Year of the Dragon Emperor


TITLE: Dragon Emperor (four stage custom. Will switch out stages of DR every 12 weeks)

STRENGTH: Standard Q (I’m not EVEN touching this in Terminus)

PROJECTED RUNTIME: Entirety of calendar year 2021 plus two weeks for experimentation.

PROJECTED USAGE PATTERN: Two six week cycles per stage with a one week washout break between. Five days on, two off. Total of ten active listening weeks per stage.

GOALS, EMPEROR: Increase the confidence and internal status, and respect boost I achieved with Dominus, Get myself and my family to a stable financial situation, get my career which has been very stagnant back on track. Optional goal: To actually make use of my open relationship status.

GOALS, DRAGON REBORN: Eliminate the remaining fears, issues, self sabotage tendencies, and dysfunctional inhibitions which have been getting in the way of me achieving many major goals in life, and being the man I am meant to be. I’ve been working on this for a long time and have made a lot of progress, but toward the end of my Dominus run, I sensed that they were still there. They are hiding at a deeper level and I don’t directly feel them as much. Let’s see if they can hide from Dragon Fire.

Emperor Core
Dragon Reborn St 1 Core
Fortune’s Favorite
Immortal’s Blade
Dragon Tongue
Debt Aniahalator
All Seeing
Sacred Words
Khronos Key

AM I OUT OF MY MIND: Quite possibly.

START TIME: Approximately 1930 hours local time 12/20/2020.


Was planning on making a Dragon Emperor custom (with Emperor Q Core and DR ST4) myself but have postponed it for later

Are you planning to make a custom for each stage of Dragon Reborn?

Excellent custom by the way. Here’s to your success!


I sure am. I’m hoping that this acts as a four stage Emperor and also gets rid of all of my hang ups, not just the ones getting in the way of execution of Emperor. It’s the more expensive option, but I wanted name embedding in both programs.


Possibly? haha. Definitely. But it’s good you’re shaking shit up. I’m definitely curious to see how this works for you.


Awesome man good luck on your journey :slight_smile:

I am making a similar journey but i am making a Mind’s eye + DR stage 1 build and an Emperor + House of Medici Build

Was gonna call it The House of the Dragon Emperor

              **Stage 1 Cycle 1 Week 1 **
  • For those who don’t know me, I am 43, male, married (open relationship in case this causes confusion later) work full time at a job that pays fairly well but has no future.
    My wife is afflicted with a worsening case of MS and is unable to work. She requires an increasing amount of care. She filed for disability this January, and we do not have an answer yet. This leaves us in significant financial distress, and it was tight before that. We have one son and a roommate who moved in to help, but had her own linty of health problems. This leaves me as the sole source of income and doing all of the heavy lifting at home.
    I started my subliminal journey in 2008 when lack of confidence lost me a very good job. I realized that I had lacked confidence my entire life. My search for ways to fix that lead me to one of the cheaper, mass market subliminal companies. I figured out that that one was working when someone else mentioned that I was acting more confident.
    I have a number of issues from my childhood. Most of them stem from having extremely messed up and psychologically abusive parents, and being a social outcast as a child. Low self esteem and a negative self image are the best ways to simplify it.
    That manifested in a number of ways.
    Social phobias

Self sabotage in many forms

Fear of trying which prevented me from even starting to pursue real success

A tendency to just accept what came to me, especially where women were concerned

A nasty cycle of painfully obsessing on a relationship after it ended rather than moving on to the detriment of every other aspect of my life

A tendency to guide myself into bad situations and feel constant anxiety about it

A habit of allowing those close to me to seriously mistreat me over long periods of time

A tendency of making myself unpopular and the object of mockery in social groups I’ve tried to join

There’s more but I’ll list them later, and go into greater detail.
I’ve made a lot of progress on these things since then. I am as Saint said “out of the darkness” and ready to root out the problems once and for all.

  • A few minutes into my first loop, I feel subtle movements in my energy field already. It’s actually nice, feels like a wave of relaxation more than anything else. I feel the kind of sense of disconnection from reality that I often do when starting a powerful sub as well.


Well, I have to move things forward and fix what’s left of the problems at the same time. I am going to take my time with this one though. It feels pretty good so far, not as “thick” as I thought.

  • Loop one is in the books. Not like I thought it would be. I feel light in body and mind. I did feel the fire, but it feels more cool and tingly to me, and I’m in a very good mood.
    I feel an urge to run another loop, but I won’t tonight.


Go right ahead. It’s a good name, and I don’t mind.

  • I realized a while after my loop that the undertone of anxiety that I’ve been dealing with all the time for the last I don’t know how long isn’t there anymore. It’s just gone. I feel relaxed and like I can handle any situation life throws at me. I believe I’m thinking more clearly.


And that is just the first loop!


That it is. This promises to be quite the journey.


I think I’ll be building the Halcyon custom that @BLACKICE originated. But now that we have DR instead of Regen, I’ll be doing it with DR1 instead of Regen.

Might be cool to make it a 4-stager like you are with YotDE.


It’s just DE and I’m running it for a year. I remember Halcyon being mentioned, but I don’t recall what all was in it.

  • Another thing I’m noticing immediately is that I feel a lot more optimistic about the future. I am actually thinking that I can get the job I want instead of being afraid that I can’t.


Fantastic looking custom.
There are a few Dragon Riding Emperors it seems

Any particular reason you chose Immortals Blade?

I was very interested in this module and would be curious to hear your experience on it.


I have long suspected that I have a problem of that nature. I’m not sure where exactly it came from, but if it’s anything other than my own mind, it’s a subtle, tricky bastard that I’ve never been able to nail down. I’m trying to cover all of the bases on getting rid of my barriers to success, since that might be one of them, I included it.


smart, it’s a tricky territory and that module will only help no matter the case.


I hope so. I also hope it’s well enough crafted that it can account for this thing’s tendency to fight back whenever I’ve gotten any kind of line on it. Long story.


So what exactly is standing in my way that I want DR to get out of the way. A while back, I saw someone else had written a list of their fears. I figured that that might be useful. I think that most of my problems succeeding in life have come from my inhibitions. I was a very inhibited kid, and while it seems to have gotten better a lot of those inhibitions have followed me into adulthood.
When I was a kid, I had extreme trouble pushing myself to do anything that I considered scary, be it social or physical. It just seemed that there was someone in my head with a brake lever that would lock up my body and mind, stopping me from doing things that other kids seemed to do with ease and no fear. Some of these things I’ve felt with to the point that I can function through them, and many I avoid or work around to this day.
Here’s the list I’ve come up with.

  • Failure (This has lead to a hesitance to try things at which I might fail)

  • Success (this one is a bit harder to understand)

  • Humiliation (probably my worst fear)

  • Loss or lack of a relationship (mostly dealt with)

  • Breaking rules (Always sure I’m going to be the one who gets caught no matter how many others constantly get away with it)

  • Authority figures (especially female.)

  • Being shown to be inadequate

  • People being better than me

  • Rejection

  • Attractive women (when I was a young teenager, I was nervous even being around them, even now, I couldn’t do a “cold approach” to save my life)

  • Social groups

  • Crowds

  • Violations of my physical space

  • Violations of my mental boundaries (IE, people getting into my head too much

  • Driving fast in the dark

  • Self revelation (I can do it here because of the relative anonymity)

  • The other political tribe/wing

  • Competition (I might be humiliated)

  • Losing at anything

  • Trying at anything hard (I might fail)

  • Being left out

  • Showing emotion (was always read as weakness)

  • Losing an argument

  • Being Dominated

  • Pain

  • Being wrong

  • People knowing too much about me

  • Being unprepared

  • Being late (I’m obsessively early)

  • Making any mistake (I imagine exaggerated consequences)

  • Intimidation from others

  • Hard work (Not so much any more)

  • Asking for what I want

  • Getting into any kind of trouble

  • Past mistakes coming back to bite me

From this list, you’d think that I’m a major coward. No, I’d bet that most people have a similar list. Plus I’ve at least partly worked through a lot of them.


Good luck! Sounds like a great custom.