Stack for a Confident Charming Writer


Hi Guys,

@SaintSovereign @Fire

I went through many threads on this forum. It helped me a lot to understand about the kind of subliminals available on this site, their power and the transformation they can bring.

It’s so refreshing to see this kind(mature) of communication between the creators and the members.

Though the threads gave me a good understanding of most of the subliminals and I have somewhat decided the subliminals I want to purchase. Still, if this community can guide me, it will be helpful.

So I always wanted to be a Writer. Always.
I’m struggling with my fears of failure since last ten years. I’m just afraid.

I want to quit my job and be a full time Writer.
I want to perfect my grammar.
I want to start a copyrighting business.
Write novels. Scripts. Poems.
Start my own small empire.

I need more confidence.(of course)
A little bit of attraction. (Always helps)

If you have watched Californication, the charm, confidence and creativity, David portrays. I want the same kind of all three C’s.

So I have decided to buy
Emperor(I know what this sub does but I don’t know what this sub does, need more clarity)
Beyond limitless
(Let me know, if you will make any sub to unleash creative energy)

Please suggest if I should add or change anything.

I tried purchasing but my card is blocked, so won’t be able to purchase for another two weeks.



From my reading, I think you’d be better suited with Ascended Mogul rather than Emperor. I think AM will better help you build more of the characteristics you’ve described. Once you’ve built your foundation and published your first book, I’d think Emperor could help you parlay that into a writing empire. But, you need something to help you get past your fears and develop good habits before Emperor will be much help. IMO.


Ok, Seems logical. Anything else to add in the stack??


Hey, welcome to Subliminal Club. :slight_smile:

You are going to love running Beyond Limitless - the things we put into it are amazing for creativity and thinking in general.

I think running Emperor alongside Limitless and Beyond Limitless will be excellent for you. Just do take it slow, because Emperor is quite powerful, and usually requires a foundation to run.

You’re also going to have to start taking action. The subliminals will guide you, push you, motivate you, show you the best way to do things… but you will need to pull the actual trigger. That will bring everything together and really unleash the power of the subs.

I suggest starting out by working on your copywriting skills, by building up your portfolio, and then creating a business.

Also, there might be a writing Mogul coming eventually in the future, once we have implemented all that we want (a few months).


Thanks for the reply @Fire

It would be more beneficial to run Ascended Mogul first and than after a few months go with Emperor? Or I can directly start with Emperor?

As you mentioned that I need a base for Emperor. Also, a fellow member recommended to do so. That is the only confusing part im facing. Because once I commit to a stack then I don’t want to change it until I get substantial results from it.


And Yes I’m taking action. I have started following a very expensive online copyrighting course. I’m also working on my grammar.


Since I have also a big interest in copywriting, I will closely watch you progress.As for sub recommendation, definitely limitless in order to learn the skill and everything else +beyond limiltess.And then either Ascended Mogul for a foundation and then Emperor, or start with emperor directly.


Yeah, I’m really curious why @Fire recommended Emperor for this when everything I’ve read suggests Mogul was more in line with what you described.


Simply because of the subs you have on hand.

If you have Ascended Mogul, it would be a perfect way to both increase your status, make you more charming and confident, develop your business, and most importantly be an excellent foundation.

Mogul is excellent if you desire to focus on business as much as possible.


Ya I also prefer Ascended Mogul over Mogul.

So it’s final
Ascended Mogul(for few months than will add Emperor)
Beyond Limitless

Now waiting for 29th midnight when my card will allow me to purchase.

I will also do meditation on I’m writer affirmation from today. 15 mins to 30mins.

I will also practice gratitude. Best booster ever. First hand experience.


Will surely make my journal on the forum and update it daily.