SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom "Ecstasy of Khan", Quantum Limitless)


Very excited about Ultimate Artist. Knowing that sub is coming in the future changes my stack as there are some goals I’d like to accomplish before running it.

Are you already using a test version of the subliminal?


What does that do?


Yes – I made a name embedded, focused version of it a long time ago. I updated it to the latest New Dawn standards for testing.


I’m glad to hear that it’s already being tested. Hopefully it comes out sometime soon.


Do you prefer Vangelis or Hans Zimmer version most of Blade Runner? :slight_smile:


I hated the 2049 soundtrack – seemed very uninspiring. And I love Hans Zimmer – Interstellar, Man of Steel and Inception are amongst my favorite movie scores. Right up there with James Horner’s score for The Wrath of Khan and James Newton Howard’s score for Unbreakable.

On James Horner, the title track for The Wrath of Khan embodied the essence of Star Trek in a way that no other composer has never really been able to touch or convey:

EDIT: Though I will give Michael Giacchino some kudos for attempting to take a Star Trek theme in a different direction –

EDIT EDIT: This is the worst Star Trek theme ever –


DREAMS will come with two versions: the standard 10 minute version and a 20 - 30 minute track that’s designed to lull you to sleep immediately after listening.


So what is what is this one all about?

Better sleep?
Encouraging dream recall?
Lucid dreaming?
Catalyzing the healing process via dreams?

I would imagine it would have to be one, some or all of these.


Secret secret for now. :wink:


Lucid dreaming? So we can control our dreams and live many lifetimes learning new skills and practicing ones we have now?


For me it sounds like a connection to a cosmic body.:milky_way:


Definitley a Emperor supercharger called KINGDOME


Discovery theme is pure nonsense. James Horner versing is rather good. But to my taste - Jerry Goldsmith version is the best. Giacchino has very flexible style. Simetimes I confuse his music with John Williams.


The Jerry Goldsmith theme is good, especially the one used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as opposed to the Next Generation rendition.

Discovery as a whole is a disappointment. I liked the first season, but this second season lost me. It usually takes Trek shows a couple of seasons to ground itself, but at this rate, I think I prefer even Enterprise over this.


State of Subliminal Club #1:

Our customers put a lot of trust in us and our products. As such, I’m going to start posting regular updates about the health of the company, as well as giving you an inside look at some of our successes (and failures), which will be incredibly useful to anyone wanting to start their own eCommerce based business.

That being said, let’s talk about PRICING

@Fire and I get a lot of PMs and support messages asking why we price our subliminals lower than some of our competitors. I’m not going to speculate on other companies’ pricing strategies, but I will say this about our products with complete confidence: the quality of our products is equal to anything else available on the market.

Whatever negative narrative people try to spin about Subliminal Club (and trust me, we’ve dealt with a bunch of crap), the facts simply don’t agree. We’ve experienced tremendous positive growth month over month in terms of revenue, profit and customer acquisition. Each month, our website statistics – both AND SubliminalResults.Com – increases significantly (22% increase in unique visitors when compared to same time period in Jan). If we made bad products that were bunk, this wouldn’t be happening – especially since this is a small niche powered by a number of self-development communities.

Our price is based on achieving three goals: Accessibility (everyone deserves a shot at self-development), disrupting established markets and encouraging competition and innovation. Market disruption is a newer economic phenomenon. I’ll let the experts describe it, as they’ll do it best:

In business, a disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances. Disruptive innovations tend to be produced by outsiders and entrepreneurs in startups, rather than existing market-leading companies. A disruptive process can take longer to develop than by the conventional approach and the risk associated to it is higher than the other more incremental or evolutionary forms of innovations, but once it is deployed in the market, it achieves a much faster penetration and higher degree of impact on the established markets.

We’ve developed a ten year plan for SubliminalClub (and subsequent related companies – believe me, they’re coming) and the field as a whole. Right now, profitability isn’t our main goal. We’re trying to develop quality products and a strong customer base for the long-term. Part of our innovation is refining business processes so we can keep costs low while maintaining good profit margins.

This also encourages competition, which means EXPOSURE. And exposure means more people will use subliminals / hypnosis / etc and tell others about the incredible potential of this industry.

It’s my personal belief, and I’m open to debate or discuss this with anyone, that it would be short-sighted of us to jack up our prices in an attempt to increase perceived value. We would rather build our technology and light the world ablaze when we’re ready.

Open to discussion and questions.


Do you and @Fire currently have a business mentor?


Not at the moment. We have a fairly large team of talented people helping us, however.


What can I say? WOW!..


In most mental alchemy disciplines, you’re instructed to maintain silence on anything you’re trying to manifest until it comes to pass, lest you run the risk of letting other people’s psychological energy affect your results. That being said, I’m not going to give too many details on a crazy opportunity my stack has manifested (the opportunity that prompted me to start running Ultimate Artist), but I do want to keep people updated on the power of taking action and continually working toward your goals.

For those who don’t know, I hold a number of degrees – two of those being a B.A. in Creative Writing, and an MFA in Screenwriting. I’ve written a number of novels, books on writing and roughly twelve screenplays.

One of those screenplays (a science fiction thriller) has caught the attention of a TV producer in New York, who is interested in potentially buying it, developing a shortened version of it and pitching it to Netflix (who he has connections with).

We had our first initial conversation today, where I chatted with his development staff. Second talks go down on Saturday. Next week, I’m flying to Manhattan to sign papers and get to work.

This is no doubt the result of Emperor + Limitless, as that combo has recently started to reawaken my more creative instincts (as you can probably tell with the latest superchargers and music demos, etc.). My customized Limitless directly mentions my filmmaking aspirations and has a section devoted to manifesting opportunities.

This will not affect SubClub at all, of course, though if the deal goes down the way I want, I may sell one of my other eCommerce properties to free up some time.


Will the Ultimate Artist available to public soon?