Recon experience after using Wanted ZP

Title says it all I felt pretty down today since I was too scared to approach this attractive girl in the gym and I feel like no girls likes me and that I’m not good looking or good enough. Even tho I have a girl I’m talk to right now I feel like a piece of garbage who can’t do anything. Anyone else feel like this? I feel like a tornado emotionally and I think it’s just recon:/


A lot of being wanted is the inner feeling you carry with you and project.


What do you mean?

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Can’t say for sure but I see 3 possible options

  1. It’s recon brought your unhealthy self esteem to the surface.
  2. A mix of both

If you start to change your self esteem then suddenly you get confronted with your unhealthy self esteem first.

I had phases like that on my first Khan st 1 cycle.
I felt like a looser and pice of shit, unworthy and Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla. Then I left my apartment and was going to play Foosball in a bar. It didn’t help at all to be under people.
Until I realized that no one is responsible for my self esteem and no one wil value me.
So I did it myself and start to tell me how valuable I am until I felt realy good.
I needed 40 min to give myself worth.

Round 2 Khan st1 starts in 2 days and I will face that again. I am not trough.

Keep your head up anyway and start to destroy this bullshit of unhealthy self esteem

Give yourself value like nobody else ever did


Damn I totally agree with this, I will to keep moving forward even tho I feel like an emotional wreck. Thank you so much!


That’s the Spirit

Rock on Bro

And if you have to scream then scream loud like a force of Nature



The biggest challenge right is I like this one girls and we have a lot in common and we’re supposed to go on a date (Was so focused on wealth and my social life that I haven’t went on a date for year straight). It’s the first time since a year ago I get butterflies again and get emotions from a girl which I kind dislike since I like myself when I have no emotions it makes it easier to live. You know?

The vibe we give off… When I feel unattractive or too old - women treat me in kind. I know I’m decent looking but it doesn’t matter. Only when I FEEL sexy do I get the wow response. It’s probably evolutionary biology - that females’ survival depended on social intuition.

If you go to the gym you’re probably more attractive than many men in at least one of the areas women find most attractive too.

How funny would it be if I’m repeating “the script” in my posts! :joy:

I’ve been running Wanted ZP since it dropped and I love it!


Not possible if you want a woman in your life.

You will feel, if you like it or not

As long as you can express emotion.

That’s a pretty typical starting point, I’ve been there myself.

Beliefs of unworthiness, not being good enough and feeling like a piece of garbage etc, are common.

It’s important to understand:

If that’s how you perceive yourself on a subconscious level, then that’s what people/women are going to give you feedback of.

Those deep seated beliefs are the building blocks of which your entire reality involving women will be created out of.

Unlimited sex doesn’t exist in that reality, nor is women approaching you or overtly flirting with you, etc.

Those beliefs are all an obstacle to your ideal romantic/sex life, regardless of Wanted ZP, which is why some users may term it as a “foundational” sub in some sense… because there is no way you can avoid the reconciling given the intended destination.

Nobody gets to hide from ZP. It will find you and you have no choice but to develop congruence, lol.

This is also why those that are skeptical of ZP and choosing to stick with older versions such as Qv2 and Q, etc, are just going to get left in the dust by everyone who is on ZP.

Part of embodying the WANTED archetype/results involves reconciling all of the crap that’s in the way, and that’s why you feel down…

The WANTED archetype exudes “everyone women is overwhelmingly desperate for me” and the WANTED man is immune to experiencing jealousy.

Imagine the sense of self involved in that and now compare that to your current sense of self.

Note: This is not even the expectation for a “peak” embodiment of the WANTED archetype or of what some people would think of as “maximum results”. I say this because WANTED ZP seems to have no limit, and instead has endless levels of progressive growth and therefore expression.
There is no “peak”, and this is instead a specific level of embodiment that’s high enough to be easy for most people to conceptualize.

But anyways, you’re far off (which is completely fine), so metaphorically speaking, you’re going to get your ass kicked, lol.

Stay consistent with it and join the club, I’ve been using WANTED ZP for nearly over 3 months now.

Before Wanted Qv2, I had no partner, heavy approach anxiety and an unfulfilling sex life.
Right now, after some time with Wanted Qv2, and months with Wanted ZP, I’m at a state in my life where I can get unlimited sex and easily approach women/flirt with them.

Wanted ZP is more of an “I’m the prize, come and catch me”.
You remember the game you used to play as a child called “Tag”?
Well it’s like you’re playing Tag with all the women, but they’re all IT, lol.

If you want to get better with your approach anxiety and approaching women, it’s best to use a specific tool for that like Primal Seduction ZP.

It’s unlikely that you’ll wake up one day and start approaching like crazy. Take it slow and ease into it, get comfortable. Have some type of action plan.

I personally used Primal Seduction ZP alongside Wanted ZP and it enhances everything.

This may help put into perspective of how that meshes, lol.

Imagine that you haven’t eaten anything for a week and you’re absolutely starving.
You’re hanging out in a bar and you see a fresh pizza placed on an empty table across the room.
The pizza looks absolutely delicious. Your mouth is watering just by looking at it.
You want to walk up to the empty table and just devour that pizza, but you’re a little uncertain.

All of a sudden, as if by some miracle, the pizza starts floating towards you.
You can smell the pizza, as it comes closer…
It smells so good… It’s so fucking hot and fresh from the oven.
You just want to pounce on the pizza and eat it. The tasty and perfect toppings, the cheese…
It LOOKS so good :weary:.
Where on earth did this godly pizza even come from? It’s such a mystery, but you don’t care.
You’re just so happy and thankful to be in the presence of such a juicy and succulent gift from the gods.

“Excuse me sir, you’re drooling” says the bartender.
But you can barely hear him. You’re just so mesmerized by the pizza.

The pizza drifts closer and closer to you, with each sway being as entrancingly beautiful as the pizza itself. It stops directly in front of you and something fascinating occurs.
You hear a calm, sexy and beautiful voice emanating from it.
It begins to seduce you, amplifying your hunger to the absolute maximum.
Speaking the soft and lovely, sexy words of sweetness and flavor.
It’s as if the pizza has known you its whole life. As if it knows exactly what to say to you to make you feel… to make you WANT it. Even more.
You can’t take it anymore, you let out a desperate cry and lunge for the pizza.
But it’s too fast… Too elusive. Your lunge missed.
You turn around to gaze at the pizza but it’s no longer there… It’s gone.


What results have it given you?

Should we consider the pizza as a person running Wanted + PS?

From my experience : yes

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mate the first month of wanted was BRUTAL for me. this was qv2

ive been on wanted now 1 month qv2 and 4 months extra as zp with chosen, and this month with khan stage 1 and diamond

wanted is not an easy program to fully become, you have to stick to it no matter what if you really believe you want to be that guy.

some healing wont hurt too before any of the programs, a good cycle of healing should be beneficial

i also realized that visualization helps because most of my fear came from being that guy, there’s always that traumatic fame and wanted dream that reminds u of nothing but the bad, visualize the rewards YOU want whatever they may be, and do some healing when necessary

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@CyberTate Thanks for posting this thread. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling the past two days from WZP. Also, thanks everyone for this great advice to help because this cleared so mych I’ve been thinking about. Finding healthy ways to cope through recon seems to be most effective and general solution for us all

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Indeed, lol

and the other person (you) is the woman

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What made it brutal?

What do you mean by that guy?

it came from this hidden and normalized fear of being wanted by the world, i played the rough barbarian archetype way better and chose to be to myself, wanted forced me to become a man who truly believes he’s the prize.

that guy as in the wanted guy


I see. Thank you for clarifying.

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