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As you know, we’ve been working almost night and day preparing the Q store for launch. We’ve spent the last few months discussing various pricing strategies that would help fuel our growth while providing a cost effective custom subliminal solution. Originally, we were going to go with a flat $399 per subliminal built. While costly, it’s still cheaper than the majority of custom subliminals created by reputable producers and cheaper than even the not-so-reputable ones (the scam “subliminal site” that ripped us off is charging $1000 for their crap).

Over time, however, we began to really dig into what we wanted Q to become over time and how it would integrate with our business. As you all know, our number one priority is allowing our customers to CHOOSE how their subliminal experience will go – even to our own detriment at times. We COULD make subs that would push your back against the wall and try to force you to fulfill it’s goals, but then you’d lose the ability to stack. So, we’ll deal with the claims that the subs don’t work and yada yada because long-term, we want to attract the type of customer that’s willing to take action toward building their future. That being said, the pricing structure at launch goes as follow (subject to change in the future, but we’re pretty locked in at this point):

Each module will cost $14.99 to license. Once you’ve licensed a module, it’s yours to use in future builds indefinitely. Whether you end up building one custom title or 100 doesn’t matter. As always, if we upgrade a module that you’ve licensed, the next time you build a title, you’ll get the upgraded version at no additional charge.

To build a title, you’ll need a minimum of 10 modules, maximum of 20. Why? Each title you build comes with a free module, the Mandatory Q Core. We can’t release the specifics of what it does, only that it’s a necessary component of the Q technology (and yes, it’s in every sub on SubliminalClub.com also). If there isn’t enough scripting or too much, the Q-powered subs will cause an incredible amount of reconciliation. 10-20 modules is essentially the length of all our major titles. This is the reason some of the stacking modules increased to 1 hour.

After that, there’s a base build charge of $99, which includes a strength level of “Q,” equal to all our major titles. You’ll be able to select between Q strength (which comes with the base price of $99), Terminus ($50 additional) and Terminus ^ 2 ($75). Both Terminus and Terminus ^ 2 require SIGNIFICANTLY more processing and post-processing validation to ensure the file was created properly.

Orders will generally take 3-5 business days to create (remember, Q is automated, but we still have to manually vet every order – we don’t want people making subs they can’t use, or letting scammers run amok). There’s a $25 charge for expedited orders (2-3 days) or a $50 charge for 1-day / same day delivery. To make sure we hit those numbers, we have acquired the services of an individual who will serve as our official Q-Engineer. In the event that we miss our deadline, charges for expedited or 1-day delivery will be refunded.

So, it may sound a bit confusing, but the way it’s laid out in the Q store makes perfect sense. The store itself is actually setup to guide you through the process. Essentially, your first order – if you choose to purchase 10 modules and have it built at Q strength and regular speed delivery – will cost roughly $250 (14.99 x 10) + ($99). 20 modules – at the same strength and delivery speed – is around $400.

This pricing model gives you much more flexibility over your experience. For example, for your second title, if you reuse modules that you licensed in the past, you only have to pay for the new modules and the $99 build charge, which will greatly lower prices. And YES, you are allowed to license modules WITHOUT actually completing a build. This allows you to pay for licenses when you have a bit of extra cash, but you’re not quite ready to build.

Now for a bit of bad news: At launch, we are NOT accepting PayPal as a form of payment. Subliminals created in the Q store are non-refundable under any reason other than an error on our part that cannot be resolved. For example, if your file renders improperly and there’s silences or sound artifacts and for some reason, we can’t fix the issue by recreating the sub, we’ll refund. PayPal does not accept that as a refund policy. However, for many of our trusted customers here on the site, we may make an exception. You’ll have to enter a support ticket with your forum name and we’ll evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. Basically, if you post here regularly, and you’ve ordered via PayPal before without any fraudulent refunds, you’re good. Eventually, we may change this policy, but for the launch, we’re sticking with that.

Also, a warning to bad characters: Q-generated subliminals contain multiple digital watermarks that cannot be removed without compromising the quality of the sub. The titles you build are NOT for resale, sub-licensing or any commercial endeavor without prior, written authorization from us. When ordering your title, you will have to agree to this in the terms of service. All titles will be vetted before creation. Attempting to “trick” the system by putting in a name like “Me” or “Myself” or “I” will result in the cancellation of your order and permanent blacklisting from both SubliminalClub.com and the Q Store. Putting in fake information at checkout will results in permanent blacklisting. We don’t store your information on the Q store. Just don’t do it.

Questions, comments, concerns? Drop them in the “Main Disc. Thread - Q

Main Discussion Thread - Q
Main Discussion Thread - Q
Main Discussion Thread - Q
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