SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom "Ecstasy of Khan", Quantum Limitless)


Haters gonna say it’s fake or self-promotion, but I got the chance to test Sex Mastery X2 for the first time last night. My girlfriend and myself went out to see a friend perform at a local bar. Even though there was loud music, I exposed both to us to Sex Mastery X2 the entire time.

Let’s just say that last night was… “a blast” to say the least. Afterward, I tried to convince her to get out of bed and play Ghost Recon: Wildlands with me for a bit (it’s like The Division, but much harder and more tactical… meaning she’s not a fan, lol) and her response was, “the next time you want me to play video games with you, don’t make me cum three times first. I’m going to bed.”

This morning, she kept commenting on how gigantic I felt. Now, here’s the thing – I’ve never looked at Sex Mastery X2’s script. Seriously – I’ve been working on marketing, business expansion opportunities (hint, I’ve been playing around a lot with Unreal Engine) and general product dev while @Fire and his research team creates the subs. He confirmed this morning that there’s direct scripting to support both of those “outcomes” (pun intended).

So yeah. Good sub. Lots of fun. Looks like you don’t have to run it continuously also. My friend’s show was from 6-9, so we were exposed from about… 5:15 to 9:30ish?


Do you mean that Sex Mastery X2 actually increases the size of your penis? Or is there scritping that made your girlfriend think it’s bigger than it really is?


I like it. More to come (pun intended) ?


Good grief a.penis enlargement module ?


It felt like it maximized my natural size to the limit.


Quantum Limitless is the prototype for the next iteration of Limitless. It’s probably far too early and possibly too dangerous for me to even test right now, but eh – I have my reasons, which I’ll explain later if my brain doesn’t melt (j/k). Don’t look too much into the name, I just didn’t want to post the real name of the prototype, which is a collection of characters and numbers that no one would get unless they knew our naming scheme, lol.

Before we get into that, however. A state of SubClub announcement: Five days, 100+ copies of Khan sold. Needless to say, revenue wise, this will most likely our highest month yet. We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has walked the path with us toward maximizing human potential. Khan isn’t cheap, and we know many of you took a leap of faith in purchasing it. The revenue generated from Khan will not be spent on materalistic stuff – we’re literally reinvesting it ALL back into the company so that we may continue to bring you the highest quality and most effective self improvement tools available – and at a reasonable cost.

To that end, yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my good friends that works in Silicon Valley as a programmer. This weekend, we’re submitting a project proposal to him that will culminate with you being able to go to and have a completely custom made subliminal created within a few hours using AI and automation. Of course, that goal is quite a bit off, but if negotiations goes well, he’s going to start working on the first part – an interface that will allow you to enter your name, choose which modules you want and when you hit submit and pay, the system will automatically knock out the first half of the subliminal creation process. @Fire or myself will still have to do much of the work manually, but it’ll take the subliminal creation process from 5-7 days down to 1-2 days. Also means we can charge a bit less for custom subliminals, since there’s less man hours involved.

Eventually, we want the entire process to be automated. You choose what you want, and a few hours later, you receive an email with a download link to your custom, name embedded subliminal. So yeah, good stuff on the way. For those of you who applied for the Weapon X test, it’s coming. @Fire is actively working on it, and I’m working on the testing protocol. I think this one is going to be A LOT of fun. The one after that, however… that’s going to be INCREDIBLY exciting. :wink:


Excellent news, @SaintSovereign. When it eventually comes out, I will definitely purchase a custom made “perfect health” from you guys then.


Sounds good @SaintSovereign. Do you have an update on Subprime?


@Fire and I have to decide whether or not it’s feasible. We were extremely excited about the idea, but we’d be essentially opening ourselves up to people pirating and stealing. As soon as we allowed streaming, someone would use an audio ripper to record every track and release it. We work too hard to make it that easy.


The film is falling apart. Long story short, despite objections from @Fire and myself, the creative team made a few decisions that caused us to lose about 60% of our outside funding, and @Fire and I aren’t willing to cover the gap – we need that cash to keep developing SubClub and other business ventures with a direct correlation to revenue. Production was slated to start last Saturday, but now it’s being pushed back to early September, giving us time to find alternative sources of funding.

Before I started running Khan, I was very disappointed, given that I was really looking forward to this. However, Khan seems to be steering me in a different direction. I’m now thinking more high level and strategic. The film’s concept raised a lot of attention and most of all, people were REALLY engaging with the story. While that iteration of the film may not come to fruition, SOMETHING will happen. I’ve actually assigned the rights to the BRAND (not the script, which belongs to production for another year) to our parent company, and we’ve already been approached by a few people wanting to do something with it because they love the concept. One company wants to turn it into one of those interactive novel style games, like the stuff David Cage produces (Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human). I actually haven’t played any of his stuff, so I bought Detroit last night to see what it’s like. As usual, however, these smaller companies require investment, and they want us to help cover it.

Enter Quantum Limitless. I have another idea that I’m exploring…


Saint, are you running a custom version of Khan Complete? Or a different stage?

Because you talked about how Khan helps you heal. At the same time, in the sales page, it is said that Khan Complete has all the healing taken out, so it is focused on action and reprogramming.


Custom version. Name embedded, with a light form of Regeneration added to the program.


Would you mind sharing why you added Regeneration to Kahn?

I’m not seeking to know personal issues. I’m wondering how it may accent Kahn’s work mostly, as I own Regeneration already.

And I just re-read the question: Kahn Complete. It has no healing or trauma scripting. So adding that makes sense. I’m on Total Breakdown, so I’m hit with it constantly :slightly_smiling_face:


The sales page actually says this :

The first stage of Khan lives up to its name, being a powerful take on healing subliminals. With Regeneration being a subliminal that takes you through your trauma and helps you heal them, and Rebirth literally shifting your perceptions to make you feel like a new man, you might think – why another healing based subliminal?

Because Total Breakdown is going to break you down. Completely. Literally.

My understanding is that Total Breakdown is a more potent healing sub (albeit a brutal one). Where does it says that the healing has been taken out? Am I missing something?


Sure – I don’t feel like I need another total breakdown, but I do have some emotional issues that needs addressing. I spoke about this in the Khan thread, how I’m dealing with this weird existential fear of death and how Khan helped me relate it to a deep seated fear of success. Hoping adding Regeneration into the Khan script helps me deal with it.

However, if this feeling doesn’t subside soon, I’ll be joining everyone else with Stage 1. It’s possible that the only way I can address this is by breaking myself completely down once again. I’m open to the challenge.


He’s referring to Stage IV: Khan Complete specifically, which contains Total Action and Reprogramming, but Breakdown was removed. I’m running a custom version of Stage IV, which name embed, but I added Regeneration rather than Breakdown because of the differences between how they achieve their target goals.


I thought that Total Breakdown was a marketing name for stage 1. But honestly, it is a total breakdown. Especially for me who will end up this month with about 450 hours of Khan Total Breakdown.

I would say it is about 5x more potent than Regeneration.


Hahahaha – yeah, it’s really no joke and I’m so tempted to just do it because the script is absolutely brilliant. If Stage 1 gets to be too much, go ahead and switch to Stage 2 or 3 (avoid Complete until you can handle Stage 1) and then revisit Stage 1.


So far, Quantum Limitless has been performing so well that the next time @Fire and I have our creative and strategy meeting, I’m going to suggest we move ahead with production. Based off what I’m experiencing and how we can improve the program, I’m envisioning another four stage program, that goes a bit more granular by also including stack modules (in addition to the four stages) that target certain things – for example, eidetic memory, concentration, etc.


That really sounds great! I think the Khan multi-stage format is a brilliant thing. It feels like a more complete solution than individual programs.

If Quantum Limitless will come before Ultimate Artist, then I hope there will be a Quantum Limitless stage focused on extreme creativity!

Imagine running the Action stage of Khan with the Extreme Creativity and learning of Quantum Limitless! Oh, the possibilities!