The effects of brainwaves on subliminals


After a few threads here mentioned spirituality, biofields, sleep and meditation, I’ve become interested in how brainwaves affect the subliminals and the acceptance of subliminals. Keep in mind, these are merely observations that I hope will start some interaction.

Which brainwaves would be best to have when you’re listening to subliminals?

We can exclude Beta and Alpha, since Beta is beneficial to your conscious mind and Alpha isn’t the best learning state (it’s more for intuition).

Delta (deep sleep) can have amazing healing properties, provided you can stay awake, but has little effect on the acceptance of subliminal messages.

That brings us to Theta. Now Theta is the most promising candidate. If we look at the research done by Bruce Lipton (thank you @Anonymanas for pointing me there) there’s an indication that young children learn better because they spend a lot of time in Theta. Also, during hypnosis and certain stages of sleep, we go there as well. Which is why he recommends running suggestions as we fall asleep. Makes me wonder if a subliminal like Limitless could be made with suggestions to spend more time in Theta and gain the learning potential of children. Also makes me wonder what the effects would be with people where the default state is non-Beta. Would they function differently in society?

In any way, it would seem Theta is best for listening to subliminals, so listening for a bit while falling asleep or during meditation may help subliminals be more effective. Any thoughts on this? Or am I just talking to myself? :slight_smile:

I know you shouldn’t edit the tracks, but that doesn’t exclude running some brainwave entrainment separately.

So what about the more recently discovered brainwaves, most of them coming from research done on Tibetan monks?

There’s Gamma (and HyperGamma), very good for those interested in mystical and spiritual awareness. Curious how those monks would generate a Delta pattern when their minds were blank, but as soon as they were asked to do a loving-kindness meditation, their brains all went to Gamma, at around the same frequency as the planet’s core.

Probably not for subliminals, unless they deal with higher awareness or extrasensory abilities, where reaching these brainwaves could be considered the action one needs to take.

Next, Epsilon. You’d think you couldn’t go much deeper than deep sleep, but it would seem that Epsilon functions like a carrier for Lambda.

And those, to me, are the most intriguing ones. Lambda is the highest discovered frequency brainwave, and yet is lives/exists in the lowest discovered brainwaves. Wholeness, mystical experiences, out-of-body experiences. I get it, it’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Probably not the best for subliminals. Very cool accomplishment to have though.

I left SMR and Mu out of this, since they deal with movement (or lack thereof).

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I’ve been thinking about this too.

I just purchased a Kasina and I’m trying to come up with a method for combining SubClub with the light and sound machine.

In theory I should be able to use the machine to get myself into Theta and then stay there for duration of one loop. We’ll have to see if there is any advantage in that.


Wow, those things are expensive. They are on my Someday/Maybe list.

I love biometrics to measure altered states. I’ve looked at Muse and intend to get one when finances permit. I’m also interested in those dream-aids that use LED-lights over your eyes while you sleep to help induce lucid dreaming and wake you up at the end of your dream cycle. Still need to find a good quality one.

I used to have biometric sensors for my fingers and I let it create a graph of skin conductivity (measuring stress- and bioelectrical levels) and heart-rate variance while I slept. The results were amazing. As I fell asleep it was a tangled mess of peaks and vales, then suddenly the line went almost flat during the entire night. And right before I woke up, the peaks and vales returned. Strange really, you would expect the standard 90-minute intervals that are our sleep-cycles.

Unfortunately the current version of those sensors have an ear clip and only do heart-rate variance. They’re still working on the finger-sensors add-on. Plus, their grapher stops at 15 minutes.

Muse has all those measurements, although it probably can’t graph, at least not without paying for the scientific package.

Thanks for replying!


Very interesting @DarkPhilosopher.

I have read Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. The only self-help book I have ever read and fortunately it isn’t “prescriptive”-- someone telling you what to do, especially when most of the self-help authors make their money selling the books. Lipton’s a Biologist and knows what he is talking about. It was quite revelatory, and in fact led me to try out subliminals.

Glad I read the book. Would have never learnt about Sub Club !!


I’ve looked into this also, have you heard of binaural beats? Check it out on YouTube. It’s uses pulsating sounds to induce different brain states like alpha/theta. I use Equisync which works really well. I have been thinking about combining theta binaural beats with subliminals using Audacity app. I’ve also read Bruce liptons books and how he suggests theta brain state is like a super learning brain state and have wondered how theta and sublimnal’s would work together.

Muse head bands are good, neurofeedback is a easy way to learn meditation.


There’s actually another state called the Awakened Mind state, which has Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta in it all at the same time. It apparently is a pattern seen in advanced meditators that are able to achieve the meditative brainwaves while awake and about. So imagine being able to go into Delta while doing groceries by just wanting to. These guys, when they are not forcing themselves to go into any state, would end up in this Awakened Mind state as their default. It pretty much has most of the good qualities of all four frequencies.

They found it using a Mind Mirror. Also not what I’d call affordable or easy to use, but nice gadget factor.

CAUTION: If you intend to use Audacity to merge tracks, you should be sensitive to the effects subliminals have on you. If they stop working, you might have broken something. If you use a computer, try running two audio players. I’m confident it can be done on Android as well, although I’ve not looked into it.

After that first post I actually ran a 40 minute Theta session containing binaurals, isochronics and a biofield. I should have grounded better, I was floating the entire 40 minutes and afterwards I must have looked like a drooling zombie for 15 minutes. :slight_smile:

Felt great though. I really did feel completely blank. Thinking of anything was hard.

I’ve always had the idea of anchoring brainwave patterns. Like how you get into a certain mood when you hear a song that reminds you of something in the past? It is possible to link movements to such things as well. So for example, everytime you’re deep and well in Theta, consciously touch your thumb and ringfinger together a few times, with the intent of linking that movement to Theta. Do it often enough, and at some point you can touch those fingers together and instantly go into Theta. Like a Pavlovian Response. Which, fun fact, also works on human beings, if you’re an evil genius. :slight_smile:


If the goal of entering a certain brainwave is to increase suggestibility I think it is redundant with subliminals. The point of subliminals is that they bypass the consciousness and go straight to the subconscious already.


You make a good point, thank you. However, consider this:

The subconscious mind is receiving messages all the time. Not just from the subliminals, but also from the conscious mind. It could be that even though you have a desire to change and you’ve set your goals for the subliminal, there’s still a little voice in your head telling you that it’s not going to happen. And that voice is also heard by the subconscious. It’s hearing that it should change from the subs, but being told that the subs might not work by your conscious mind. Two messages, only one can be right. What’s it going to do? Which one is easier to accept and so takes the least effort, to change or to stay the same?

Feel free to skip over this italic part, it came up when I answered the question above.

Subliminals work because they keep hammering their message into you, over and over and over. As soon as the message from the subliminal is the one most repeated, synaptic connections will be formed to turn it into a habit, while the old message’s connections dim. The old connections will always be there, which is why we can fall back into old habits so easily even years after changing them. Like riding on a bike, right?

This is why we must act in congruence with the subliminals. On the contrary to what many believe, subliminals don’t actually fade away when you stop using them, as long as you continue to display the behavior they trained into you. If you instead awaken old habits, your brain dims the subliminals and amps up the old habits. And that’s why some people need refreshers on their subliminals.

Incidentally, it also shows us the importance of getting our children hooked on sports when they are young. Even if they stop during their teenage and college years, it’ll be much easier to get back into it when they’re adults.

Back on topic:

Maybe if we bring ourselves into a more quiet and receptive state in general, the subs can work better. Like a holistic thing. Instead of having just your subconscious being open to the program, your conscious is also open to it, willing to accept whatever is coming in. Or at least it stops resisting. It makes the incoming message more congruent.

I once had a subliminal that contained some negative messages. I told myself consciously every time I listened to it that I only accepted the good parts. And almost every time while I was listening there were parts where I suddenly felt like walking into a wall or through a tar pit. My conscious mind was instructing my subconscious mind on how to deal with the messages. Even though I could not hear the messages, there was some interaction going on there.

Honestly, I don’t know. I know meditation is a healthy thing to do. I know Theta helps with learning (so would be ideal if Limitless is part of the script). I know it sharpens the senses so allows you to hear better. I know it feels amazing. So I don’t see the harm.


I’m no expert so take this for what it’s worth, but I don’t think it’d really matter for the idea of subliminals.

If I’m going to go into a trance state (ideally theta-delta or epsilon in the most ideal case) I’d rather do much deeper work. I’d state my suggestions powerfully combined with deeply impactful emotional states to get the suggestion extremely deep into the neurology, and I’d integrate it through mental rehearsal across contexts.

Subliminals to me offer the convenience of being able to run suggestions without any active participation. But if I’m going to be actively participating for a trance state, I’d want to do much more powerful work.

Also being in delta while grocery shopping (ex) isn’t a good idea. The analytical mind is pretty much offline, you’re just absorbing everything rapidly. You need to be extremely careful what you allow into the depths of your mind because it will manifest in your life in someway. So a beta state or a light alpha state to me is more preferable for daily life because I do want to be able to filter out certain suggestions. You can’t filter them all out of course, you’re always absorbing suggestions subliminally, but I wouldn’t just leave the doorway to the core of your being widely open for anything to enter into.

My 2 cents, interesting subject


Props for going that deep, you’re no stranger to meditation then.

I suppose walking past advertising while in a suggestive state might not be super smart. There must not be a lot of advertising in Tibet or they’d all be wearing and consuming brand-name products. :slight_smile:

I do think a lot of people when shopping are running on auto-pilot most of the time. Unless they go directed shopping, hitting only the things on their list without browsing.

That aside, I just wonder if it has any effect at all. In the early days of subliminals, binaurals were part of it. I know of at least one competitor that still uses a form of it in their products. So at some point people believed it would help.


Hello , I need help with subliminals I have been doing it for six months now I use boosters and drink lots of water and I meditate but I haven’t seen any results, do think I should use a blockage remover and flush for a week by its then proceed to my normal subliminals.

Kind regards


First, welcome to the forum, Caitlin.

Since your question is very much unrelated to the thread topic, please allow me to urge you to ask your question in its own thread. When in its own thread, you can expect a better response.

Once you can start your own thread in the Questions section, and you provide some more specifics about the sub you are using and what you’re trying to accomplish in using it (I’m guessing something health-related), I will be happy to help you. As will others. We’re a friendly bunch.


I believe that success comes in plateaus and peaks.

So while you are improving 0.001% a day, you expect HUGE sudden improvements, but you have been improving in little ways that are so consistently small you don’t know how much change you had because it didn’t come suddenly as a surprise.

Like, really, are you 100% the same person you were 6 months ago?

How many hours did you listen to subliminals per day? Which titles did you use? And did you notice any small effects that kept you going for 6 months without loss of hope?



I use isochronic tone tracks for studying and for taking naps - and sometimes for a 2nd meditation session if my first of the day was distracted/didn’t go deep.

Didn’t even consider using them in combination with subliminals.


I’d be interested to know which frequencies you target for studying. Theta? And Delta for the naps?

Are you familiar with the theory that Baroque music helps people study better? I don’t think people agree on why (some say it alters brainwaves, others say heart rate BPM, and yet other say the complexity of it forces your brain into comprehension mode), but they all do seem to agree it’s effective.


I do not use binaurals with subliminals, but I do meditate every day. Lately I have been working through The Monroe Institute’s “Gateway Experience” set, which uses a version of binaural beats that Robert Monroe, who was an early pioneer of this tech, called “Hemi-Sync”. I run it through my light and sound machine which has a feature that syncs the flashing light to the audio.

I have not done much with listening to subliminals through the light and sound machine as I like to just set and forget, and have them going all the time through speakers.


For me for studying and retaining information I found 9hz alpha binaural over gamma isochronic tone worked great. I used this for studying for college courses and I could Shure notice a big difference. Also theta over alpha works good. If your interested I can share the links to this entrainment as long as it’s okay with subclub.


If you would like to know more about specific frequencies and what they could possibly be used for check out this chart.


That is a very complete list. I was not surprised to discover the Brown Note on there. I remember first reading about it, the very idea was totally hilarious. Also made me realize how much potential soundwaves have. Not that I didn’t already know, they didn’t come up with the Om-sound out of thin air. There’s a series of vowel-sounds that when chanted vibrate through different areas of the body, supposedly resonating with the chakras. I find it’s a very relaxing practice. If anyone can make that work, it’s that guy. He made harmonics his life’s work.

So far the only linking that SubClub seems to object to is mentioning or linking to other subliminal providers. But do what you feel comfortable with.

@dorfmeister I’m familiar with Hemi-Sync. And HoloSync. And BMV. And iAwake. And a few others. Robert Monroe’s work on Lucid Dreaming is also quite well known. Unfortunately I do not currently have the discipline to be consistent in my practice, so a multi-stage program like the Gateway Experience would be wasted on me. I would love to have that Alert Pro one day. I’m curious where you’re supposed to put those clamps though. :slight_smile:


The “clamps” on the Alert Pro are more just light clips and they go on the ear lobes. CES, at least for me, deepens entrainment.

I had the first level of the Centerpointe Holosync program years ago and was meditating about an hour a day with it for several months. I have also used Iawake, but not extensively.

I like the Gateway Experience the most even though it was one of the first programs of its type. Monroe introduces and leads you through some very interesting practices like the lock box for things that may distract you from meditation, the chanting/intoning, and the Resonant Energy Balloon. His guidance within the tracks is what I like most about them and that it is a program with goals and a progression.

This is my daily conscious practice while the Subs are my always on set it and forget it practice.