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Have you ever desired to create your very own subliminal, with any features you wanted? Now is your chance. By ordering a custom subliminal, you can tell us exactly what features you want, and we will create it.

The current price for a custom subliminal is $700 USD, though price may change based on scope. To start your order, please email [email protected] with your request. Customs can take up 4 months to create, depending on scope. No refunds on customs.

Yes, custom subliminals are finally here! Post questions about the process here. If you have questions about your particular potential custom, PM both me and @Fire. Don’t post those details here, please.


SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom "Ecstasy of Khan", Quantum Limitless)

What are cans and cants when it comes to creating a custom subliminal? Will it come with boosters? A plan to stack it with already existing subliminals? What if others pooled together ideas to create a subliminal and divide the cost amongst those who collaborated? I’m just shooting questions


There aren’t any set rules per se. We evaluate each project individually and reserve the right to turn down requests. Once we all agree on to terms, work begins.

Boosters? Not sure what you mean. Yes, it’ll be stackable with existing titles.

Sorry, no group buys. All customs are name embedded.


Just edited this post will pm you or fire thanks


that will be super cool…to have a customized subliminal which targeting my own problems and goals…I really need to think it through…


Are u guys taking orders for this subliminal at this time?


Yes. Send an email to [email protected].


@fire @SaintSovereign

I got a pm months ago that you will send out documents to submit with details for custom subliminal requirements
However not heard anything since then.

Can you please let us all know the status.Is this something that is going to happen soon ? If so when?.


You sent that pm months before we officially started offering custom subliminals through the EXPLORE program and we weren’t ready to accept orders.

Follow the instructions I JUST said and send an email to [email protected] with your request.