The Great Khan's Journal


New to Sub Club. Bought Khan last night for a comprehensive brain retraining. I’ve been listening to the ultrasonic version of ST1 since then.

Already feeling results since I woke up this morning. Subtle results at first, but they’re definitely there. Stronger feeling of being able to tackle the day. Less intrusive thoughts bothering me. A noticeable feeling of calm and being grounded.

Also this is a bit new for me, but I feel motivated to listen more. In the past, I’ve listened to subliminals where I felt like it was a task I needed to get out of the way. Something to check off my to-do list. But with Khan, it’s like my mind is telling me it wants more and I’m drawn to the sub. Weird, but pleasurable.

Transcending Mediocrity 2 - Emperor Logbook

Welcome to the club!

I hope you get many benefits from the subs just like all of us here.


Gideon, thanks for the welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Day 1: I wasn’t able to listen to Khan at all throughout the day since I’m on university campus all day. So my experience so far is only based on one night’s listening to the ultrasonic.

The day felt smoother than normal. I was less stressed out about the projects and homework I needed to get done. Overall better flow. I’ve been reading around and it sounds like subs can make you feel lethargic at first. I don’t get that feeling at all running ST1 of Khan. Feel more energized and less weighed down by challenges.

So far I’m impressed. If I’ve only been listening to Khan for a night and it’s already making some basic changes to my programming, I can’t wait to see the results after a month.


Day 2:

EDIT: I’m not getting the “depressed” feeling from Khan that some users are reporting. I actually empathize with the kind of depression where you feel you’re not doing enough to better yourself a lot since I’ve felt that quite a bit throughout my life. I actually think it’s actually a good thing as it’s pushed me quite a but further in my life to learn new skills and socialize more. Before I’d tackle that feeling with a kind of desperate, frustrated energy. I’d take action, but it wasn’t always the most effective. With Khan I’ve been feeling more able to enjoy the process of improving myself.

Running ST1 and ST2 ultrasonic and masked throughout the day. Today was more of a lazy day for me, mostly hanging out with friends so hard to gauge personal development.

Biggest upside with me so far, probably due to the healing modules in ST1, is less intrusive thoughts. When I woke up this morning, I noticed my mind was clear and ready to start the day. Not the usual negative thoughts I’d been dealing with.

That alone would make Khan worthwhile for me. It’s nice to go through life without baggage dragging me down. Tomorrow’s a busy day, so I’ll be interested see how I’m doing under greater pressure.


Day 3:

Noticing the harder morning wood other users have mentioned. An unexpected, but welcome change :wink:

ST1 and ST2 have helped me become calmer and smoother as I go through my day. Less inhibited and more in touch with myself. I find it easier to relax and tackle challenging situations that would’ve stressed me out before.

Nothing too big to report, but I notice that Khan seems to be rewiring my connection to my past memories. Old, painful thoughts don’t bother me anymore and I’ve started seeing a lot of things in my past in a different light. It’s becoming easier to move on from old baggage that would’ve dragged me down. I suppose that’s the trauma healing at work for you.


Day 4:

Today was definitely a stressful one. Now I’m feeling my mind bringing up old, buried neuroses that I’d just been coping with for a while. Total Breakdown is living up to its name. The struggle is hard, but my mind gets a sense that it’s all for the best.

Pretty exhausted as I write this at the moment. Khan is getting harder, but comes with a strong sense of self-improvement.


I agree 100%. This is my experience.

But as you said, this hard step comes with a strong sense of self-improvement.


Day 5:

Since the weekend has finally come, I decided the give the all-day Khan listening a try. I combined my listening with studying for my upcoming finals next week.

At the end of the day, I can definitely feel the fatigue. But honestly even given the extra tiredness from the 24/7 Khan today, I still felt motivated and positive about my studies.

I procrastinated less and was more focused on getting shit done, even if I had less energy than usual. I’m normally energetic, but I have a quite a hard time grinding work out as I love getting distracted. I don’t really enjoy studying so I’d often blow off reviewing for the test and hang out with friends or play video games. Khan has been helping me get over my fear of tackling a big review session, so all in all, I have no regrets about running Khan for so long today. Some tiredness today for a bigger payoff tomorrow.


Day 6:

Woke up this morning feel great. Went out for some sun and a morning jog.

I’ve really cut down on nootropics since starting Khan. I used to be really into nootropics a couple years back, tried a whole bunch of random shit, then realized there’s no magic pill to make me superhuman. Since then I’ve cut out most of the stuff I used to take, but I left in a few nootropics that genuinely helped me make small, self-improving changes.

With Khan, I feel like I don’t need to rely on those anymore. I was aware before, albeit at the back of my mind, that my use of nootropics was just making deeper problems in my psyche. Now with Khan I can see that hiding the symptoms of my inner problems through nootropics isn’t going to work and I need to focus on working on my self-image first. I still use some of old favorites on occasion, but now they’re a booster instead of a crutch.

In RPG video game terms, I now use nootropics as a potion to give me a boost to my stats before before big boss fights. I rely on my own skills and abilities and only need potions for the special edge. I used to take 10 potions at the same time just to fight regular enemies, while ignoring the fact that my stats and abilities were trash.


Day 7:

Growing sense of my subconscious pushing me to change and better my life. I’m moving away from the old instant gratifications habits (porn, video games, etc.) and focusing on self-development (reading, exercise, networking.)

Challenges that would’ve made me feel defeated before, fuel my desire to get better. I feel more inner strength and see my problems now as opportunities to overcome my old weaknesses.

I’ve definitely noticed the ST1 rewiring my through patterns to be in line with a more successful me. I’ve been running ST2 as well throughout the day as well because if ST1 is total breakdown, it makes sense to me that you have to replace the negative thought patterns with better ones, hence ST2. ST1 by itself helped me to heal and better cope, but didn’t drive me to do more. With ST2 I feel a greater push to change. I imagine once I start ST3 (probably won’t for at least another month) my inner voice driving me to succeed will grow crazy strong.


ST1 has Khan Core in it to replace the negative thought patterns with the Khan one.

So would it be worth it to you to focus on the Total Breakdown for a solid number of days / weeks, before moving on to the next state?

It is up to you. Just wanted to point out that ST1 has the Khan Core scripting to replace the negative thought patterns already.


Interesting, if that’s the case I might try to double down on ST1 for now.

What would you say then is the main focus of ST2? And how does it differ most significantly from ST1?


Keep up the excellent work! Love to read your journal as I notice very similar effects



I don’t know how different ST1 is compared to ST2, but ST1 definitely has the full Khan Core scripting.

After 150 hours of Khan ST1, I had better results now with women than 4 months of Primal and Primal Seduction Iron Throne, and you know how much I loved those two and how well the results they gave me were.


Day 8:

Today was a real slog. Lots of grinding for my last few finals. Had to bus up and down the metro area today to meet up with friends and study. Got home to catch the tail end of a big argument in my family (nothing too serious I usually joke with my family about how we all seem to like fighting.) Figured I’d catch up on some more final reviewing tonight, only to find some water got into my keyboard and it’s busted. Just spent an hour trying to fix my keyboard and lifting boxes around my garage looking for an old keyboard. Typing this out on my replacement right now.

What does this all have to do with Khan? Well strange as it sounds I feel great right now. Like nothing can bother me. I do feel tired after being hit with everything today, but it’s a completely different tiredness than I’m used too. I used to become kind of depressed after a hard day. I’d just sulk around feeling sorry for myself or escape into porn/video games. But I don’t feel bad at all right now. My tiredness is the feeling that I really pushed myself to my limits today. Even though not everything worked out the way I exactly wanted, I played hard and really made some improvements. Before, my brain would make feel like shit for all the challenges I have to go through. Now my brain is telling me that the challenges and the setbacks that come with them are building a stronger me. The description of Khan forcing you to tackle your mental weakness head-on is no joke. The healing can be brutal and difficult, but then you see your new strength manifesting in your life.


Days 9 and 10:

Nothing too eventful the last couple of days. I do get a stronger sense that my brain is pushing me to change. Khan’s made it much easier to focus on self-development (reading, going to the gym, networking). Before I could do all those things but it’d really wear me out, but now I feel more and more motivated to get out and take control of my life.

Getting more women wasn’t one of the main reasons I went with Khan, but I’ve noticed Khan eliminates anxiety. There’s a part of your mind giving you more confidence to talk to girls and being cool and relaxed the entire time. Will have to explore this more and report back when I have more time for clubbing.


Day 11:

Had some more free time today so went with the 24/7 listening to ST1 and ST2 ultrasonic. Now I’m finally getting the deep exhaustion other members have mentioned with constantly running subs. But that’s not stopping me from making changes to my life. I worked out harder today than I ever have the last few months. Khan is strengthening the voice at the back of my head telling to go out and take more from life.

Khan has really been making me confront the fears in my life. Instead of just sitting there and feeling anxious, Khan has been driving me to overcome and heal from the things holding me back. I’m able to embrace the challenges in my life rather than being afraid of them.


Day 12:

Noticing more confidence talking to new people. Much easier to fall into relaxed, flowing conversation. More energy than usual. I spent a lot of time with my family today what with Father’s Day coming up and I felt more charismatic and friendly (the rest of my family noticed too.)

I’ve been running ST1 and ST2 together on a playlist, but I’m reconsidering if that’s the most efficient way to use them. After reading @AMASH’s fantastic results, I’m thinking of focusing on ST1 for the next couple of days. Will update once I get a better sense of how ST1/ST2 combined compares with ST1 solo. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I have never listened to any of the other stages. Only ST1 since the first day of the month.


Day 13:

Went with solo ST1 for most of today. Definitely a different feeling than I’ve gotten running ST1/ST2 on a playlist for the last week.

Starting off this morning, ST1 solo felt more calming and there was a feeling of ease and flow.

But after a couple hours, I got the depressed feeling others have reported in their journals. A lot of old, bad memories are resurfacing with the negative shit that comes with it. Not feeling too great as I wrap up the night. I’m not at all discouraged and will keep up ST1 solo for the next week. I read in @AMASH’s journal it took him 200 hours of ST1 to move beyond the negative feelings so I still got a ways to go.