Khan combined with libertine


I went out a few days ago. In the beginning of the night I saw two milfs starring at me. I walk past them but I didnt say anything even though they were beautiful. I walked into a bar, a company of women were looking at me but I was choking. I didnt say anything until barman said last drinks. I asked if they want to drink anything, I bought the drinks, I asked one where is she from and after she replied I asked if she wanted to join me in the nearest club. I dont remember what she said but it wasnt positivive

Few days later, I am walking into another bar, a woman is approaching me, she asked where I am from, I replied but I was choking again and I couldnt kept the convo going. She hifived me and left. I am getting approached here and there so it wasnt big news but whether I can keep a convo going or I dont have anything to say is completely random. I never or rarely approach first. While I was returning home I was angry with myself. I felt embarassed and I couldnt understand why this happened. At the age of 25+ it is the first time I started watching some pickup videos as I would like to completely change my life even though I think it is near impossible for me to approach first

I used dmsi from a competitor in the past but I decide I want to be more active. Just to clarify the success wasnt from dmsi. Women approaching me all my life but I used dmsi the last month or so only

My goals

-Become fearless when it comes to cold approaching

-Having multiple sex partners above “8” rating

-Establish myself as the most successful person in my working environment

-Have a 6 pack abs with toned physique

Why I decided to use khan

-It’s going to light a fire under you. It is one of the main principles we wanted to include in Khan - creating as much drive, fire and ambition as possible.

-eliminates anxiety

I will try to read the goals and the reason why I chose this specific sub every morning and every night in order to remain focus

I will document both the hours and days I am running the subliminal. Also I will use libertine every morning

some questions

-I didnt find anything about minimum hours. I assume I can listen even two hours only?

-Is there any way to find if I downloaded the files and arent corrupted somehow?

-What is the difference between libertine normal and libertine weakest?

Transcending Mediocrity 2 - Emperor Logbook

I’ll keep from a large answer (you didn’t like that last time), so know that:

Yes, you can listen for two hours, but usually 8-16 hours is recommended for best effect.

Why? You need to overcome your old behavior. If you listen 2 hours and then practice your old behavior for 22 hours, the subliminal may not be strong enough to do that.

[Edit: Competitor]

Good luck! May you achieve all that you desire.

PS When you get confident enough, you don’t offer to buy them a drink, you’ll offer them the opportunity to buy you one. :slight_smile:


Khan-Libertine Day 2 hours 17 / loops 3

I saw a dream with sharks. I was swimming in the sea trying to reach a safe point Then suddenly I saw a shark approaching but I swam slowly past shark. Then another 3-4 sharks appeared and I let the sea guide me to the safest point past the sharks without panicking. I could barely feel the andrenaline pump. I was extra focussed to stay as still as I could and let the tide guide me which it did. Then I quickly jumped up this safe point and I woke up


I reached DAY 5 today and i am running Khan religiously even though i am very inconsistent with Libertine

Khan hours 50 Libertine 2 Loops so far

I had a dream with my father today when i put him back on his place. We had a big fight and i told him next time he will behave like this i will break his head open or i will stab him to death while he is sleeping because he was trying to bully me and my brother in my dream

On days 3 and 4 i was full of anger and hate (not directed to any person particularly) and i was impatient


DAY 7 70 hours of Khan

It is the first time the temptation to switch between subs is so small. I am coughing lately which i dont know if it is sub related. I got this euphoria feeling twice while listening. I didnt listen Libertine again but i will try to do it for tomorrow

I had a brief discussion with a woman who is clearly in to me. I see her quite often asked her logistics but it seemed impossible to make it work even though i didnt try ‘‘hard’’. I just asked if she is working every day she said yes (she is working 12 hours every day as far as i know) so i didnt ask number or anything else. We continued the discussion and after few minutes i left

Also i added three daily goals on my calendar
-Watch one PUA section and take notes
-Watch two business related videos and take notes
-Read 30 mins PUA related books


Khan Day 9 Hours

I havent listened Libertine more but I keep listening khan with no days off. Today I saw my grandfather who passed away 10-12 years ago and he was one of the two people I ever loved so much. We were on our way back from the hospital. We stopped at a drug store and he told me he took some sweets. Then I understood he had cancer and he took painkillers but I was more happy that I saw him again than sad with the news. He laid down in the taxi sleeping and I was holding his head when I woke up


DAY 10 Khan hours 102

I feel tired today. I didnt observe any internal changes so far. No mood swings really. I have the tedency to eat much more though and i think i am gaining a bit of fat lately. I didnt workout the last 45 days but i am planning to workout immediately


A small update. I woke up 4 hours ago and i feel exhausted at the moment. No mood to work or do anything work related. I just want to stay inside and eat ice cream


DAY 13 Khan hours 130 hours

I cant say i feel any different. I am getting a bit fatter but i am on a business trip where i dont workout and my nutrition is bad. I dont remember the dreams of the last few days either


DAY 14 Khan hours 143 hours

I had a dream that I was back in school and I had cocaine in my pocket. I dont remember much else. I am thinking to do libertine in the morning, dreams supercharger before I sleep and khan while sleeping. Any thoughts on this?


DAY 15 Khan hours 155 hours

There is still minimal to no desire to change sub. I dont know if something is working on me or not since i dont feel much different but i am suprised that i ran this sub for 15 days and i didnt switch to anything else which is the first time but i need to start running libertine again. I ran it the first two days and not at all afterwards

I am thinking to add Beyond Limitless before work. I am working around midnight and i am doing a mental work which i think is ideal for this supercharger. I consider adding dreams before i sleep which increases creativity and i assume i will be rested better. When i wake up Libertine. I guess it should be fine but i dont want to push my mental state too far. I am doing a work which i use my brain a lot and i wouldnt like to feel foggy so i might add only Beyond Limitless and observe the results. If everything is smooth i might add dreams

I read this thread. Here are some suggestions that you might want to follow

Libertine info

-From what we’re seeing, one will be enough for some pretty powerful effects, but optimally we recommend 2 or 3. Also, refraining from masturbation for an hour or two afterwards will be important

-The effects of Libertine builds over time, depending on how much you use the program and if you’re using it correctly . In order for it to work properly, you need to go somewhere quiet and meditate while listening

For those who haven’t, try intensely visualizing what she’s saying. With enough practice, you will consciously generate an aura. I’ve done it myself and a number of testers have.


  • Use headphones* Try to listen in a dark, quiet room without any distractions* Try to listen at a time when you know you won’t be distracted* We recommended the morning so you can utilize the results immediately, but if the morning isn’t the best time, please experiment with other times


DAY 16

The last 3 days i dont feel motivated to do anything. I dont want to work, i dont want to study, i dont want to workout anymore. I just want to stay in my house and do absolutely nothing. I dont even have the mood to watch a movie. I think it is the first time the last few years that i dont want to work because i love my work and many people think i am a workaholic

I dont think i will do anything today because i dont have any energy. Not sure what is going on but i am curious to observe the next 3-4 months of my life running khan. I am very close to buy two superchargers dreams and beyond limitless to use them with Khan but i havent decided yet

I never had an issue with masturbation. I always think it is fine unless you are addicted and it is natural for a human to masturbate. I have a very active sexual life, meaning having sex 2-4 days per week but i still masturbate once every 2-3 days. I watched some videos which mention about more sexual energy from no fap which produces my productivity. I am very curious about this so i will try to do a no fap period and observe the results

no fap day no1

I ran Libertine in the first two days but nothing after this. The plan is to do

Libertine in the morning before gym and before i go out for drinks which happens 2-3 times per week
Beyond Limitless before work
Dreams before night
Khan during the night and randomly during the day when i am free


DAY 17 Khan hours 171 hours / no fap day 2

I saw a dream where i was skydiving. I tried the first parachute nothing. I tried the second parachute nothing. I tried the third parachute nothing. Then i told myself if i survive somehow i will work hard for one year and then try to get into martial arts fighting

I dont know what that dream could mean. I am doing muay thai with zero interest to have professional fights. I am thirty years old and there is zero chance to be a professional. I am trying to understand the meaning but i am lost here

No superchargers used yet


Have you considered the martial arts as an analogy for achieving a peak physical health & fitness level? So it’s not about the fights, but rather about training your body to survive and thrive as you age? After 30-35 it gets increasingly harder to do, but easy enough to maintain.

Maybe I’m still taking it too literal, but it is an option. Don’t get hung up on the fighting aspect. Maybe it’s just because certain martial arts often use bootcamp-style training, especially the boxing styles. And the ability to defend yourself also breeds physical confidence, which is what Khan wants you to get.


Actually this is an amazing response. I never thought from this point of view


DAY 18 Khan hours 184 hours / no fap day 3

Nothing specifically other than i decided to restart training Muay Thai hard which will happen in two weeks. I bought Muay Thai X which i plan to run 2-3x per day. I will add beyond limitless supercharger before sleep to help me with my work which is a mental work. From what i read in the main thread it is better used 2x before sleep for maximum results @DarkPhilosopher can you confirm this?

So my playlist consists of

Libertine 2x
Muay Thai X 2-3x
Beyond limitless 2x and maybe 2x before work

I will not listen everything back to back of course but i am curious to see how i will react. Also preordered true social to listen before i go out but not every day. Today i dont feel tired at all but i had a very good night sleep


Mind telling me where you got that from? All I see is:

My best guess is that superchargers are best used about one or two hours before the activities they support. Which means Beyond Limitless does best before learning stuff and the only supercharger that does best before sleep is Dreams. Then again, if you go on the theory that you do a lot of your learning and transferring things from your short-term to your long-term memory, before sleep could very well be the best time. Honestly, I don’t know which is best.



I guess the recommended usage changed during development. Well, in that case I can neither confirm or deny. :slight_smile:

Whatever feels most natural to you is likely the right thing. They will help either way.


Thankyou for sharing your insights. I did consider Libertine “old technology” so i abandoned the use of it. After reading ypur journal my decision is to run true social and Libertine back to back after completing my run of emperor.