SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom "Ecstasy of Khan", Quantum Limitless)


Beyond Alchemy


Just had the second leadership meeting regarding the film. Went exceptionally well. There was a moment where the gratitude scripting in various programs almost overwhelmed me.

It was the moment when we were discussing getting additional funding to add an extra layer of polish to the product and I realized that I was able to close that gap out of pocket with my own personal funds and with no hardship at all.

Five years ago, I was penniless, homeless and without friends. Now, I’m able to throw down a couple of thousands toward a childhood dream and know that I’ll be perfectly fine. I am grateful to @Fire for believing we could take on the mainstream and build products that changes lives and fulfills dreams — because that’s exactly what’s happening to me right now.

Subliminals work. Taking action works. Living your best life works. Being grateful works.

What are you grateful for today?


Awesome to hear it!

I’m grateful for being open minded enough, resourceful enough and strong enough to keep trying different things to help myself and my life experience.


Specifically which programs have gratitude scripting?


Pretty much all of them. It’s in the standard script.


I’ve felt the gratitude scripting on Ascension. It’s awesome!


Top Man :slight_smile:


I spent the past weekend in Manhattan attending the casting auditions for the film I wrote. I was asked by the director and producer to attend in an advisory role, since the screenplay is so trippy and rooted in a personal mythology.

It was absolutely AMAZING seeing talented artists acting out something that I had written. And, the creative team is amazing — which I attribute to the “team” and “mentor” manifestation in Ultimate Artist and Emperor.

I must admit, I have the film bug now and will be spending some time cultivating this.

The next few days will be playing catch up on SubClub. Expect to see some cool stuff in the next few days. :wink:


I’m hoping one of them is Ultimate Artist. Your results are great.


Thats why I 100% sure WHY Subliminal Club’s subs are successful. Pure creativity delivered not only by scripts but the inherited creative spirit of creators. Movies, cinema, scripts, actors, light, music - thats what I like most after the psychology.

Best friends of my subconscious mind © :slight_smile:


I have an IMDB page with an official, verified credit. Childhood dream coming true. This weekend, I’m debating upgrading Ultimate Artist to the latest New Dawn specifications.

For those who say things like “manifestations aren’t real,” you’re cutting off your own pipeline to success. This opportunity manifested out of “nowhere.” Literally, I was at the gym working the heavy bag, and this random woman beside me started talking about how she was a filmmaker. I told her I was a writer, we exchanged information, and boom.

By mid-next year, I fully intend to be a full-time entrepreneur (yes, SubClub is my top priority with that) and writer / filmmaker.


That is awesome Saint congratulations. You certainly deserve it.


Subliminal Club manifestations are the absolute best I’ve ever experienced. I’m certainly not on the level of @SaintSovereign but if you read my journal as well you’ll get another taste of what these manifestations can do.


They don’t know. Manifestation can be crazy powerful, it’s just that it’s hard to master and control but when it works, it works BIG TIME. I’ve had a few that completely baffled me.


You are all talking about manifestation. What do you exactly mean by it?


What’s your stack? Ultimate Artist and Emperor? Anything else?


I’m also running Limitless.


It’s been awhile since I’ve given a STATE OF SUB CLUB update. I am proud to say that, as usual, business is healthy and thriving. From a revenue standpoint, March was the second highest since we’ve launched (January holds the record). @Fire and I would like to thank and appreciate each and everyone of our customers for their support. I want to give a special thanks to those who offered words of encouragement and understanding during my illness last month. Needless to say, I learned my lesson – I WILL be getting the flu shot during the next flu season, as I’ve never experienced anything like that.

A number of people are inquiring about the film. For the past 2-3 weeks, the creative leadership has been debating on the lead role. It came down to two contenders – both very strong, talented actors. One of the actors fit the role physically, but didn’t quite have the same range and energy as the other – who we feared had a look that was a bit too “old” for the part. Ultimately, we decided to go with the latter, as he truly understood the part, even if he was a bit older than we wanted. Now that the lead role has been cast, we’re going through another round of funding (the film is pretty much funded, but we’re hoping to get more of a cushion), and filming begins in the summer.

That being said, my stack has manifested yet another amazing result. @Fire may bonk me for revealing this so early, but Sunday, we met with the producer – who has some pretty amazing connections and is very well respected in New York (he actually debuted his own film last night to some big wigs) – to assist us in the creation of a film production company with us three (me, @Fire and the producer) as the creative force behind the company and any works we produce. We’ve been meeting daily to discuss potential titles (@Fire actually pitched an AMAZINGLY COMPELLING story yesterday) to develop.

Please note that SubClub Films (working title, we’re definitely changing it to something else) will not affect our work on Subliminal Club. In fact, since each business will fuel the other, we’ll probably be working harder to make SubClub a success. We’re simply expanding our business and creative interests.

Either way, this development was clearly the result of the fact that both @Fire and I are running a similar Emperor + Ultimate Artist stack. Both contain significant scripting in regards to mentor / team manifestation, as well as helping you make money from your creative endeavors. It’s never too late to start pursuing your dreams, regardless of age. You simply have to take the first step.


Come on now. You haven’t experienced malaria (yet). It makes flu feel like a picnic at the beach. :joy:

Thanks for the STATE OF SUB CLUB update. Always good to know what’s happening.


Saint Sovereign is back. :wink:
Expect fun announcements within the next few days, as well as being an active presence on the forum / support e-mails again.