SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom "Ecstasy of Khan", Quantum Limitless)


Stumbled upon a new build method today that looks promising. The current prototype is beyond crude, but I believe the refined version will be twice as powerful than what we’re using for the current programs.

Experimental testing (NX series subliminals, currently restricted to certain testers) goes well. We’ve had some beyond unbelievable results in regards to “advancing human potential.” More to share later.

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Finalized the latest build method, which I’ve codenamed “Morningstar,” for some… personal reasons. Basically, I’ve discovered that I’ve been overthinking a lot of things regarding how to build quality subliminals, based on information spread by certain people on the web.

We’re not going to rebuild old titles for now. I want to make sure that there aren’t any small improvements that I can make to this build method before creating new subs and rebuilding old ones. I will say this, though: the Morningstar build is going to take our game to an entirely new level. Get ready for some serious power in the near future.

Becoming a MMA Fighter with Muay Thai Mastery X + Seductress

Development on the next program in the “alpha / wealth / success” category has started. We’re calling it EMPEROR. Hands down, EMPEROR will be THE most powerful and advanced wealth generation and personal power subliminal available on the web. Forget what you’ve heard about “generations of subliminal power” and all that stuff. We’re only focusing on REAL RESULTS.

Mogul and Ascended Mogul were designed to help you become successful in whatever part of life you wanted. EMPEROR is designed to make millionaires and billionaires. It’s going to focus your life INTENSELY on becoming wealthy. Many of you won’t be ready to run it – you’re not ready to let go of the life you have now. Because rest assured, EMPEROR WILL DISRUPT THINGS. Be very sure you want to be rich before running it.

We’ll be opening a suggestions thread soon.


Suggestions thread available here:


The EMPEROR is complete. Tomorrow (August 13th), we’ll upload and release. This is gonna be a GREAT ride.

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What are your 2019 goals? Not “resolutions,” but GOALS?

I don’t really do “resolutions.” I like to set static goals with a “pass / fail” state built into it. For example, my 2019 goals all involve growing my business and income exponentially at varying, but concrete percentages. SubliminalClub has experienced strong positive growth month over month, without fail. We’ve stumbled a few times, and we’re still not as “polished” as I’d like, but make no mistake, we are aiming for nothing but absolute domination of the market within the next few years.

We’re also going to expand into some interesting markets soon. The “Superchargers” product line has proven to be exceptionally profitable, popular and accessible. So, we’ll be going all in on those, as well as standalone guided meditation tracks. To that end, I have enrolled in a rather popular and in-depth one year hypnosis and hypnotherapy training program @ I’ve also been working through a number of books recommended to me by a trusted colleague that runs their own successful hypnotherapy practice. For the time being, we’re going to continue outsourcing the supercharger scripts to that person, but finishing this program will give me the knowledge to create even better products.

So, those are my two major goals this year:

  • Grow my online businesses by varying, but concrete amounts
  • Successfully complete the hypnotherapy courses

What are YOU going to do in 2019?


@SaintSovereign I have been thinking about this since I read it over an hour ago. In all honesty I am want some security and stability for myself, my wife , and our cat. I am just done with chaos for the moment. I want to wake up every day knowing I’m doing the best possible for us three and it continues to grow. I feel like I have or I’m very close to just wanting to relax a bit. Not retire or be lazy but just have that inner knowing that shit is ok no matter what. To be self reliant on many levels. Simplistic I know but I’m ok with that.


I find the best place to learn Hypnotherapy, the cutting edge latest scientifically based stuff that even most hypnotists don’t know is a 2.5 course here, and you need to be interviewed to get in:

If there is room for you to investigate this and compare it to that other program, please consider that @SaintSovereign . Because I believe the results will be much better with HTA.

I am not affiliated with them in any way, just my honest opinion and experience. HTA has amazing teachers, and it’s all step by step where you can’t fail. Plus, they debunk many Hypnosis myths most other hypnotists still cling to, which makes your skill more effective because it is based on reality, not on a mix of reality and something that came out of some hypnotist’s imagination and became gospel now.


I’ll keep this in mind after I finish the course I’m enrolled in now. I chose because I liked their curriculum. They allowed me to sample some of the videos and workbooks, and this program provides a holistic look at hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP and more. But, those who know me know that I’m a perfectionist and I take my various crafts extremely seriously. I’ll always be a student. Thanks for the suggestion, though.


@SaintSovereign btw are you running only Emperor and Limitless at the moment? No stacking modules or other programs?


Lol he is probably running custom sub tracks and testing them


I have not taken a full certification but I’ve taken hypnosis workshops with both Mark Cunningham and Cal Banyan, who are both very good hypnotists and studied with Gerald Kein at Omni Hypnosis. Cunningham also studied at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute ( You can hear him talk about his experiences with both entities on his recordings. I haven’t personally had any experience with Omni, Hypnosis Motivation or HTA so I won’t make any statements about them.

Banyan is a very organized and excellent teacher. Cunningham is more off the cuff but also more entertaining. He has a big rep from being associated with Ross Jeffries. I recently switched from listening to his tracks to listening to Libertine.


Did you take the Hypnosis Training Academy course?


I did not do the 2.5 years curriculum, but I have taken some of their 5 day courses and online trainings. Excellent stuff.
I am also very familiar with Mark Cunningham. HTA teaches better.


I looked at the web-site and see that it is Igor Ledchowski. I have listened to a great deal of his material.


Yes, it’s Igor. He’s very good.


I’m running a completely customized, name-embedded version of Emperor and Limitless. The customized Emperor is directed at Subliminal Club’s success in the script. Limitless just has a name embed. I also tested all of the stack modules, but I generally keep my subliminal stack incredibly tight and focused.


This sounds very interesting. What ratios do you run Emperor and Limitless? 1:1?