Main Disc. Thread - WANTED ZP [Now Available!]

We launched it a bit early. :wink:
Check your downloads.


Hype set to max level.


You guys most be exhausted! I appreciate the hard work and overtime you guys are putting in. Thanks!

Will the unisex version be at launch with this version?

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Oh yeah, it’s true there is a version for cisgender male!

Saw this on the review

Past Thursday on release I bought Wanted because the day after I would have a job interview with the IT manager of a company and I thought it would stack greatly with Ascended Mogul. During the interview he told me there were multiple candidates he would see this week. Well… today he personally emailed me with an offer. If this is not a testament of being Wanted then I don’t know what else is. Thank you for this amazing new sub!

Stack WANTED with CHOSEN if you want to be sure of a promotion at work.


We launched it early. Check ya downloads. :wink:


Is this the version for men ? :open_mouth: or is it the for everyone version?

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It’s for men, all men. But don’t worry, ya’ll. We’ve upgraded it quite a lot. :wink:


That’s cool

That’s nice :smiley: I hope I’ll get some more attention in the coming days (or it will shift my focus to noticing woman noticing me haha) :heart:

I’m 7 minutes in chosen and my head is a little bit drowsy.


Guys! Chosen is out as well!!! it’s in my downloads! :scream:

Yes, it is. All three are out. :wink:


This is what I WANTED!:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


@SaintSovereign : I see Wanted ZP in my downloads. :grinning:
Having run my Qv2 stack today, do you think I need a washout before running Wanted ZP?

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Great that I see this before going to sleep , see you all on another timeline where you all have a beautiful life :sparkles::sparkles::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:
Thanks Saint&fire :heart:


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Thanks so much! Best way to end 2021!

I listened to wanted back to back before sleeping (yes it energized me )

This little conversation or scenario happened in my mind in the morning after having my coffee .

  • the women is real

(A women name) oh you are writing adultery novels , those are a meaningless type of novels
(Me)Actually no( a real women I am interested in) every story has a deep and profound meaning , for example my novel called diving into stillness . The hero who called Richardo was at the door step to enlightenment the end of suffering after meditating for 20 years . In the astral he met a women that is filled with aliveness . She was lusting after him . He was centered with un moved mind . I will not tell you the end but I promise you going to cry . Actually that’s my main purpose for my writing . I want my readers to cry not to jerk off . To go through a profound spiritual experience that change them inside out .


It has been an hour since my virgin loop of Wanted ZP. I started it soon after I woke up.

Firstly. The Solace mask is gorgeous. I didn’t contribute to the mask testing so thank you forum bois for your contributions and Big Bois for putting together a fantastic mask. My Samsung Galaxy Buds with ambient mode is so smooth with it that if I wasn’t sensitive to feeling subliminals i wouldn’t know it was there.

Initial impressions. I think it was three minutes in that I felt the tell tell pressure starting in my head. It was focused towards the front, closer to my forehead than my brain… Not sure that makes sense.

As I was journaling about the above which I call the Looming, it slipped from my head and left me completely clear, like I had been meditating for 30 minutes. The Looming has returned but as of about 5 minutes ago or when I started this post, I can feel it receding into oblivion and the calm returning. Oof.

I felt a sense of inner calm as soon as my loop was over and i was walking around in my warehouse, handling the preliminary business of the day. I had a slight sense of nervousness inside, but, I noticed that my walk and posture were both ‘lightened’ and more sure. Hopefully, I’ll have a better way to explain that upon reflection. Good stuff, though.

I have a ‘sense’ of an aura that was developing around me at the warehouse and again as I’m typing it and thinking about it, I can tangibly feel it. Whether or not others will experience this I’m not sure as I do have certain practices that give me an advantage.

I’ll update here with more as the day goes on.

Update: my girlfriend just texted me “I love you, my (insert the commonly used alternative word for the feminine genitals here) Terminator😜” lmao. She’s never called me anything like that before.

Update #2: I’m listening to Megan Thee Stallion’s 'Southside Forever Freestyle" right now for hype on my way to work and I can feel my inner lifting in optimism and I can feel electricity coming from my core spreading through my body, particularly focused on my arms? Physical shifting beginning energetically, perhaps.

Update 3: I sense that the ability to consciously guide what I want to exude from my eyes will be greatly increased.

Update 4: I’m not sure how long it has been since my loop. I feel a warmth suffusing my body on the inside and around me.

Update 5:

Update 6: December 2nd - my posture is changing. I would say improving but no, simply shifting, in a most desirable, regal fashion.

Update 7: I didn’t really do much for my hair this morning at all. All I did was throw on my rag MAYBE after adding moisturizer. After I took my rag off a few hours later, I didn’t see a mirror until like several hours after this. My locs are quite perfectly presented, in a way I’ve worried and tried to tease into place previously to no avail.

Update 8: Dec 3rd - I got my dick sucked by my girl while I was getting ready for work this morning. I had jokingly pulled it out and waved it in her face after I took a shower and she just looked me in the eyes and went to town. And took her time, too. None of this is normal behavior.

Update 9: When I cross my arms and sit back, I have an immense sense of physical power in my upper body. If necessary, I’ll edit this update with deeper insight

Update 10: I’m feeling taller than I already am. My musculature is developing well with no workouts.

Update 11: 12/06/21 -

Update 12: I’m becoming more concerned with my appearance and how I present myself

Update 13: 12/17/21 - yesterday, my lady and I did the do and she said she liked how i man handled her. I came after she did and my penis stayed hard for about ten minutes at least afterwards.