SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom "The Ecstasy of Khan", Quantum Limitless)


Welcome back, Commander! Welcome back! © C&C Tiberium Sun :smile:


God i miss that game and series lol
I heard EA is remastering it… hopefully they don’t mess it up lol.

Welcome Back Saint. Glad to hear you are doing better


@Fire and myself have made significant progress on our cinematic side venture. We’ve locked down a very interesting story concept that we’d like to explore further. At first, the idea seemed a bit too simple and mainstream, but as we discussed the fine nuances of the idea, we realized that we could potentially create a very powerful story that could go viral upon completion. I believe this is an Ultimate Artist manifestation / result – as the idea seemed to “come out of nowhere,” and both us immediately gravitated to it.

Had a very odd manifestation occur today. On one hand, it’s kinda messed up and some people are going to be “offended,” on the other hand, it’s like whatever – the universe does what it does. I believe this manifestation is the result of Ultimate Artist + Emperor.

I went with my girlfriend (who has a exotic / striking look that tends to turn heads) to an independent computer retailer to research prices for a Macbook strong enough to handle editing 4K video (as I’ll be doing the music, editing and possibly color grading for the film).

While I was playing around with the laptops, she wandered off to the iPhones. Apparently, one of the owners didn’t realize that she and I were together and began flirty conversation with her. She immediately texted me to come over and “save her,” but I told her to work the connection and see if she could get a discount on THIS MACHINE, priced at around $2399.

Long story short, without doing much other than giggling, listening to him talk, and taking his number, he marked the exact Macbook I wanted down from $2399 to $1800, AND agreed to take my current Macbook on a trade-in valued at $1100 if there’s no damage (and there isn’t, since I put my computers in those crazy ass toughbook cases). It’s a weird, considering you can buy that model new for around $1299 if you shop around. AND, because her parents are ex-military and the store is on the military base, I didn’t pay any taxes, which would’ve amounted to about $130. All in all, I got a $2400 machine for about $700.

Were we wrong in never revealing that we were together? Possibly. Am I going to regret it? Naw. What I should’ve done was given him a copy of Ascension + Emperor, so he’d realize that he didn’t need to “do favors” to get a woman’s attention. He’s clearly a rather successful entrepreneur. It’s always shocking to me when men who have value will just give it away in order to attract someone.

That being said, SubClub Films (still working title) now has a powerhouse machine for us work on. Tomorrow, we’re meeting with potential investors / advisors who will help us determine if we need to rent or buy equipment for our production. I’m leaning more toward buying, because rental costs can get insane. Our potential Director of Photography (cinematographer) is recommending THIS CAMERA, as it’s rather cost efficient and indie filmmaking friendly.

The strides we’re making just goes to show what happens when you align the conscious and subconscious minds to exert your will on the world.


What was your previous Mac? Looking forward to the new project! So would this mean a pause on the current pipeline subs?


My previous Mac was a mid-tier Macbook Pro 13". And nah, no slowdown in subs / production. @Fire also has all the equipment and software needed to create our titles. The new Mac OS has a feature where you can connect two Macs and it’ll just copy everything over – files, applications, etc… I was skeptical about the feature, but I’m actually pretty amazed at how it came out.



Saw Avengers: Endgame last night. Honestly, I don’t know I feel about it. It was certainly a love letter to those who have followed the MCU, but it almost… felt like fan-fiction from a moderately talented writer. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of amazing elements – visually and thematically (the first 20 minutes are outstanding), but the more you think about the story, the more the plot collapses into pieces. The movie continually blatantly breaks its own logical and narrative rules and pretty much just tries to hand wave it away with “it’s a comic book movie tho!”

I can’t talk about the things I liked without spoiling it, but I will say that it’s worth a watch if you’ve followed the MCU for the past decade or so. However, I think that’s the end of my “rush to the movies to see the latest Marvel movie” phase. I have little interest in the current emerging lineup outside of Black Panther. The upcoming Black Widow movie seems interesting, since they’re saying it’ll be a James Bond / Jason Bourne kinda adventure with less emphasis on the MCU at large (ala The Punisher or Daredevil).

Anyway, spoiler-free (and I mean it) thoughts from anyone else who saw?


I tested Daredevil while out last night (movie, dinner, hangout with friends) and there was DEFINITELY a pronounced status boosting and social effect. Whenever I spoke, the entire table would stop and listen, and people kept wanting to peg my brain about Endgame, almost as if they were waiting for me to guide them on how to think. I think it may be a synergy between Emperor + Daredevil. I’m generally a bit quiet and cold with this particular group unless someone brings up a topic that really excites me. It’s my girlfriend’s circle of friends and they’re not into really intellectual things (and I hate small talk), so it was interesting being the center of attention this time around. I also had more of a desire to engage and my verbal fluency seemed to increase, with the words just flowing off the tongue. Interesting result.


Of Mindset and Monsters, Part I

My current stack of Emperor x 4, Limitless x 2 and Ultimate Artist x 2 causes me to cycle between periods of near manic inspiration and creativity, existential crises and manifesting numerous situations that test my resolve and patience. Then, once those situations subside, I go to a week long period of tranquility and calm reflection. Yesterday, I was clearly in the later stage of that cycle, because my patience was definitely on edge. At work, clearly stupid decisions are being made – EVERYONE knows the decisions are stupid, and yet no one wants to come out and say it. Instead, they’re just handing the situation to me to “fix,” because they know I have a talent for pulling a message out of madness.

On top of that, a customer messaged me saying someone was badmouthing our company with straight up lies. I investigated, responded to that person and they went into a tirade about how terrible of a person I am, apparently a racist who lies about all of my achievements, even though I regularly posted proof of everything I’ve done. But, this response is not about logic or facts. It’s about MINDSET, and the whole ordeal brought me back to my earlier years, before that event where I lost everything and began to evolve into I am today.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. I remember those days when I was the exact same way toward anyone around me that found success and made it look easy. In my head, they were either a liar or a monster, because there’s no way you can acquire that much wealth or success without doing SOMETHING wrong.

In all my years of entrepreneurship, which began when I was 15, making shitty websites in Macromedia Dreamweaver (did I just date myself by remembering Macromedia), this was honestly the most CRIPPLING mindset that held me back until recently. That’s why, until recently, I’ve never been able to crack $130k or so a year from my endeavors, and that frustrated the hell out of me. What I didn’t realize then, was that I was subconsciously putting a success and wealth cap on my earnings because anything too far past that magic $100k/year number meant that I was immoral, or it couldn’t be done without hurting people, or only certain magical people with magical qualities could EVER acquire wealth.

So, when my friend / mentor would take me to conferences and expos, I went in with an adversarial mindset. When I’d hear people talking about their achievements, my first reaction was, “they’re lying,” or “I bet you’re a shit person,” or something of the sort. I talked to my mentor about it, and his reaction changed my life. He said: “Saint, would you be shocked to know that my eCom sites are clearing $25k/month in PROFIT?”

I knew he had cash, but not THAT kind of cash – he’s not flashy at all, and even at that particular conference, which was in San Diego, he got a small, respectable hotel and rented a tiny car. I asked him how he did it – surely, he was selling cheap Chinese imports, or do something to diminish the quality of the items to raise profit margins.

No. The answer was much simple. As he explained, I kept trying to build that one product or eCom site that would make me MILLIONS. He built 30 eCom sites, all in the same niche, but targeting MICRO NICHES. For example, if his niche was “keychains” (not gonna tell his real niche), he’d target states.,,, and so forth. That way, each site only had to generate $830 a month for him to make that much money. He said it took about 8 months to set up, but once it got going, it was a money printing machine.

Such a SIMPLE idea, but incredibly effective – and I never thought of trying something like that because I was so stuck in a self-defeating mindset that I never bothered to even think outside of the box. Or, maybe I did, but I didn’t believe it would work, because the only way to get rich is by being an asshole or just outright flexing and lying about it.

I grew up in abject poverty. I mean, the shit you see on TV. You turn on the lights and roaches scatter. Parents hiding their car at my aunt’s house so the repo man wouldn’t get it, etc. I left home around 18, looking for glory and riches. I used to e-mail business owners and ask if I could buy them lunch in exchange for picking their minds, and learned SO much. But sometime between 18 and 22, when I got my first corporate job, society had somehow indoctrinated me that money and the acquisition of money was BAD.

It took me losing EVERYTHING (seriously, I had $1000 and a broken Mustang) on a number of bad deals while out on the west coast to finally start shaking that mess off. And here’s what I found: when I was down and out, not knowing what I wanted in life, thinking of just joining the Airforce (since having a Masters degree automatically made me eligible for Officer Training School), NO ONE was around to give advice, or help, or ANYTHING. It was like I was invisible. All I wanted was for someone to say, “you’re going to be alright, just keep going.” Couldn’t even get something as simple as that.

THE MOMENT I said, “screw this, never again,” start standing up for myself, pulled myself out of poverty, got back into entrepreneurship and made some really good cash doing affiliate marketing, started back boxing, dating and having a very full and passionate sex life, and started telling others about my achievements, hoping they could use the knowledge to get out of a dark place – guess what happened?

“You’re a liar!”
“You’re a shitty person!”
“The way you think is wrong!”
“I’d never buy anything from you!” (like we give a shit, this month was our third best month since opening)
“You’re a monster!”

Fine, I’m a monster. If that’s the price I gotta pay to live the life I want, I’ll take it and I’ll own it. I was on my way toward death after losing everything – but death can’t have me yet. In the words of the great Syrio Forel:

There is only one god, and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: ‘not today’.

Next Up: Of Mindset and Monsters, Part II: The Velvet Curtain


Your post resonates. Thank you.


Crazy Ultimate Artist manifestation at work today. I may be going to Germany to shoot a mini-documentary of an event our company is holding there. My manager knows all about my film aspirations, me and @Fire’s new venture, etc. She’s seen all the marketing material for the film being shot this summer that I wrote, etc, and I just edited a really nice promo video for one of our latest product offerings. She loved the idea, asked me to write a pitch for how I’d shoot the documentary, market it afterwards, and what the market impact would be (re: ROI).

Now, I have to write a “mock script” so she can put together a package for the executive management. Since they have an event budget of over $100k, she told me not to skimp on equipment – get whatever it takes to look nice. I told her that I’m planning a “guerilla,” found footage type of production, so I’ll be looking for a “run and gun” kinda camera to rent.

Very excited.


It’s amazing the things these subs are able to manifest.

Congrats on your continued success @SaintSovereign


Of Mindset and Monsters, Part II: The Velvet Curtain

“I don’t like the way you think.”

Of course you wouldn’t. But that doesn’t make me a bad person. For the most part, I keep to myself. I’m a taxpaying, law abiding citizen. I say “please” and “thank you,” I open doors for old ladies, give up my seat to them on the bus.

What I DON’T do is bow to false, arbitrary manmade power structures and systems. Your title and accomplishments may warrant my initial attention, but they do not command my respect by default. And since you DO give away your most valuable possession – your will to power – to another individual for those reasons (as society indoctrinates you to do), you think you’re “better” than me, because I’m bad and you’re GOOD. And you’re using how “good” and “moral” you are as a way to easily claim superiority. You haven’t ACTUALLY accomplished anything in your life, and you’ve spent what little time you have on this earth giving away your personal power to others and SOMEHOW, you’re claiming that’s a virtue and using it as a call to power.

The next time someone tells you something as asinine as, “I don’t like how you think,” or any variant of that, let them know what’s really going on. That you see past the velvet curtain that truly separates the “haves” from the “have nots.” You’d better believe that you’re going to hear this once you start living for yourself and not giving your all to others.

Somewhere along the line, the majority of society became indoctrinated with the idea that operating in self-interest somehow makes you a bad person. And only through sacrifice – your will, your dreams, your money, etc. – will make you become a good person.

Those beyond the velvet curtain – the soft, philosophical boundaries between those who create value and those who consume it – know better. They realize that value exchange lies at the heart of human interaction, even with those claiming to be “good.” The “good” people don’t want to admit it, because that threatens their worldview. They want to continue believing that as long as they continue to sacrifice, they will increase their “goodness,” which they can use to claim moral and ethical superiority.

What they don’t understand is that value exchange isn’t inherently wrong. It can be as concrete as the exchange of money, or as abstract as sharing a feeling of love when you meet someone new. The fact of the matter is, if you are not providing value in your relationships, but receiving value, then that’s unethical.

Sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice does not make you good. Now, I’m sure someone’s gonna say, “well what about the army – our soldiers put their lives on the line for us!” I’m not a very political person, but I think it’s an absolute travesty what the United States does to veterans. You go to war and you’re destroyed mentally and physically, only to come back to a country that doesn’t support your medical needs and a society that generally hates you.

This is unequal value exchange. But that’s the government. Don’t do this kinda stuff to others, and you’re “good.” Don’t allow anyone to make you think there’s something wrong with “the way you think” simply because you don’t recognize or acknowledge someone’s attempt to power play you. As long as you do no intentional, active harm to anyone, there’s nothing to feel bad about.

Next Up: Of Mindset and Monsters, Part II: Life Beyond the Velvet Curtain


State of Subliminal Club – Warning, this is a long one!

This past month and a half been EXCEPTIONALLY difficult, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and where I want my life to go. From being hospitalized with the flu, to a cancer scare, which turned out to be something else that has kept me in pain since mid-last month, to the ridiculousness that occurred earlier this week where random people began outright lying on Subliminal Club, to the craziness at my day job.

Because of this, Subliminal Club has suffered. We’ve released multiple products late. We let our vendors and partners get away with giving us lower quality service. For example, our voice actress for the superchargers. Normally, I’m constantly checking in with her to ensure she’s giving the best quality. Due to the recent stresses, however, I slacked off. For that, I apologize to our customers. I’m actively making moves to ensure this doesn’t happen again, and we’re going to make sure that everyone who was affected by this will receive some free gifts that I think you’ll enjoy.

That being said, I’ve decided to make a big (at least for me) move that will help things. On Monday, I’m going to put in a transfer at work to move to another, less stressful product. I believe in the product I’m working on now – and I believe it’s REALLY going to change the game in that industry. Unfortunately, this product is causing a lot of strife within the company because it currently isn’t making any money. Because it’s not making any money, executive management is reluctant to give more resources and staff. As a result, my manager is riding us HARD to produce output at any cost – even if it’s shitty, terrible work, which I HATE doing – and I sense a growing rift between us.

Today, I had a phone call with the producer for the sci-fi film in production. To clarify, since one of the trolls claimed I said it was “my movie,” I just wrote the script and it was optioned by his production company. We really got along in our initial conversation, and he invited me to be on the leadership team. I am not the director, I don’t have final say over the creative vision. That being said, they decided they wanted to take the production in a different way. Instead of shooting one movie, they want to shoot it in chunks and produce it as a web series. That way, we can use it to build a dedicated audience for future productions. I’m intrigued by the idea, as it’s a bit disruptive and gives us more freedom.

Now, @Fire and I were planning our own production for November, and even established a new LLC (for tax purposes and the such), and this producer was going to help us get it going. However, the producer wanted to know if we would be interested in executive producing (re: financing and marketing) the webseries. We had some issues with the proposal, but my biggest fear was overextending myself and SubClub and our other eCom sites suffering. Ultimately, after talking to @Fire, we agreed. This solidified my intention to ask for a transfer – what I need right now is a traditional 9 to 5 position that will free up my creative energy and allow me to get back on track. @Fire has been amazing at holding it down, but we’re a team, and I’ve been slacking. It’s time to sit down and ask myself what I REALLY want to do with my life.

Next week will be a major turning point, but I’m sure I can handle it however it goes. What happens was manifested and meant to happen – we will adapt, we will adjust, we will succeed.


We’ve gotten a few support e-mails from concerned customers asking if we’re okay, if the company is healthy, etc. The answer is YES. We’re having probably one of the best problems a small business can have – we’re literally getting so much new business that it’s overwhelming us. Between support requests, new title requests, research, development, not to mention the side film venture, we just got slammed a lot harder than we anticipated. As stated in my previous post, I’m making some moves to alleviate some of this on my end – initial conversations with executive management yesterday went well. We’ll see.

On the SubClub end, I’m replacing the traditional “send an e-mail to support” system with an actual ticketing system. That way, we can keep track of support requests and make sure they’re received in a timely fashion. As for the situation we had with our voice and graphics vendor, we’re going to resolve that by looking for higher quality vendors. It’ll cost a bit more, but it’ll save us a lot of trouble in the long run.


We’ve reached a milestone!

Subliminal Club’s Facebook page passed 3000 likes this past week. We spent a lot of time developing our advertising strategy there and it’s paying off in droves.


Facebook page for the film will pass 400 today. May not seem as impressive, but keep in mind that I launched this page about 9 days ago. We’re aiming to have 1000 likes by the end of the week – once that happens, things usually skyrocket. We’re getting incredible feedback on the concept, and it’s organic growth through primarily shares indicates that we’re really engaging with our future audience.


Speaking of the film, @Fire and I met with the producer today to discuss potential contract issues. As a creative, “the money talk” is always the proverbial elephant in the room. No one REALLY wants to have elongated conversations about percentages, rights and ownership. We just want to make a solid, entertaining product, but as we receive more and more interest regarding the concept (especially after we started our marketing push), we realized that it was now time to have “that talk.”

Well, “that talk” went so pleasant that @Fire and I both were suspicious of everyone else’s intentions. Seriously, it was weird – we pitched the numbers we decided upon, and everyone else just sorta went along with it. I believe it was a manifestation of a module in Ultimate Artist designed to make the business side of artistry “smoother,” but @Fire’s advice to err on the side of caution was well received. We’ll see. The actual paperwork for this portion hasn’t been signed yet. Things could definitely change once everything’s down on paper.

@Fire’s working on a few titles that’s going to rock the game. I’m also conceptualizing a new version of Ultimate Artist, one that gives you even more control over your results. I don’t want to release the details yet, but it’s a twist on the multi-stage subliminal concept that gives you full control over your growth. Speculate and have fun! We may give out bonuses for those who guess correctly. :wink:


I thought I was making moves to simplify my life. Somehow, things got even busier. For example, at the day job, I asked if I could transfer to another project, one that didn’t require as much of a time restraint. The OPPOSITE happened – the owner of the company (who runs this particular project) actually gave me more responsibility by removing all bureaucratic blocks and making revenue generation my core KPI.

On one hand, I’m excited – there’s no better position to be in than one where you can directly correlate your efforts to money. On the other hand, I feel a bit more pressured because… well, it’s kind of a pass / fail kinda deal. Either I generate more money, or I don’t – there’s NO excuses to be made. So far, things are going well. There’s tons of areas where this product can be improved to increase revenue.

I’m just gonna let my stack do its thing, rather than try to fight it.


my experience with simplifying life is that when you create space or void it will be filled i notice that a lot on my life . may be related

i didn’t find this surprising when some one gives the one of most important tasks revenue generation he gave them to the one who feels power who sense that he is able to achieve the results . rest assured your subliminal is working very well :smile:


@SaintSovereign, I don’t know how much earlier you got on it, but I’m finding Limitless v2 doing something similar for me.

Life is indeed getting Simpler - I’m not unnecessarily complicating my plans;
it is also simultaneously getting Busier - because being uncluttered means I can take on a lot more.



SubClub Facebook passed 4000 likes! This new marketing idea is working great, and we’re seeing a huge correlation between the increase in FB engagement and sales. :wink:

We’re going to do great things this year.



It is great to know which subs you are running @SaintSovereign

But I am very curious to know what @Fire is running. It must be FIRE :wink:


Hahahaha. He’s running a completely custom subliminal that he built to address his particular issues and goals. :wink:

It’s working so well that we decided it’s time to offer customs to the public with EXPLORE.