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The primal seduction archetype in real life:


3 days ago (May 1st), I started running PSZP again.

I’m taking action like a madman and it’s getting crazy.

I’m taking a break from the forum for a bit, to really focus lol.

If anyone decides to use PSZP… take as much action as possible.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.

If you have fear, then know this:

If you take action with this subliminal you will ONLY see improvements no matter what.
Improvement is inevitable no matter what.
Crazy sex with beautiful women is inevitable no matter what.

Being able to be confident and at one with women as a badass primal seducer will improve other parts of your life as well. You’ll develop a stronger frame in general… I mean think about it.

Imagine knowing full well in the back of your mind that you can walk into any place and leave with a potential partner (long-term or short-term).

Anchor yourself to the inevitability of success related to your subliminal and propel forward.

This also applies to other subs, not just PSZP.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys on the other side.



I’m stealing that one :smiley: Great post and inspiration.

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Before you take a leave of absence, would you be willing to specify what actions you are taking so other people can emulate what you are doing?


It all begins and ends with the user’s inner susceptibility to and willingness for greater change :clap:t2:

MLK Jr of posting lately, gawdamn

As far as action with PSZP goes, it’s mainly about stretching your comfort zone with women and approaching them. Talk to them, flirt with them, engage with them, etc.

You don’t need to have a clue about what you’re doing on PSZP (or S&S).
You just need to do, and you will slowly start to become a mastermind of seduction.

I know it sounds easy… but don’t be afraid,
Think of the subliminal as a god looking over you.
There is no wrong or right way, there’s just learning.
After a bit of learning, you’ll suddenly be kicking ass.

The more you look at it as learning, rather than “doing it wrong”, “failing”, “looking stupid”, etc.
The easier it will become. You will automatically ascend to a different level compared to the little comfort box that most guys exist in. Life will also become a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

PSZP is seriously underrated, in the sense that… the only thing in the way of becoming a literal Casanova style primal seducer is consistent action.

Aren’t we living to experience life?
Go forth and conquer, who gives a shit what anybody thinks, lol.

I should point out that I’m running Wanted ZP and Primal Seduction ZP.

Some people may think that it’s 2 different directions but I find that it integrates and compounds for me in an interesting way.

I touched on it a bit here:

Pizza = person running Wanted/PSZP
Woman = you


On Wanted ZP, most women will be staring at you/want to desperately get to know you because of how your mystery and good looks, etc pull them in.

You’re like a magnet.

Imagine if a magnet that was slowly pulling you towards it, started moving towards you, lol.

This new dynamic just accelerates everything and opens up a bunch of doors.
It can actually amplify your mystery and coquette.

When I approach, I’m still a coquette.
My approaches are incredibly nonchalant and almost from a frame of amusement. There is zero neediness in my approach game. Even if she is insanely hot, I have zero neediness.

Deeply congruent, zero neediness is a superpower because the more attractive she is, the more interesting she finds you. Wanted ZP may unlock it as an element of mystery or coquettishness, but I’m not completely sure on that.

But yeah, the only thing I exude when I approach is pure qualification and I truly believe that I’m doing them a favor, lol.

Listen carefully.
I’m not saying that I “think” I’m doing them a favor.
I’m not saying that I consciously operate from a frame of doing them a favor.

I’m saying that the way I honestly/genuinely/authentically perceive it is that I’m literally doing them a favor.

You can’t fake any of this stuff, it has to be who you are. If you try to PUA-style fake it, they’ll subconsciously sense it.

When I say that I’m qualifying women, it’s almost like I’m constantly “shit-testing” them, lol.
My mind is thinking “you look good, but are you worth my time?”
It’s like I’m going out of my way, giving them a chance to show me more.
It’s almost like I’m skeptical about my own attraction towards them and exploring my own skepticism.

You see the frame I operate from? Despite me approaching them, it’s all about me.
It’s more like I’m discovering myself, more than I’m discovering them.

Because of the Wanted ZP attraction, most women that you approach will be in a heightened state of excitement and halfway in your palm already.

Wanted ZP opens the doors but PSZP/S&S is just brutally effective at maximizing that openness.

I don’t use pick up lines or anything, I’m completely present and authentic.
I’m really just being myself, casually aloof and curious in an “are you my new plaything?” type of mindset. That’s really who I am, lol. Sometimes it’s like a game to me where I see a woman and predict how good she is in bed, then I have a desire to test it like a hypothesis, lol.

Anyways, this is how it’s gone in the past few days:

I see an attractive woman that I want in bed, go up to her and say hi.
After that initial contact, I’m purely focused on sexual energy/intention and just allow it to express itself organically. I feel the energy of the situation and start building it, regardless of what’s being said. I let the projection of the sexual energy lead the way through the interaction.

Wanted ZP + PSZP just auto-guides me through it.
After a certain point, I’m able to gauge her and know that if I ask for her digits there is no way she’s going to say no.
I also gauge if a point is reached when I can lean in and make out with her… but usually for that, there is extreme amounts of desire energy and it’s so blatantly obvious, that an outsider could look at her then look at me and go “dude make out with her”. All the IOI behavior would have to be on a 9 or 10.

Sometimes that can happen off the bat because even without the approach, women will have varying levels of desire energy in relation to you. You’ll come across some who have an overwhelming amount and are super sensitive to your seduction which you can easily take advantage of.

If you are afraid of getting rejected or get hit with the infamous “sorry I have a boyfriend”.
Trust me when I say that as you get better, stuff like that will happen less and less.

I’ve encountered that numerous times while running PSZP, but it never happens anymore.
The goal post will just get completely moved and you’ll be rejecting women left and right.

Even when it happened to me, I had a solid base in Wanted and was beginning to strongly settle into my identity as a qualifier/coquette. My Wanted nature wouldn’t understand a rejection and I’d chalk it up to them not knowing the gravity or dynamic of the situation.

The way I saw it was like:
Say you’re a manager for a company doing job interviews and an applicant walks in.
You ask the applicant some questions and they say, “sorry I have job” and walk out of the interview.

That’s how my mind made me see it, lol.

Also, I should point out that I’m not approaching and talking with 100 women a day, lol.
If anyone is running PSZP (or S&S), only approach the most attractive and most gorgeous women you can find. Don’t settle for anything less.

The reason why this is important, is because the subliminal will base your learning around those interactions (ones involving smoking hot women) and calibrate you to become better.

Keep it going guys, and keep moving the goal post.


Thank you for taking the time to write this thoughtful post.

Please read the above quotes. Saint has been saying this since the early days of S&S. Just say something.


Spent nearly my entire Saturday in complete introspection mode like a monk lol.
No sex, no nothing and I hardly ate food (shoutout to the Muslims, I don’t know how you guys do it).
My partner thought I was sick or something, I said “it’s just recon honey.”
I never call her honey so it just made her even more worried lmao

Into my 4th month of PSZP, I’m breaking through into the next level of my sexuality and I’ve had some revelations.

I feel like this might be useful to people who run sexuality based subs like Primal, Primal Seduction, Wanted, hell maybe even Emperor.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like there is no end to the development.
When you finally think you’ve made it and have shit figured out, you will just manifest into a next level and be shown a whole new world that you were previously unaware of.
A world that you often… didn’t even know existed.

It’s incredibly rare for the average every day person to have fully unlocked their most primal level of sexuality. This primal level of sexuality is too raw, naked, wild, free and junglelike to them in a way that’s almost alien. Our society today is all hypermodern, polite-mannered and suppressing of those primal natures.

The suppression of our sexuality has become ensconced in the very mediocrity that they shovel into our minds from birth.

These primal aspects that we have aren’t negative and they aren’t violent… we can actually embrace them in a positive way and connect to each other through them.

Sexual freedom and liberation however, is a threat to the establishment just as any other form of empowered self-realization is.

The mediocrity of society is almost like a cult, in the sense that once you’re in it, it’s difficult to leave.
Everyone pulls each other back in order to keep themselves safe. After all, a large tribe is a strong tribe and more likely to “survive”.

In the Emperor thread, someone mentioned that they felt like a “workaholic” because they were now on top of their shit and no longer pissing their energy away. What I’ve discovered is that these labels are also present in the realm of sexuality and I allowed them to throw me off.

I began to doubt myself and allow labels like “sex addict” and “hypersexual” to affect me.
I began to compare myself to the mediocrity of society and second guess myself…
I had to face the final dread of fear before stepping into complete freedom.
The fear that maybe I had wandered off too far.

For anyone out there…
These subliminals don’t make you “hypersexual” or “addicted to sex”.
They make you normal and how you’re supposed to be. Embrace it and enjoy your life.
Your newfound sex drive, desires and wild sexual and romantic fantasies/obsessions are normal and healthy.

Don’t be afraid to explore your newly developed sexuality and interests in romance.


Can PS ZP be used situational , like 6 hourse before sozializing ?
Can I see effects?

For me it worked immediately so i imagine for you it would bring about effects very rapidly.

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~~ Primal Seduction Review ~~

10/10 subliminal.

Does everything it says it does in the description.

I will try to keep this as concise and straightforward as possible.

  • I’ve been listening to this subliminal for 4 months while taking extreme action on a consistent basis.
  • I went from having approach anxiety and not much experience with women… to manifesting complete sexual abundance in my life.
  • My phone contacts and text messages are full of beautiful women wanting more of me.
  • I’m currently “dating” 3 different women and 1 of them is an Instagram model.
  • The abundance of women in my life is overflowing because I created it.

I still listen to this subliminal from time to time, even when I’m not taking action.
I just enjoy the way it makes me feel. It keeps me sexually charged, sexually dominant/primal and sharp in the game of seduction. It also keeps me in a state of extreme enjoyment with regards to women.

I do feel like Primal Seduction is underrated.

You don’t have to be a “pick up artist” to use it.

I don’t consider myself a “pick up artist”, I consider myself to be a sexual man who isn’t afraid to express his sexuality and desires.

I don’t approach 100’s of women a day.
I only approach the most attractive women that I can find (maximum 3 per day when I’m in action mode).

I only approach women who have given me a clear indicator of sexual interest beforehand.
I am nothing more than an investigator of non-typical behavior from the feminine.
Non-typical behavior such as “staring, smiling, flirtatious gestures and prolonged eye contact etc”.

If you run Primal Seduction, you’re likely going to notice increased attraction from women.
There is just no way that you won’t…

Your sexual aura, dominance, sexual confidence, masculine sensuality, improved physical looks, confidence, smoothness, body language, etc will all put you ahead of most average men.
You’ll automatically stand out and women will subconsciously sense this.

The only way you won’t is if the subliminal results are being canceled out by a trauma, lack of healing or other weird behavior like PMO (incredibly psychologically damaging and turns you into a creep). As always… making sure you have a decent Alpha Male foundation is the highest priority before anything else.

If you lack confidence and are too “nice guy”/“beta male”, then look into a subliminal like Ascension to develop your confidence, self-respect, personal power, and status.
If you’re full of negative emotions and traumas then look into a healing subliminal like Regeneration.

Nothing is complicated here…
Subliminal Club provides all the tools to get us to where we want to go.

ZP is light years ahead of anything on the market.
It sucks that there are people out there who don’t know about this company or their products.


I like your reviews very much, they are very spot on. This one and Wanted as well.


Great review, can you do a review of Khan to understand how different it is from Primal Seduction?

Go to Latin America and see how fucking, Sexuality, romance,playing and Loving is the most normal thing in the world.



I’m from Latin America.

“Go to Latin America and see how fucking, Sexuality, romance,playing and Loving is the most normal thing in the world.”

Yes and no

Do people who have used Primal Seduction recommend stacking it with Sex Mastery, I believe Primal Seduction already has Sex Mastery right?

I’d rather stack it with Libertine or even Diamond.

Is Sex Mastery useless or not?

Primal Seduction in the Q era had Sex and seduction and this one had Sex mastery in it.
Primal seduction (Primal + Sex and Seduction (Sex Mastery))

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Primal Seduction is catching up on me, after almost two weeks (washout) I’m suddenly starting to feel extremely horny.

I understand.

I can only speak about my experience as a Gringo

Is Sex Mastery in Primal Seduction Zp???