The wanted beast journal (WANTED + EF st3)

Hello people of SubliminalClub,
My name is Invictus, and I’m burdened with glorious purpose.

this is the one journal you will WANT to follow, not just because it will be insightful, but also because of the entertainment you’re going to feel reading through my journey into becoming who I truly desire to be.

it has been over 4 weeks, a month to be specific since WANTED has been released, and as I stayed committed to it this whole time, running it solo most of the time, I shall give you all my one month review, followed by my plan for the immediate future with the program, so here goes:

  • Lifestyle & relationships: there’s a certain factor of fame here, but unlike stark, people crave your attention for different reasons, some might seek you out for advice or info, while others would want to be around you just to admire you. in the last one month, the amount of people who I have noticed clinginess from (not in a bad way) has definitely increased beyond my expectations, especially my girlfriend, who knows about my sub use and denies that anything is influencing her and she always wanted my attention as much, that wasn’t true especially during my 2 week run of emperor, however now, it’s like she can’t stay away or else she feels like she’s getting withdrawals, this is more prevalent when I’m at the gym or playing my game (takes at least 25 mins per match) but it isn’t in an annoying way. Family-wise; I’ve seen everyone become more playful and joking with me more often, less serious conversations all the time and I’ve noticed I’m less likely to refuse to do something that they asked for.

  • Personality:

  • Self-esteem and confidence: ahhhh the one part that I can talk about forever, this has brought the biggest changes in me, making me embrace my flaws and even turning them into my unique attributes that are, in a way, flawless. I would say more here, but I can sum it up with the following: my ego is dead, and pride has replaced it.

  • Physical changes: while It has only been one month, which is not enough to see massive physical changes, i still saw some which i was happy with, such as: my skull shape changing a bit and the back of my head becoming a bit “smoother”, another is Invictus Jr. also feels a bit bigger (yes i called it my junior :rofl:) and my body seems to have gotten slightly bigger, but that could be due to the increased appetite since day 1 of using WANTED.
    another thing to note, while it wasn’t a direct change, WANTED has influenced me in a way to increase my attractiveness by guiding me to buy new clothes and getting random haircuts and dying my hair, so there’s that too.

now we’re at the final part, so I’ll just state my plans from today onwards;

As i mentioned before in another topic, i will be stacking WANTED with certain binaural beats from youtube that have been modeled after performance enhancing drugs in order to achieve similar effects as taking them, i will not be mentioning the name of the channel, but i will mention the name of the compounds that i will be using the binaural of;

Androgen receptors x3 when i wake up
trestolone acetate (MENT) x3 after working

the protocol for my program will be to use these on my workout days (every day except Tuesdays and Fridays) and using WANTED on Saturdays Mondays and Wednesdays, 1 loop per day.

I will also be doing this for 4 weeks and with a training program called FST-7, which should help me bulk up and gain some muscle over the course of the next 4 weeks, which should help me see how much I can change physically in just 1 month time, after which I will take a washout period week from everything.

current weight: 70.2kg.
goal weight by the end of the 4 weeks: 73-74kg.

Let the gains begin :muscle::sunglasses:


I’d love for you to expand on this.


First! (In homage to your YouTube use)

Whenever I see bodybuilders or people talking about aesthetics, it reminds me of this old bodybuilding forum I used to frequent lol

I’m here for your journey, I’m glad you started a journal instead of just posting on the Wanted discussion thread :+1:t3: looking forward to your progress.

One thing I want to know; how does working out complement Wanted? I personally plan to go to the gym soon myself, as I think it’ll boost the physical shifting in directions I want to go.

inb4 sweet gainz


alright so to explain i need to first give a little background on me:

from a young age I was always complimented on my looks, have some feminine features which made me above average in terms of looks, such as my eyelashes and eyes, v-shaped jaw, soft hair (it’s to the point where girls envy me :joy:), and due to all that + working out for a long time now and getting fit, as well as having an IQ of 144 which puts me in the “genius” category, my ego was through the roof and I had this negative mindset of “I’m better than everyone”, a superiority complex in a sense, and when I had my 2 weeks run of emperor, it felt like this trait of mine was boosted, like something elevated my ego 10 folds.
fast forward to using WANTED, It humbled me quite a bit, how you might ask? by making me see that the reason my ego was so inflated was because of me trying to cover up my insecurities, at first i saw my insecurities flare up, like one of the things i always used to be insecure about was the fact that I can’t grow facial hair, which made me look less “manly”, and it was getting amplified because for some reason more and more people around me talked about it, i even had youtube videos in my recommendations about facial hair :rofl:, so i started to think about it and reflecting on those insecurities (one of the other things that used to make me feel insecure for some reason, was that whenever im out, I get hit on by guys and my female friends used to joke about it which made me feel bad, which is honestly stupid).
after a week of those insecurities flaring up and me reflecting on them, a sense of security came over me, like i started owning them, even my thoughts and feelings changed, for example:
“so what if i cant grow facial hair, so many actors and celebrities cant either and they’re loved for it, ill just use minoxidil for now and till i grow a full beard. i might as well enjoy looking younger than i am and go for the cute boy look”
and the other one from the example i gave: “so what if guys try to hit on me, im just good looking that i make people swoon over me regardless of their gender and/or sexual orientation, and if the girls joke about it, joke back by saying “at least im getting guys :wink:””

so once those thoughts changed, my ego started going down, i stopped looking down on others and competing with them, i know myself not to be 100% perfect, but my imperfections make me who i am, and im pretty amazing in my own way :grin:


HOLD UP!!! you’re from the misc’ers :joy:?

ayyy thanks man, I hope you get to enjoy the ride just as much as me

what I found it to help with is that it fills you out properly, and other than that, wanted has more physical shifting tech than Emperor fitness, so if that can help with weight loss and muscle gains, WANTED will take it further to aesthetics, which also is different for everyone, so for example I might see on skywalker and zyzz (RIP) as my ideal aesthetic physique, while you might consider someone like Chris bumstead as the ideal :wink:

we’re all gonna make it brah :muscle:t4::sunglasses:

Always helpful.

I understand haha. Women are envious of my eyebrows and eyelashes.

As within, so without. You experience people talking about what’s occurring beneath the conscious layer of your psyche to reflect your inner world.

For example, when I was on Emperor, I would see the word emperor everywhere, even in other languages (‘Emperador’)

I tried an experiment awhile back. I focused on just my height and how tall i am compared to others. I’m a 6’3-6’4 guy, but I NEVER think about how tall i am until I see a guy of equal or greater height, then I feel small.

So yeah I focused on how high my head was above everyone, and allowed feelings to develop based off of that and held that vibration.

People began treating me different pretty quickly, and people would comment on my height way more than usual.

They’re just testing your frame, my guy. Probably not even on purpose. They could even be potentially jealous.

I myself couldn’t grow facial hair as well as my Caucasian and Mexican friends (I’m black and Indian) so that was a real point of insecurity with me. And now that I mention it, because I had that feeling in me, my friends poked fun at it.

I’m nearly thirty now and my shit is just beginning flourish. My goal is to have a beard like James Harden.

It’s cool you reframed your beliefs in that way. Over a decade ago I read a newspaper article on a survey with french women, and the majority of them claimed they are more attracted to men with feminine features.

So there’s that.


Perhaps you’re using ego in a different sense than I am, but I assure you, your ego is alive and well. Perhaps subdued or in remission in certain areas, but our ego is actually important for our survival. :slight_smile:


honestly, the way i feel now with WANTED makes me feel like it unlocked something inside, like regardless of how i was before, now i just feel like im a balanced soul.

i agree, because our egos can do things for us, a little selfishness that stems from ego can take us a long way, but its like a wild animal, it needs to be tamed or else it will be bad for those around.

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Alright so the first day of month 2 has concluded and here are the observations:

  • the workout was freaking epic, getting more of my strength back, felt more pumped with each and every rep, as well as training a bit a longer with much heavier weights than last week.

  • went to a mall that’s a couple of minutes away from my house to get some food from subway, a lot of stares, but one girl in particular kept looking for way too long while smiling when I pulled my mask down when I was drinking water.

  • lastly, my hunger is off the charts, currently typing this as I’m waiting for my 4th meal of the day (had 2 snacks earlier too), thinking about skipping my protein shake for the day because of how much I ate, but meh who knows, if I got hungry again I’ll just drink it before I sleep.


So day 2 of month 2:
Today was an off day from WANTED as per my schedule and I have a few observations to note;


  • noticed that even if I want to go out with someone and I’m totally free for the day, I don’t say yes when asked out, instead I’d say “we’ll see” and then later on go meet, I only realized this today as my girl pointed it out, guess I’m creating anticipation unintentionally :grin:

  • went to get food today from a drive-thru and the lady serving kept chatting with me, now I knew this lady for the last 3 years because I always go eat from there and have had some small talk with her over the last few years here and there, but today she seemed extremely interested about me and what I’ve been doing and what are my plans for now since I graduated, so that was a bit out of the norm.

Notable changes from the experiment as a whole:

  • much higher energy, it’s like I got a boost of testosterone and been feeling stronger, even my weights went up quite a bit on every exercise I did.

  • hunger is extremely high, this is not something I have ever experienced, it’s like an obese person with a bottomless appetite is possessing me and making me eat like crazy.

  • noticed that my muscles already seem fuller due to glycogen storages being filled up again, guess muscle memory is also playing a role here since I did have to take 5 months off because of lockdown.

  • finally, WANTED combined with the frequencies feels like it’s accelerating physical shifting, but since it’s only the second day, it’s too early to draw conclusions, however the t-shirt I was wearing yesterday is fitting better today, which could also be due to glycogen storages filling up as mentioned above.


A minor change:

I’m removing HALO from the experiment.
It’s giving me a side effect I used to experience before which I thought might have been due to my old pre-workout, but I have confirmed that it’s infact HALO.

So I haven’t made an update for d3m2 (day 3 month 2) last night, so I shall do it now and you’ll know why:

  • my workout went extremely well to the point where I felt like I was at a different level than before, keep in mind I used to be a total gym rat and haven’t trained since December 25th up until may 29th, and yesterday’s workout felt like it was at a higher level than when I was at my best before during December.

  • I went to get some tobacco I smoke at night, and the place I went to is usually really crowded with people jogging/running, some sitting in outdoor restaurants and cafes, while others just chilling and going on about their day, it’s a very lively place and perfect to meet people (and chicks), so I went there and from the moment I entered the tobacco shop, I counted 6 pairs of eyes glued to me, 2 girls and 4 guys, now I did mention that guys also feel attracted towards me (I’m straight, so not really something I care about), but I didn’t see it as much before, after I was done though, I was going back to my car till I realized some girl was following me, thought she might come and talk so didn’t turn to her, but then she disappeared when I got in my car.

  • felt very productive and wanted to sleep bad, something about wanted is making me sleep on time and for a good 9 hours, like I haven’t felt as rejuvenated even when I used to sleep for 15 hours.


so its been a while since i updated, its been a pretty busy week if I’m being honest, but at last, I’m here to give you guys a summary of the last few days, as well as today.

day 8 month 2:

  • physically looking much better, my shoulders and chest look broader and all my pants feel tight on my legs, my weight only went up from 70.2 to 70.6 (so around half a kg or 1lbs), however i seem to have lost some fat so there could be some recomp happening.

  • my relationship with my girlfriend seems to just keep getting better and better, feeling like wanted has made me much more emotionally sensitive, making me appreciate and feel the love in a more profound, i don’t know how to describe it, but if you run wanted while in a relationship, you’d know what i mean.

  • posted a pic on Instagram after almost 4 months of no posts, and instantly got 2 chicks sliding in my dms :joy:

  • lastly, i feel like im getting really used to the masked version and that moving to solace now would be much better, which is what im doing right now with 1 loop of solace wanted, listening schedule will stay the same at 3 loops a week.

  • there’s many other tiny things that have been happening so much, like girls checking me out, getting random snaps from girls i haven’t talked to in long, people reaching out and wanting to hang out, getting stared at in public, but those things just feel normal now, like i don’t even consciously think its wanted, because i got so used to it that its my default reality now, which is really cool. (also why i haven’t written much)


Day 9 of month 2:

  • felt a bit down today seeing the weight go down a bit on the scale, was at 69.4 when I woke up, but then I went to take a shower and looked leaner than last week, which helped me feel somewhat better.

  • workout was more intense today, ditched the fst-7 style of training and went back to my own, destroying the muscle with extreme amounts of volume (20-24 sets per major muscle, like for back today, and 12-15 sets for smaller muscles, like biceps today)

  • went out with my girl, her sis and her bf, had a pretty chill day with them, went for dinner and my girl’s sister saw me and then suggested a game for us to play where we make a list of guesses about things a person would do/say, like bingo, and the first one to guess 5 correct ones wins, and for some reason that made me think about wanted’s mystery effect cause when it was my turn to get “predicted” it took them the longest to get right answers, with my girl’s sister’s bf winning the round. Weird how my girlfriend lost :joy:

  • the post I uploaded on Instagram is getting more and more attention from people (especially girls), I have 4 girls in my “requested” tab wanting to talk, but meh, don’t really care cause I got the one I want, but it sure shows how wanted is creating attraction, even online.


Appreciate all the detail you’ve added to this journal @Invictus


i’m glad you’re liking it :blush:

okay guys day 10 of month just ended (well almost, im still only half-way through my loop then i’ll sleep);


solace is no joke, i tried it before moving on to the normal masked, but coming back to this, i gotta say, it’s really intense in terms of energy, im seriously considering to either go back to the regular masked in order to stay consistent with the experiment, or completely remove the frequencies in order to maximize wanted’s effects, cause solace and the frequencies are really powerful, to the point that I’m getting concerned.

on a side note: i annihilated a large box of pizza, 2 boxes of custom noodles, 2 footlong subs from subway and one burger today, yes my diet isn’t perfect, and I know its not an excuse to eat junk and blame it on wanted, but holy fuck I look leaner :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


And how much did you drink afterwards? You must’ve been thirsty as hell!!!

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I’ve been effortlessly reaching my 4 liters of water a day goal daily, with some extra diet sodas on top of that :joy:

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i am stopping all of the frequencies due to a side-effect that I thought WANTED could counter, but its still happening and I don’t want that AT ALL, which is acne, especially on my back, as I only recently healed from it and I would prefer not to have it again.

another thing is that recently i tried solace again and it was still overpowering my mental state (as in making me feel “high”, which kinda just knocked me out), while as the regular masked version feels weak when i run it just 3 times a week, therefore, i will now be running WANTED regular mask 5 times a week, with Thursday and Friday being my off day.

also, thinking about getting spartan to add to wanted to maximize fitness goals, but still thinking about whether its a good idea or if EF is much better and worth the extra price.

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