The S$/tGatherer and The Harem Gatherer

Edit: I’ve decided to keep going with my seduction goals while I do this.
This is going to be a bit of an experiment.
I’ll be running SG one cycle and HG the next for a minimum of twelve cycles.
I’m doing that instead of a traditional stack because I think it’ll reduce overload and maybe help with the effect where my subconscious gets bored.
My theory is that I’ll be getting some nice bloom effect from one program while I run the other.

TITLE: The Shit Gatherer
PROJECTED RUN: 10/30/23- when I feel that the goals have been sufficiently achieved.
RUN PATTERN: Standard ZP recommended pattern. Alternating cycles. One cycle of Shit Gatherer one cycle of Harem Gatherer then repeat.
May upgrade to QTKS or may also try running as a standard stack in the future.
May stack with a maximum of one other program at a time.

OBJECTIVE STATEMENT - SHIT GATHERER: To get my shit together. OR. To gain a reasonable amount of control and stability in my household, finances, and family so that I am able to look to goals which are more enjoyable and or meaningful to me in the future.

To fully embrace the open relationship lifestyle I have chosen and build the sex life I have always wanted.

Module #1. Ascended Mogul Core
Module #2. Lineage Mandate Eternal Core Module #3. Job Seeker
Module #4. Key to the Courts
Module #5. Organization Perfected
Module #6. Purity Without
Module #7. Victory’s Call
Module #8. New Dawn
Module #9. Achilles
Module #10. Virtue Series: Diligence
Module #11. Virtue Series: Patience
Module #12. Virtue Series: Temperance
Module #13. Courage Reclaimed
Module #14. Discordia Deliverance
Module #15. Debt Annihilator
Module #16. Fusion Optimized
Module #17. Fortune’s Favorite
Module #18. Stress Displacement
Module #19. Stone like
Module #20 Mosaic


  1. Wanted Black Core
  2. Sex and Seduction X Core
  3. New Dawn
  4. Alexander’s Play
  5. Discodia Deliverance
  6. Fortune’s Favorite
  7. Void of Creation
  8. Jupiter
  9. Yggdrasil
  10. Furious Ascent
  11. Potentiator
  12. Prevent PE
  13. Fusion Optimized
  14. Inner Gasoline
  15. Panther
  16. Seducers Gaze
  17. Alpha Body Language
  18. Tyrant
  19. Still Mind
  20. Mosaic


  • Have all bills and necessities paid for every month with enough left over to spend some money on fun and things we want and some for savings. Done through any combination of increased income, reduction in routine expenses, smart budgeting, finding less expensive sources of necessities, and the elimination of debt payments.
  • Eliminate all non real estate debt, or as much as possible during the run, and be successfully working a plan to continue to do so after the run is over.
  • Have the house clean to a normal standard on a daily basis and maintain it long enough that it becomes an ingrained habit.
  • Be able to buy the wife a new vehicle.
  • Be well on the way to buying a single story home that my wife needs for her disability.
  • Have another job which pays at least $25k more than my current baseline salary, provides more “social practice”, is much closer to home, and provides more engagement. (Nice to have: Allows me to grow facial hair and have visible tattoos.)
  • Have enough time in my daily, weekly, and monthly schedules so that I can socialize, participate in activities, and do things that I love doing.


  • Change my mental state so that I do not find my child nearly insufferably stressful most of the time.
  • Connect better with my son.
  • Drastically reduce the general level of stress that I feel.
  • Feel like I actually have a sanctuary at home.
  • Feel on top of things financially, and with regard to my household.
  • Get rid of the sense that I am always a bit behind and trying to catch up.
  • Enjoy time spent at home with my family.
  • Enjoy time spent elsewhere doing other things without worrying that everything is falling apart at home.


  • Have at least five sexual partners other than my wife during the course of the run.
  • One of these sexual partners must be “wild caught”. As in not part of the “ethical non monogamy” community.
  • Have at least one interaction where the initial meeting leads directly to sex the same day or night. (I’ve had more than a couple of those, but not in the last twenty or so years). (Adult parties and clubs don’t count for this goal)
  • Have at least one ongoing, fun FWB situation.

Shitgatherer is something that I realized that I needed to do in order to move forward and live the life that I want to.
I interrupted my Khan/Wanted Black QTKS custom run to do this because I realized that it must be done.
Journal here Year of the Quiet Conqueror (QTKS Khan, WB, RICH) - #137 by COWolfe
I recently decided to add in HG because frankly, I don’t want to give up on those goals, and the new S&S intrigues me.
We shall see.

  • Change of plans. I’ve edited the initial post to reflect.
  • I think that my strategy for HG is going to follow what it says in the description. Not worry about it too much and kind of let it unfold into my life.
    That’s not to say that I won’t be taking any action, but I will make an effort to avoid overthinking it.
    I’ll also be upgrading SG when the New Wealth Experience makes it into AM core.
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  • Some personal history on me. (Mostly copied from my last journal)

  • Some background on me. I am about two months from forty six, male, rather tall and pretty damn good looking if I do say so myself. I am currently in an open marriage, but I don’t have much time or exposure to do anything about that. That has started to change on Khan, and I’m sure it will continue to on this program.
    When I’m not working, I take care of a lot at home because we have a six year old, and my wife has MS.
    The last five years or so have been a constant major financial struggle. It peaked when my wife lost her last job in 2019 we think because her MS was preventing her from picking up on the new duties. She decided that she wasn’t able to work anymore and applied for disability. That process took more than two years.
    Those were the most stressful two years of my life, but now that I’m out of them, I see that I was able to pull off miracle after miracle to keep us afloat and we had an amazing stroke of luck every time we needed one. I credit the manifestation scripting in these subs for at least part of that.
    In the beginning of last year, she got more disability money than we expected, and life has been getting better since then.
    We did have to take on a lot of debt to make it through though, so I’m still having some difficulty making ends meet some of the time. I’ve included RICH, Debt Annihilator, and FSRS in this program to get out of that.

  • WORK: I’ve been trying to get into a certain field for many years. I’ve actually made it twice, but managed to self sabotage my way out in the OJT phase both times. I now know why that happened and I believe that I’ve dealt with the problem. I currently work in a pretty dead end job that is closely related to the field I want to be in, but definitely isn’t it. It pays well and gives me plenty of time to think.
    When I started my Khan run I was thinking about making a full court press to get back into that field. One of the things I realized over the last year is that that’s not going to happen, and I really don’t have the need for it to anymore.
    It was quite the realization. I failed at the one thing that I really dedicated myself to succeeding at, and I’m not going to come back and succeed at it.
    A new direction must be found, and I haven’t got a clue what it is yet. Oddly, that didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

  • Romantic/Sex: My subliminal usage over the last few years made me realize that I have always been a girl magnet. At least since the last couple years of high school. Thinking back over my life, every time that I had regular contact with women, a few have blatantly offered themselves to me.
    Problem is that I didn’t see that at the time so I missed a whole lot of opportunities. It took a year on DR to get me to see that. Self esteem problems had me telling myself a very different story. Still, enough were blatant enough that I’ve racked up a body count several times the lifetime average for a man. And I’m not done yet.
    Since the beginning of last year year, my sex life with the wife has picked up a lot. It went from once every month or less to three to six times a week, and it’s become REALLY good too. We were both interested in pursuing other partners and doing other exciting things now as well.
    As I started on my Khan run the wife was having more success than I was. Which is very typical for couples in “the lifestyle” and shouldn’t have bothered me much. It did though. Because Khan stage one was kicking my ass. It really made me face my insecurities. Unpleasant, but I’m stronger for having gotten through it.
    The rest of the year we have been more involved in the “adult” lifestyle. At a recent party, while I was on stage three, I crossed a major mental rubicon. I approached a woman and flat out asked if she wanted to “play”. She did, and that was a major positive reinforcement that will lead me to take more opportunities as I progress on this.

  • Subliminal use: Back in 2006 I lost a job for the simple reason that I lacked self confidence. It was a lifetime problem that I hadn’t really been aware of, and I needed to find a solution. Everyone told me to “just be confident” which was about as useful as “just land the space shuttle”. “Fake it till you make it” wasn’t much better. I didn’t even know how to ACT confident. I scoured the net and found all kinds of things, books, hypnosis, and finally one of the Brand X subliminal companies. You know the ones. They’ve got about ten million titles that at the time came on a CD for twenty bucks or so. The scripts were just affirmations and the directions were to get as much exposure as humanly possible.
    I got their confidence title and did just that. For a long time I played it all night at work, and all of my sleep time. It took quite some time before a friend mentioned something that made me realize that it was working. But working it was.
    I was on and off of this that and the other subliminal stack for the next quite a few years, and they did something, but never got me to where I wanted to be.
    I did find that one company seemed to be actively developing things further (the producer who shall not be named around here). His stuff DID work considerably better. I stuck mostly with that company until I found Subclub with results ranging from mediocre to miraculous.
    Then once I got here, I bounced around on pre Q stacks for a while. I then spent six months on an Ascension based custom and thn an entire year on Dragon Emperor.
    I’m glad that I took the time out for healing. The results are still showing themselves. DR is amazing if you spend the time to let it actually work.
    Journal here: Year of the Dragon Emperor
    I started Khan August first of last year planning to do it for eighteen months. Four cycles of the first three stages and six of stage four. It’s been quite the run.
    Eighteen Months of the True Khan
    I made a QTKS custom with Khan st4, Wanted Black, and RICH.
    I didn’t get any of the results I wanted, and I only stayed on it for three cycles.
    That’s not to say that it didn’t do anything. It did, but it also made me realize that at this point in my life it CANT work. At least where my sex life is concerned.
    The reason is simple. I don’t have enough contact with women who might be available on a regular basis to make anything happen or manifest much of anything.
    Also, I am not in sufficient control of my finances, household, and life in general to be so solely focused on that aspect of my life.
    I see now that I should have done something like SG right after I finished the year on DE.
    I had gotten my mental house in order, and it was time to get my external life in order so that I could go on to the fun stuff.
    I’m correcting that now. I’m going into a year or more of what I like to call a total life redesign. I’m hoping that come twelve months from now I have squared away finances, a better job, a clean well running household, and some unfolding of the sex life I want.


Maybe you should just stick to the normal three majors without any custom to see more results appear.

What makes you say that? My point there is that my life was set up in such a way that the results I was looking for can’t appear. It’s not that my custom wasn’t working, it’s that I very rarely go anywhere where I could find what I was looking for, and I had so many commitments that a major change would be required before they could.

Just an observation of your stack.

I think it’ll work just fine. I’ll start this one Sunday.

  • Ok, I have a Dilemma. I’m considering running Nuevo RICH alongside SG in order to get the new wealth experience thing going on. NR is more of an entrepreneurial and investing thing though, and that’s really not what I do.
    I’m not interested in any kind of market disruptions and I’m not in a position where I could cause or take advantage of one.
    Not until I get my shit together.
    Saint said that it would integrate with any other wealth program, and make it work with the unfolding concept. I’d just be running it to do that with AM.
    My concern is that it would get me distracted with other things than getting my career back on track and getting finances and household in order.
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The conscious guidance thing still applies. It’s the other side of the “take action” coin.

As long as you just stick with whatever money stuff your already doing, you’ll be ok

It won’t force you to get into investments or market disruption.

You may still become aware if opportunities you might not have been aware of without running NR, but even then you can file them away in the “when I have time” bin.


Right. It’s not like I might not be interested in that kind of thing in the future. But I’d have to have the extra money to invest, and be able to afford to lose it if things didn’t work out.
That’s a later stage.

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Your customs look good and you’ll be able to upgrade them soon after NWE & NRE comes

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        **10/30/23 CYCLE 1 WEEK 1 **
  • I ran a full loop of SG and one of the store version of NR last night before going to sleep.
    I’m just using NR to get that new wealth experience effect going for AM. Most of what it seems to cover is stuff that really isn’t what I do, but getting the unfolding effect with the more conventional way of making money would be awesome.

  • There was a definite difference when I woke up this morning. For the past I don’t know how long, my financial and household management problems have seemed overwhelming and they were causing me a considerable amount of stress. I felt powerless to do anything about it, and that was the issue.
    This morning when I got up, I had a strong sense of “I got this”, and proceeded to get right up an on a couple of the things that were causing me the stress.
    I also felt considerably less exasperated while trying to get my son up for school this morning.
    Let’s just say that he’s not a morning person, so it’s a trial that usually leaves me holding on to my temper by my fingernails.
    It wasn’t any easier this morning, but I didn’t feel like blowing my stack the whole time.

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  • I’m still feeling pretty good today. That “I’ve got this” feeling persists.
    I got up and got one really important and time critical thing done. Then I took care of dinner and off to work.
    I’m getting the urge to get a lot more organized stirring in the back of my head.
    It was kind of brought on by the fact that we pretty much missed Halloween.
    Didn’t decorate, wife didn’t feel up to dealing with trick or treaters, etc. she would have taken our son out, but it’s way too cold.
    So right now, I’m going to make entries in my to do list with dates far enough out that we can get ready for holidays and whatnot so neither I not my son miss important things like that.

  • I did a couple of small acts of cleaning and organizing today, but didn’t have time to do much.

  • That was interesting. While I was running my loops just now, I got inspired to check for jobs in the field that I had been trying to get into before.
    I found one in my current (related) field that could have been very good. That got me back onto LinkedIn after years. The job had expired, but something happened there.
  • I realized something when I woke up this morning.
    It’s something that I’ve always known, but was denying. I’ve acknowledged it on the surface, but I didn’t really get it before.
    That is that the reason that my life feels out of control is that I let it get that way.
    This is the result of many, many years of not taking care of the problems that came up right when they came up. Not facing the tough realities and dealing with them right there and then. Procrastination and escapism.
    I am completely responsible for the state of my own life, and I can change it. It might be tougher now than it would be if I’d kept up the whole time, but I got myself here, I can make it better.
  • Something is changing, but it’s really hard to put my finger on all of it.
    I had a task that I’d been kind of putting off because it was kind of distressing to me. I get that a lot. Or I should say I do that a lot. If a subject is stressful for me I tend to put off and ignore anything that I need to do related to it. This very rarely results in the situation improving, and I know that, but I have difficulty not doing it anyway.
    Anyway as I was doing something else I started thinking “it feels good to get things done”. And other, similar things.
    And so it did. I felt better immediately after getting it done.
    I also strengthened up a small section of the bathroom as soon as I got up. Just kind of did it without much thought.

Kenrick Cleveland talks about this a bit in “The Magician’s Law” book. He talks about the “will” being where we decide/tell ourselves/others that we’ll do something.

And any time we don’t do the thing after putting our word to it, our will diminishes by that much.

But saying it and then following through builds the will, and leads to feeling better more/energetic.

Sounds like you’re experiencing your own version of that. Ossum.


I think that also applies to taking action on subliminls. It’s weird. Internally it’s like I’m kind of deliberately following the script in order to prove to myself that it works. There’s more to it than that.
That explains why I had so much trouble and distress on QC too.
I was in a position where I couldn’t do much to make the scripting work, so I couldn’t prove it to myself. With the strength of influence that QTKS has, that caused a whole lot of recon.
I’ll try that on again later when I can actually follow the script and I’ll bet I get a different result.

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  • [quote=“Palpatine, post:18, topic:20090”]
    And any time we don’t do the thing after putting our word to it, our will diminishes by that much.
    I think that you just helped me figure something out.
    It isn’t good news.
    I’ve mentioned in previous journals that I’ve been trying to get into a certain field of work for many years, but had an uncannily hard time doing so.
    I mean countless applications and interviews over more than a decade lead me nowhere.
    I actually got on twice using a subliminal from that one other company, but things happened each time where I failed the OJT portion and got thrown right back out.
    As I got better at the process, increasingly improbable things happened to prevent me from actually getting to the goal.
    Some time on my Khan run I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to happen. I had the epiphany that at this point I was just throwing good energy after bad.
    Now, here’s the problem.
    That is the one thing in my life that I’ve ever really set my mind on achieving. The one thing that I really promised (myself, the universe, whatever) that I WOULD achieve.
    That may explain why I’m currently feeling so powerless and purposeless, and kind of in a malaise.
    OK, problem identified. Now how do I recover from it?
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