Main Disc. Thread - WANTED ZP [Now Available!]

I unfortunately can’t make that call for you man. That has to be your decision to make. I know how recon works and it sounds like your mind is looking for an out by getting permission from someone outside of yourself. I think deep down you know what you want to do.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it but dating apps do suck if you’re not in the top percentage. If you do want to go that route just to try it out make sure you don’t let it suck you in. Especially nowadays these dating apps have some seriously messed up algorithms and dark psychology to keep people glued to them.

I’m no longer listening to WANTED. I came to the realization that it wasn’t something I was ready for and the rest of my life was in shambles and needed focus. Women and validation from being attractive wasn’t gonna fix that for me so I pivot to something else.


thanks a lot @elementary_vision for this advice


I have the same issue currently to be honest so I empathize with you but my issue is I know a lot of girls but I’m just too scared to talk to them.

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NOOoooo. Wanted is absolutely what you need as a man if you want to be more pleasing to women! It might take longer depending on where you’re starting. Self Image, Physical Appearance, Age, Health, etc… and whatever actions you need to do to fix or enhance them. Qv2 was good. ZP is amazing.

I’m in my forties.


Just so you can see what I’m experiencing


May be useful for someone


Seems like a very common theme with men. I can see now that if I ever run wanted, what I will experience as well. Today’s society is not friendly to men or masculinity so these negative beliefs will take time to overcome.

Glad I’m starting with positivity and healing modalities, venturing into the attraction/relationship area is last for me.

I won’t lie though, wanted is a title that just screams “buy me” and “run me”

Patience… :slight_smile:


Dude! Do you know how easily you can translate that into the mysterious, unavailable, guy she wants to chase vibe? Wanted is perfect for a guy like that. Keep at it and you might always be alone when you do creative things in your room.


Agreed lol.

Go at your own pace, you’ll get through it. Take it slow with the healing

The more issues that one has with their self worth, self esteem and self image, etc…

Then the more Wanted ZP will appeal to them, because of the increased likelihood of them wanting to use the results of Wanted ZP (being better looking and being wanted by women)
as permission to accept themselves.

Attention and validation.
The urge to fill the void.

It’s along the same reason of why many people get plastic surgery to enhance their looks.

If I was born as an average looking male in the eyes of society and I have low self esteem because I compared myself to supermodels…

If I then proceeded to get plastic surgery in order to make myself look better, that’s not going to fix my internal issue of externalizing my self worth, self esteem and self image.

The sense of self can’t be strong when its anchored to something external.
You take away the looks, then you take away the validation and now you’re nothing.

Wanted ZP is meant to be a fun thing, to enhance your life by helping you look more attractive.

It’s not meant to save your life and if you’re using for that purpose, then it’s going to break you.



I only compliment ppl after I’ve known them for a couple months at least and I never do it in a way where I’m trying to get them to like me. I say it in a way also where it’s just like an observation as opposed to me being impressed usually. Women usually say thanks with a smile and men just thank me.

Now a few years ago I did start to notice (back when I actually cared about improving my social skills) that when I gave compliments (to ppl I had known for maybe just a couple weeks); even with a genuine smile, that ppl would act awkward and almost like they wanted to laugh at me, so over time I stopped giving a damn and figured if they couldn’t appreciate something like a genuine compliment then they could just stroke their own damn ego.

Yea idk why but life has responded to me in a way for years now where sometimes the more I give damn, the worse my experience with ppl in general ends up being sometimes. No idea why the less I choose to care in social situations (to an extent) the more ppl are drawn to me.

Hell, some of my biggest and quickest manifestations have come when I no longer cared to even have or experience something; and by then, I cared so little that I wasn’t even thankful for the manifestation.

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I get you, funny how most people complain about being surrounded by miserable ppl and then when someone happy comes along they’re put off by them and act like a jerk to them.

Only time I’m annoyed by happy ppl is if they’re interrupting me during a time where I’d rather be alone or talking too much around me, for me to be able to fully focus but I’d still rather be around those in a good mood than complainers.

I also don’t treat them rudely if they interact with me, I just act chill but I’ll never act happier than what I am in the moment just to make them comfortable.

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good points. for me i don’t really need anyone to make me comfortable. If I’m happy I’m happy, I’ll take my happy ass somewhere else lol and keep on living my life lol. That’s one of the good things about being happy, it doesn’t actually depend on anyone or anything else and if I think it does only then does it seem to be affected by the outer. Now after studying Neville Goddard a bit it’s just a matter of keeping on living the life I want.


It seems to be as someone mentioned the Status increase because the amount of people who we’re rude today was only one. Honestly I won’t stop complimenting people even if some are rude about it since it’s my way to make someone feel better for the hard work they put at the gym or in life.

Also I complimented one of my friends today saying he got more shredded and he felt delighted to hear that and we had a whole 5 minute conversation about it. Some people are just douchebags and think there the sh*t and just can’t take compliment. Those people I usually back up far far away from.


You my friend are a real gentlemen!


This might be why it’s better to run Wanted when you’re married as Saint suggested and afaik @Palpatine had great success with.


Yes. Wanted is good. My eventual stack I’ll try is HS+Wanted+PS. Because reasons.


I look pretty good for my age but have failed miserably with dating apps. Despite having professional photos cropped and done. They may work for men under 30 but for middle age men its an uphill struggle.

If you feel you have self esteem issues or anything related to feeling that you don’t look as good as the next person so you wont succeed like that person. Spend 6 months working on yourself gym, nutrition, listening to healing subs. I have no idea how old you are ?


Thanks a lot Black Tiger. I feel really driven to do so with the help of Wanted. I wrote down things I want to achieve for my appearance and what I want to achieve for dating, and spent some time figuring out how to go about it. I just turned 24 last month


@Calm you have a huge advantage you are still very young your body will be alot more malleable to change. Perhaps a better investment would be in emperor fitness and wanted. You could run each stage alongside wanted.

Focus on health and fitness for 6 months should put you in a great position for dating as well as enjoying other aspects of your life.