening in your routine comparing before?


@rising Im not sure if you mean different routine of listening or being different in form of changes.
Lets just answer both.
The way I listen hasnt really changed. I listen usually every night while Im sleeping, which are about 7 hours. And the remaining 3 hours I have been cooking or reading and listened to the ultrasonic version at the same time. What I also like to do is to take my headphones with me while Im going out, which gives more exposure. This is something Id do daily.

About the change of my state: Yes, there is definitely something that has changed, but it isnt as easy to pinpoint. I have become calmer, confident (in a very natural way) and an attitude of “lets get this stuff done”, with the attribute that it doesnt feel like work. I know I have to do it because it helps me for my future, so I have no problem doing it.
I havent felt anything like most other people reported of, for example emotional struggle or a rush of energy etc. (yet). It feels like there is something very very powerful building up inside you and gaining momentum every single day. I have no idea where this is going, but I am sanguinely


Day 12 - 120 hours of listening (v3) 7th of September 2019

Seems like we hit a plateau. But that’s fine. I think the program needs its time.
I noticed something pretty insteresting yesterday. Normally I’d be ruminating when I have a fight with someone or someone leaves me, something like that. Id obsess over it, think about it all the time.
Yesterday I had an occasion where I told someone he had to leave and while I thought about it after that for a period of time, it was nothing like usual.
Really. I just remembered that I had this fhight when I started writing this entry. I almost forgot about it!
This is a huge deal for me.
The other thing I want to note is that there are no heavy emotions coming up so far. There was this incident a few days ago, but that is something very common that happens to me from time to time.


@ExploringAstronaut, yeah about that plateau thing, i think this is the calm before the storm… your subconscious might be cooking something and will manifest it into your reality/experience soon enough… just be ready to face the challenges, and know they will come.


Well … I think (and definitely hope) it will be more internally. I have dealt with this kind of… thing for a long time now and most of it was internally. I know what you mean though.
It is tough. It’s definitely tough.
The war inside is the greatest war man could ever fight.

(There is no scripting that makes your worst nightmares come true right, @SaintSovereign @Fire?)


Grab your swords, put your back against the wall & remember 300:

Give them nothing, But take everything!

From your fears, I mean :wink:


Just yesterday I sent this exact quote from the movie to a friend of mine.
Lately there are many such synchronicities happening with someone mentioning Scientology, Neville Goddard and now 300 haha.


But seriously, I really hope there is nothing in the script that actually manifests my fears. Im okay with dealing with them internally but actually playing them out in a physical term… no way.
Meaning Id rather stop the program


There’s no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy. Niccolo Machiavelli.


The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.

Do you know where he’s hiding, Mr. @ExploringAstronaut???


There is something odd. I doubt that there is something in the script that makes our fears actually come true. Why? Because that would mean everyone who used the program dies, since death causes a very primal fear in humans. But I think @SaintSovereign knows best and Im highly curious about it.

Btw I dont know if its placebo but I feel the “Im as mad as hell and I wont take it any longer”-part kicking in. Dont know if its caused by the subliminal though


I felt this in Khan ST3.

I was like “Fuck this, no more of this, I will fix it and get what I want, no matter what.”


I just want to announce that I’ll stack with Limitless, since I have an exam very soon.
The funny thing is, I think Ill be able to put the phone on the table wit the limitless-ultrasonic on during exam.