EMPEROR Suggestions Thread


Hey everyone, post your suggestion / features you’d like to see in EMPEROR here. I can’t promise that we’ll be able to incorporate everything as we follow a very particular development style, but we’ll definitely consider and discuss all ideas.

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I’m curious if listening to Ascended Mogul for a certain period of time will be suggested before running Emperor?


Recommended? Yes.
Required? No.

But having a strong foundation will make the program easier to handle. And with Emperor, you’re going to need a stroooong foundation.


Actually, is it possible for to the sub to enable users to replicate the mindset, abilities and skills of other successful people in order to achieve the goals of being millionaires and billionaires?

Am I correct to say that millionaires and billionaires don’t necessarily have to have created their wealth through business, but also through other skills in various fields such as sports, the arts and entertainment?

So, my point is if I am good at painting, I may be able to draw some artwork that sells at a few million dollars through the sub which lets me replicate the mindset of a certain accomplished painter.


Those are great ideas. They’re already covered in the Standard Script (45+ modules that goes into every subliminal to boost its power), though. It’s called the RAIKOV effect.


So basically how to install or implement the genius of someone you admire or wish to emulate?


I’m not gonna go into detail about HOW we do it (because it’s trade secret), but I will say that it’s there and has been implemented in a mind blowing way.

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Some amount of energy throughout the day would be greatly appreciated. I get a huge amount when working on something but having general energy would be very useful as well.


I concur. Will see what @Fire can do.


Last call for suggestions. Emperor script will be locked down within the next 2 days and built.


Something fpr general health, better sleep, prioritize sleeping earlier so more can be done next day. Something for quality food too idk.


No, sorry for the confusion –

The masked version is standard Emperor. The masked build itself is new (since we previously only offered ultrasonics), hence why it’s titled “Experimental.”

We’ve received good reports regarding the masked version, so I’ll be renaming the masked version and updating everyone’s download links.


May I know what “reality bending” is really about? I am sure it is more than just a nice-sounding term, but is it what it is? How much can reality be bent and I am hoping to hear from users (including myself) who have had their reality “bent” soon;


It’s pretty much how it sounds like - modifying reality in order to get you closer to your goals. How this occurs is up to your subconscious.

It’s different from manifestation, but they work hand-in-hand.

Check out some of the journals on here, for example - Better and Better: Alexander's Journal

But, I bet you can wait a little while and others will tell you more about their experiences specifically related to reality bending.


Without giving too much away due to trade secret, “reality bending” refers to scripting that attempts to influence the deepest layers of your subconscious – the parts that define your personal reality.

Here’s a rather cryptic analogy:

For those of you old enough, remember the Game Genie and/or Game Shark cheat devices for video games? Those who don’t, the Game Genie was a piece of hardware you could attach to a video game and then enter codes that would alter the game’s functions, logic and reality, granting the player things like infinite lives, invincibility, or starting the game with abilities you normally had to work harder for…

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Hi there i have been listening to an alpha male programme which i will not name for the last 2 months i intend to buy emperor tonight and start on that. Do you think i should have a time break in between before i start emperor because my subconscious is running the other programme? Also i am very interested in the sex and seduction programme you are working on, will we be able to run it with emperor like people have run ascend and mogul etc thanks


No, you should be able to jump right into Emperor. Just make sure you commit and run it for 3-6 months without mixing it with other subliminals by other companies. Our subliminals will mix just fine, though results will be diluted.


OK just bought Emperor and downloaded it, can i just confirm that the original version is ultrasonic and the experimental versions are masked and ultrasonic. If I want to listen to the masked in the day which will be experimental and the silent version of the original at night can i do that? Or should i stick to either experimental masked and silent or the original which is ultrasonic hope you know what i mean just want to double check before i proceed thanks


The masked version is standard Emperor. We haven’t offered masked versions before, so the masked is an experimental masked build – but the script is standard Emperor.

Emperor EXTREME has a slightly modified script and a COMPLETELY different build method. Use it at your own risk – we make no claims whatsoever to that one in regards to results.

The regular Emperor ultrasonic is the stable version of Emperor guaranteed to bring results.