Recon experience after using Wanted ZP

Your reply perfectly describes what I’m going through right now using QL Stg4 ZP + Primal Seduction ZP. I went to a club last night and if I were to summarize the events that took place it would scream incongruence.

So far, my experience with Primal Seduction ZP has brought up many of my negative core beliefs and has shown me the things that were caused by them. The memory benefits of QL have come to bite me in the ass in this case, as I’m starting to remember more and more of my past fuck ups with increasingly vivid detail.

Being someone who pushed yourself out of that state do you have any recommendations to make the transition smoother?

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That’s a really good sign. Although it’s not what one would consider a “tangible” result, it means that the subliminal is 101% working and push you towards your desired direction.

There is an inevitability as it’s not going to suddenly stop working, it’s just going to keep going and going as you make breakthroughs and start moving from the purely introspective type of results, into a mixture of “tangible” results and purely heightened “tangible” results, etc. Whatever needs to be done to get you to your conscious and personal goals with the sub that are constantly being referenced and analyzed by your subconscious mind. You’re undoubtedly progressing with the subliminal and it’s going get better as long as you stay consistent and keep going.

Anyways, I’ve had that happen numerous times and with various subs too, lol.

Past situations where I humiliated myself, felt stupid or inadequate, etc.

If you had a past fuck up, you kind of want to keep it under the rug and suppress it because of the negative emotion attached to it (shame, embarassment etc)…

It’s similar to how when you get drunk at a party and act like a fool in front of everyone.
Then months later your friends bring it up like “hey, remember that time at so and so’s party where you got drunk lol” and you desperately change the topic because you don’t want to be reminded of that embarassing situation.

That memory is fresh in your subconscious mind as if it happened yesterday and it’s anchored to a negative emotion which is perpetuating itself as a negative belief/fear.

The memory, your perception of it and the emotion attached to it, is constantly being referenced and drawn from subconsciously, creating a filter through which your behavior and reality is expressed.

When people say “give him some time, he’ll get over it”.
Time, solely by itself doesn’t have healing properties.
It’s the mechanism that heals. The natural process of addressing, facing, accepting and reconciling that time allows for.

How much time that takes is truly up to you.

Because of my spiritual beliefs and how I’m able to disconnect myself from an experience through the awareness of my identity as consciousness, these types of processes are easy for me because of how I perceive fear. It’s more of an “okay, cool” and I just slice the demon’s head off and move on.

Avoidance, suppression and running away are all factors that will prolong the process and gradualize it. You often see this with people that are in recon, they access coping/escape mechanisms.

Emotional/comfort eating junk food and lots of sugar, scrolling through Instagram, binging porn, binging netflix etc.
They start compulsively distracting one’s self.
This is in response to the emotional distress with having to face a giant spider (a subconscious fear), and they’re prolonging the process by running away and avoiding it.
Just like changing the topic in that drunk party example.

The subliminal is squeezing that negative fear to the surface and they’re overcompensating avoidance by looking away. They’re not working in full tandem with the subliminal, their subconscious mind and the healing process.

I do the total opposite of that.
I’m getting emotional recon or intrusive thoughts?
I’m running straight at it, lol.
I’m grabbing and shoving that door wide open, I want to see EVERYTHING.
Show me everything, let me feel the emotions, I don’t care.

I guess my recommendation is to sit and meditate on whatever is rising and to not be afraid.
Feel, understand, forgive and let go.

Envelop yourself in it and you’ll realize that it’s not real and you no longer have to let it define you.

There are going to be people that read this and go “easier said than done, buddy”.
That’s completely fine as well. Everyone goes at their own pace that makes sense for them and that they are ready for.

This is why ZP is so necessary.
Nothing can beat this type of deep and introspective growth, because it’s real.
You develop a wisdom and congruence that you can’t get from reading self-help books all day.
It’s growth of the soul. One of the many beauties of life, lol


So far I’ve been allowing the memories to come up and following the stream of where they lead but I haven’t made any effort to try and let them go. Instead of trying to forgive myself I’ve been trying to find the problem and fixing it, which explains why I’m still in this loop.

I’ll be keeping this sentence in mind, while I try to accept the things that are being shown to me.

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That can happen as well as PSZP has some learning components to it.

This might be useful Emperor : PACMAN - #83 by Luther24

I’ve had numerous instances where I learned from a less than ideal experience with a woman, so it’s very possible that your subconscious mind is having you learn through past experiences in order to get better.

You have an entire memory database of experiences so I can see how your subconscious mind would analyze some of them if it could potentially be beneficial to your development.

The more you play the game on PSZP, the better you get, in all areas.

and just like Wanted ZP, there is no limit.

I’ve gotten to a very comfortable level which is why I stopped PSZP, but I know that if I wanted to keep going… it’s endless.

You can have a lot of fun, lol.

You don’t even have to sleep with every woman if you don’t want to,
there’s a lot of flexibility with what you can do. It’s all up to you.

You can build a strong social circle of gorgeous women around you purely based off of potential.

Even though Khan is more comprehensive than Emperor, I don’t run it because I don’t need any of the sexuality aspects of it.

You can get unlimited sex just on Wanted/PS.

After my Mogul cycles, I might play with PS ZP again and see how skilled I can get, lol.
I’m pretty sure that you can start tapping into wizard-like levels of seduction if you really wanted to.

Most of all enjoy yourself and have fun


I know that @Calm also hit Recon really hard on Wanted. Unusual, I haven’t heard of a lot of people hitting heavy recon on it, then all of a sudden I hear it from both of you within two days.

I was saying to him you could always balance it out with less exposure to Wanted or to a more positivity-focused rather than healing-focused subliminal like Love Bomb for when you REALLY need that extra boost.

Wanted + Love Bomb as a stack would actually be so crazy… can you imagine the aura you’d give off?

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That’s what I did last night while having some intense recon on Wanted. Didn’t help, had a nightmare and I feel like running away made the recon bleed into the next day.

Really glad I stumbled across this. Seems like the only way to deal with intense recon is either to quit or storm the beach and see what happens. Maybe even to ask the question, would you rather deal with this discomfort, these memories, this shame, this crap now and trust that in the future you will get what you want? Or would you rather give up?

That’s also a great thing for me to keep in mind. After my first loop with Wanted, I had a nightmare essentially, it was a worst emotional case senario of things that have actually happened to me. The dream was essentially just the manifestation of all my fears associated with a situation from the past: the fear of being a doormat, fear of being not wanted, fear of being taken advantage of, fear of being a loser. It was all there and it was all stuff I thought I had overcome. It’s my subconscious trying to reconcile, trying to learn, trying to examine the past to push me into the future because:

You’re totally spot on. One of the things that made the recon so jarring after my first loop of Wanted, was that so much past stuff that I haven’t experienced in months came right back to the surface instantly. It’s like I was teleported back in emotional time to a place I thought I had left in the past. But it makes sense, even if my conscious mind hasn’t experienced these things in a while, they are still real for my subconscious mind. And, Wanted is pretty extreme, so my subconscious has no choice but to get rid of everything that is preventing me from being the archetype of a Wanted man, hence why all this past stuff is coming back up. It seems like the past stuff isn’t relevant enough to cause recon with my other subs, but Wanted demands that it be rooted out so I can become wanted.

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This pretty much sums up the recon I have on Primal Seduction.

It is like REVERSE results.

I think it is from overexposure to a title and growing too fast / expecting results that are not possible within a timeframe leading to disappointments and beliefs that are counter to the objectives.

Because of the repulsion I feel it causes vibrationally.

So the best way to avoid it is not to overexpose on a title I think

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Is it really overexposure for @CyberTate? Or is it misalignment with Wanted as a sub, because @CyberTate doesn’t seem to have issues with other subs, as Stark seems to give him good results in seduction.

This exactly happened to me the last time I ran it. Since I ran Primal I felt better.

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Can you develop? Which results where you looking for that you got by replacing Wanted with Primal?

So from what I know from a spiritual standpoint, when ascending… you hit a low point first. Some of us call this a rubber-band effect. Like spiritual reconciliation. It’s going to pull you down to the depths of the underworld. You’re going to touch base on the emotions that truly suck. That’s all it is… temporary emotions. I know you are a King :crown: and have discipline to keep going, because that rubber band is gonna slingshot you into being a confident man.

All you have to do is be consistent, stay focused everyday and keep going. You are attractive. If it is not looks, you always have status. You can strive and go so high in life. It may feel unfair that you have to put in extra work, but it will be okay because at least you have something to be proud of, and being genuinely proud is attractive as hell. It sends unconscious signals to others of your value. They will be magnetically drawn to you. You got this man. I believe in you :sunglasses:

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Are you running Chosen?

I am 23yrs old.
Primal connected me to my core,the ability to free up myself and enjoy the moment.


How old are you if you do not mind sharing?
And how do you like Primal so far?

Wow this was a long time ago brings back so many memories aha. In this case, I wasn’t overexposing myself but it was the lack of action on my part that caused the recon. See what I’ve notice the more I look around my environment is whenever I ran Wanted the external results we’re always there. I was just too shy to make the most of those results.

Maybe I need healing who knows even thought I’ve already healed from all the issues I have related to my dating life and if I look over the years I can see I have improved it. Going from someone who was so heavily bullied, he had to sometimes eat in the bathrooms in highschool to someone who has a pretty good life right now and I will make sure it keeps improving there and to never stop.


Yeah like I mentioned to @Amor. From what I remember, I never overexposed myself to Wanted, the most I would be running it for was 1 loop 2 -3 times a week.

What I’ve noticed it’s not particularly the misalignment with Wanted as a sub that caused recon (Though this could of been a contributing factor). It was the fact that I lacked action while running it.

For example, why is it that when I was running Wanted in Punta Canada, I would be getting the most insane results I’ve had in a long time but when I came back home, I would be faced with recon. Simple or this is what I believe to be the reason, I believe it’s because I didn’t go out and see people as much or approach them and I would expect them to come to me.

Now I know thought and that’s why I made a new Stark + Wanted custom I will talk about soon. If there’s one advice I could give to anyone on the forums is make sure you take action whenever running a sub, I know too many people on here who run one, don’t do anything and expect the sub to do all the work for themselves (I use to be like that) and then complain that the sub isn’t working. Subs aren’t a magic pill but with constant action taking they can take you to new levels of success that you couldn’t imagine.


Man your going to make me blush, thank you for saying this when I needed it most :sunglasses: :heart:

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Acting on Wanted might be talking to girls, buying new clothes, working on your physical appearance, becoming mysterious and less revealing, etc

What else?

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For me Wanted, the only and main issue is talking to girls and I will talk about it more on my new custom journal to why this has been an issue in my life.

As for buying new cloths, working on my physical appearance, becoming mysterious and less revealing are things I’ve already implemented in my life. Except for my occasional eating out (I’m not perfect after all aha).

From reading this journal you have a grown a lot @CyberTate

What difficulties do you have when talking to girls if I may ask?