Transcending Mediocrity 2 - Emperor Logbook


Since you’ve read Neville Goddard you understand how manifesting works right? Just don’t give the fear energy, what ifs have tremendous potential. Decide that you’ll only encounter good things and ignore the bad. From what I’ve seen these scripts are very open ended meaning the decisions lie with us. You could either manifest your fears or manifest good things instead. Neville always talks about living in the end, fill your mind with your desired end result and not the fear and you’ll be fine.

Also kind of sounds like a way to get you to stop the sub.


I just thought about it and basically came up with the same idea.
No matter whats written in the script, it cant work when I consciously decide against it.Thats how change is possible in the first place. Also, I cant remember that I read something about fear-manifestation in other journals, so I really think it will be an internal uhh lets call it encounter.
If its just that I have no problem with it at all.


Day 13 - 135 hours of listening (v3) 8th of September 2019

Im curious about Emperor v2 and Limitless v1. I decided to give Emperor v2 a try and listen for a few loops. Same with Limitless v1. I think I’ll listen to it today and based on what I notice Ill see what Ill choose for the exam. For example, depending on which versions I decide to run, Ill listen to Limitless for 10 hours a day and a few hours of Emperor until the exam is over.


I just caught up with your postings. When I read that spartan part the first thing that popped into my head was “The Spartans died at the end, right?” :slight_smile:

There won’t be any specific manifesting fears into reality scripting in there. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if the script tells your subconscious to force you to deal with that which is holding you back in whatever way is best. Some things can be dealt with internally, other things can only be dealt with externally.

I have often thought about how awful someone’s life would be if they were able to instantly manifest everything that popped into their mind. Yes, they could think of a million bucks and - poof - there it is. But have you ever considered what goes through your head for a split second when someone accidentally steps on your toes? When someone cuts in front of you in traffic? When you’ve just seen a scary movie and you’re about to go to bed and realize how quiet and dark the house really is? Imagine if all that popped into reality without delay. Yikes!

But since there is a delay, you can always program yourself by shifting your thoughts. Have an image or mantra ready and focus on that when your subconscious is showing you something non-productive. It’s how I got rid of a lot of negativity in my life.

Just don’t use that technique to keep stuff you don’t want to deal with at bay. Sometimes you just have to get through it.

Great journal by the way! I like reading your stuff.


Day 14 - 140 hours of listening (v3) 9th of September 2019

Since I played v1 and v2 of Limitless and Emperor yesterday and didnt notice any difference, Ill just stick with the latest versions of both. Oh and I think there is a little battle coming up.
Actually that’s not the right word. A year ago or so I would have called it a battle. But my perspective has shifted. And Emperor seems to have shifted something on a very profound basis. Emperor really makes me know on the deepest layers of my self, that I am the creator of (my) reality and that there is nothing impossible. So… I dont have to fear anything.


This has been showing up for me big time


I have experienced this many times in the past and it is a good thing. It makes you as strong as hell, 'cuz it proves what you can endure


Day 15 - 145 hours of listening (v3) 10th of September 2019

I have listened to Emperor for just a few loops at night because Im running Limitless mostly because of the exam.
Sidenote about Limitless: I noticed something pretty fascinating this morning. I tried to remember some of my notes for the exam and I immediately had a picture in mind. Now, while this picture wasnt what my actual notes are, it still was right and relevant and the way I could “move” in the picture was just amazing. Imagine having a tablet and you have taken a snapshot from your writing and you are scrolling around to read it.
Thats exactly how it felt like. I didnt have to put any effort into it at all, I was just scrolling around this picture in my head and reading the data like I had a tablet in my brain.

State of SubClub and 2019 Roadmap

i am very interested limitless review


Day 16 - 150 hours of listening (v3) 11th of September 2019

Today is the exam. I listened to a few loops of Emperor yesterday, just to not lose the progress Ive made. The thing about ess so far I noticed is that this… ability is very unreliable but the more I relax the easier it gets and the more I listen the better I can use it. Its really funny actually. I think about something and I immediately have a picture in my mind I can move around on. It is like having a notepad in your brain like I mentioned before


Wish you all the best with your exam today. This includes a lot of positive energy for you :sunny:


Good luck @ExploringAstronaut. I wish you to exceed your own best expectations :smiley:


Good luck with your exam mate. I hope you crush it


Wow thanks guys. Apparently your prayers have been heard haha :smiley:
Of course I dont know my scoure yet but… it was pretty easy. The past days I visualized again and again how easy it will be and that Ill pass the exam like it is no big deal. It worked.
So now we can go back to Emperor, but I will keep a few loops of Limitless inbetween, because I really like this ability. I could recall the data I needed during the exam with ease and I dont know if you have noticed this for yourself, but this skill is just * amazing. Imagine (Pun intended) you could recall something you wrote and without putting any effort into it, your mind’s eye projects the imagine and you can swipe around. I want to bring this to a point where I can actually see things like I would in the physical world whenever I want to, just as Leonardo DaVinci could.
Imagine (another intended pun) you could recall some drawing or note and edit the note in your mind effortlessly like it was in front of you.

The only downside I have noticed so far is that your mind seems to constantly make associations between things. This is especially annoying if you want to meditate. However, it is still mind and you can control it with a bit of practice. Apart from that I also have the assumption that you get… or better, that your IQ decreases under its normal level once you stop listening to Limitless.

Btw. I have been playing Emperor for 30 minutes now and I notice again how people look into my eyes more often.


what do you mean?


Well its actually hard for me to notice because I was a Dufus before already but last time I stopped using Limitless, afterwards I felt even more like a dufus for some time.
I think it fades but it reminds me very much of the actual movie limitless haha.
I had a harder time remembering things and making connections, if I have it right in mind.

Actually if you think about it, the same happens with every subliminal: Once you stop, your gains start to decrease. It could also be a placebo-thing that made you “fall harder” after stopping.


This did not happen to me when I stopped Limitless. I just returned to normal. Not “dumber” :slight_smile:


That’s it! Ill stop listening and rename myself to Rufus Dufus! Imagine how awesome the tombstone would be :joy:


You’re in a good mood today, it shows the exam went amazingly well :wink:

So what are your plans now, and what exactly will be in your playlist? Very curious to know


Yes, lately I am in a very good mood. I guess that’s part of the “I profoundly realize I am the creator of my reality”-thing. Actually I had a very funny experience yesterday regarding an old buddy of mine.
I used to be very envious and jealous of him because he had success with girls and I thought “Why? What do they like about him? WTF!” and I wanted to be like him.
Well, yesterday I talked to him and I realised… there is literally nothing to be jeaolous of. Nothing.
He may be popular and good looking and so on and so forth but he doesnt really have an outlook on life outside the matrix. No real dreams, no connection to something greater.
Long story short: I prayed for him.
And I was so thankful that I got to know these teachings and insights that made me how I am - able to build and live the life of my dreams.
This is a real shift for me. The foundation of something very very beautiful. And I realise this may sound very obnoxious and cocky but I just really wish everybody would realise how powerful they actually are. Its not like this is limited to me.

Regarding my plans and the playlist:
I am going to focus my energy on my first business. I want to achieve a stable income before I move on. I also want to get better at manifesting. For the sake of focus I have limited my playlist to Emperor only and I think I will continue to do so, with 1 or 2 loops per day of Limitless to not lose my gains.
Currently Im exposed to about 10 hours of Emperor per day. I want to expand that to 15 hours. I think Ill buy some bluetooth speakers.
Of course Ill still have fun doing other things, but my main focus is the business and the manifesting-part for now. Once I have reached my goal, Ill reward myself with combining Emperor and Iron Throne :wink: