The effects of brainwaves on subliminals


Fun fact: The Monroe Institute also tested how binaural beats would be perceived by deaf people.

Also, others did an experiment in Virginia in 1991 using ultrasonic subliminals on deaf people (no deaf people were harmed during the making of the experiment). Unfortunately, nobody I know has the July 5, 1991 issue of SCIENCE.


I have always targeted alpha for studying with isochronic tones. Thought I heard that a while back but I could be wrong. And then yes, theta for meditation and Delta for napping.

I have heard that Baroque and classical music helps people study better. A program I was told about that supposedly takes this to the next level is called The Listening Program (not sure if I’m allowed to link)


Alpha is mainly for creativity and brainstorming, but many people like it for studying because it’s easier to achieve, quiets the distracting thoughts in the mind is is often associated with the flow-state.

Then again, although Delta is supposedly the super-healing state, there is the Theta Healing movement with its own workshops and products.

I guess it’s about finding the right patterns of different brainwaves, like the Enlightened Mind or the Awakened Mind state combining Alpha through Delta in varying degrees. Maybe one day, we’ll figure it out.

Listening Program looks interesting, although I have a pet peeve about subscription-based thingies (yes, that’s my technical term).

Reminds me of iMusic (I think it’s now called Awakened Minds iMusic). It had some great tracks I used for training. A friend of mine ran their Digital Coffee (which you’re only allowed to run once a day) in a loop during his birthday bash and people just kept on dancing and dancing. Sneaky, that guy. A little bit like how less scrupulous people recommend you test if ultrasonics work: play them to your dog, if he winks at you and gets restless, they work. :slight_smile:

Anyways, iMusic became subscription based. The big advantage though was that you could mix and match your music. You wanted a session for increased creativity, using classical music? Sure. Nature sounds instead? Of course, just select and stream. Nice concept.


It really enhances my short term memory and comprehension I noticed. Here is a alpha over theta entrainment that I like. The theta hellps convert it into your long term memory.


Check out this link on tbsw (Trilateral Balanced Sine Wave) style entrainment. This is very interesting. :shushing_face: