PLEASE READ: The Future of Subliminal Club

It is upon me to inform you all that…

The time has come…

For a new era at Subliminal Club.

We are taking things to a whole new level.

You guys have probably noticed that we’ve been keeping things quiet for the past few months - and for good reason.

While others have been taking it easy, our whole team has been picking away at many projects simultaneously over these months, making steady progress.

It hasn’t been easy and there were many roadblocks on the way of achieving these projects, but now we’re at the stage where we can tell you more before we finally show you.

This, is the moment the hype train can begin. This, is the time for you to start getting excited about all the possibilities. This, is the moment for the haters to continue hating, cause SC and the hype train ain’t stopping.

Let’s start with a personal project of mine.

The SC Subliminal Masterclass

Soon, we’ll be unveiling a month-long e-mail course that I personally wrote over a span of a couple months.

It includes many things one might need on their subliminal journey, going from the most basic of concepts to the more advanced ones, as well as looking into experiences of our customers.

From FAQs, going in-depth on the different subliminal areas (such as wealth, spirituality, etc.), to discussing the different modalities of self-transformation, I’ve personally put in many hours in creating this extensive course that will be an excellent read to anyone who is into subliminals.

After it, you’ll have an incredible grasp of subliminal usage.

We’ve created this course as another source of knowledge other than the support hub and forum, put together in a way that will answer as many questions you might have all in one place. The support hub already does it, however this course aims to guide you through this journey of developing incredible subliminal knowledge that you can then directly use to achieve your goals.

It’s also likely going to be completely free.

Stage of completion - 95% done.

The Subliminal Club Ambassador/Affiliate System

Over the years we’ve had many people hit us up asking to work closely with us, to sell our products or to use them in their own therapy/other practices that help people.

Now is the time we are finally happy with the state of our technology (which we will continue to refine and develop, of course), and are in the process of creating an incredible self-serve affiliate system.

Anyone who desires to work with us will be able to sign up through this system, automatically be able to sign all the necessary documentation, be reviewed (by @SaintSovereign or I) and begin utilizing our programs in their business or practice as soon as possible.

Stage of completion - 80% done.


It’s finally becoming a reality.

A project months in the making that will free up so much time for the whole Subliminal Club team is finally nearing completion.

Just recently Q-Engineer finished a complete version of Q Automation, and we are in the final stages of testing.

This opens the path to many more technologies that we have always wanted to develop. One example - major name embeds.

Stage of completion - 90% done.

Support Improvement

Support is always an iffy subject.

On one hand, we get some of the most ridiculous requests you can ever imagine.

Actually, let’s be real here - you can’t even imagine the ridiculousness support deals with sometimes.

For example, just recently we had a guy asking for a subliminal with steroids in them. Which ones? All of them.

But at the same time, that’s not the approach we want here.

Just because we get crazy requests, questions and drama in our support is no reason not to continuously innovate and grow.

My personal goal is to cut down support response time from the 3-5 business days to 1 business day, preferably a couple of hours.

Automation is going to be a massive improvement for this. Not only will it free up more of the team’s time, but also cut down on the constant requests of exchanging modules on already made orders.

Yes, once you make a decision on your custom after automation is implemented - that’s it.

We know and are aware the support is not always perfect, but like anything else at Subliminal Club we innovate, we tinker, we re-design and re-iterate until we get something legendary.

New Product And Line

We’ve already gave you a bit of a teaser, and every now and then we keep getting curious people in support asking us about it.

It has proven to be one of the most difficult titles for us to create, but I believe (and the tests confirm this) to have found the perfect solution to it.

And guess what?

I’ll tell you about it right now.

The title was initially slated to be RAGNAROK - a more “darker” title, focused on relentless self drive. No seduction or social aspects, just massive action, wealth, dominance, cold-bloodedness mixed with some spiritual aspects that would combine to create the most impressive subliminal for when you want to focus down for a few months with zero distractions and get things going.

The problem?

It was too much.

The solution?

Emperor Black.

Merging the overwhelming technology of RAGNAROK (hint-hint, some Q modules came from it) with Emperor, we’ve come up with a much smoother title (although still tough to run) that not only retains the power of RAGNAROK but combines it into something truly mind-boggling.

A flanker of Emperor, we call it…

EMPEROR Black: Twilight of the Gods.

Here’s the thing though.

Some of the titles we want to create are limited by what we can release.

Emperor Black is one of those titles. It’s way beyond the capabilities of a new user and even some experienced ones.

We want to create incredible titles, but we have a responsibility towards our customer.

And yet, we realized we are potentially holding back the more advanced users, the experimenters, the mental alchemists who are ready to experiment and dive into even the most advanced, hard to run titles.

Our motto is advancing human potential - and it is time we begin a new era of experimentation at Subliminal Club.

For this reason, @SaintSovereign and I are in the talks to expand Subliminal Club Black i.e the closed section of the forum. Rather than having it just be a section for spiritual topics, we are thinking of expanding it into the full on experimental wing of artisanal subliminal titles.

Titles that aren’t for public use as well as titles that potentially have some overlap with other titles, but are too interesting or have other benefits not yet explored.

A section where we can allow ourselves to let go of the massive responsibility we have towards the subliminal community, and have the wildest, most experimental and genius subliminals one could ever make.

This would be a closed section of the forum, most likely going off of the forum ranks, however we want to take into account the fact that having a high forum rank does not necessarily equal to wise subliminal listening or quality of posts.

While we always wanted to have our forums be completely without division of any sort, I believe if we want to do artisanal titles (and we do) with completely free experimentation, this is the step to do so without endangering anyone.

It is time to unleash experimentation.

Stage of completion - 70% done.


This is something we’ve always wanted to expand upon, and we wanted to utilize some other technologies not related to subliminals when out of nowhere, we realized exactly how to do it - take LIFE-chargers to the next level.

@SaintSovereign let it slip once about visual subliminals, and yes, LIFE-chargers are going to be taking into account not just visual, but also all the other senses to create a one of a kind subliminal experience that will be transformative to the very core.

All powered of course, with Zero Point.

Side note:

Funnily enough, some companies decided to steal our idea of superchargers and then promptly got stuck on that level of technology. Why? Because they copy, we innovate. Superchargers were only a tiny step into a much grander level of technology that we are now close to unveiling. Good luck.

Stage of completion - 90%.

ETA for when I want the first revolutionary new LIFE-charger ready for use? 2 weeks from now max.

We’ve kept you in the dark for a while now, but now we are finally at the cusp and soon, very soon, we are taking this company…

And not just the company, but the whole subliminal industry…

To a whole new level.

You’ll see.


Nice… this past weekend I was making coffee and I had a thought slam into my head “SOMETHING NEW AT SC”… nothing in the shop when I went to check, but it was so strong I texted a friend that I thought something would drop this week.

And here we go…

Wooo! Exciting stuff. :slight_smile:


My favorite part: “ The ability for pure experimentation”


LET’S GO. Now this is something I can’t wait for. I was hoping for a monk mode sub!

I asked for this for so long. Let’s go, you legends.

Edit: Please tell me it drops today. I’ll drop my stack for this.


:confetti_ball::confetti_ball::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::sparkles::heart::heart::heart::heart: thanks thanks for these news . excited especially for the new title , lifechargers , major name embedded .ohh and the course


Thats awesome!! Thanks!!


BTW sign me up for the finished version of this… I’ve been lacking (more like slacking…) in my drive lately. :woozy_face:


Ngl, a few days ago after running Minds Eye I was thinking about a different version of Emperor haha. Its honestly crazy hearing this announcment.


@Fire I am now almost burning to run and/or test Emperor Black. Outside of what Dragon Reborn is this is the product I have been craving but didn’t it


Oh, you’re redoing Google Nose BETA? :smiley:

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Wow, that’s a lot of news to handle.

A subliminal course?

Affiliate program?

Forum for experienced users?

Revamping Lifechargers?

Productivity sub on steroids?

Goddamn it boys. You’ve outdone yourselves. This shit is crazy, you’ve basically planned the creation of everything I could ask for. All we need is a redesign of the customs store and it’s a hole-in-one.


What he said


Automation first.


We know exactly how to make the the Q Custom store not just an extremely intuitive process, but one of the most thrilling ones as well - after all, what is more thrilling than designing your very own transformation?


Please, improve your responsiveness to customers as well. I’ve been asking for my custom repeatedly for five days now.

Otherwise, I’m happy you’re improving the other areas :heart_eyes:


I know I might be a bit pushy right now with this. Do you happen to have an ETA on EMP: BTTG?


Very exciting indeed. Happy to see SC continuing to expand the human potential. It’s my great luck to be here.

I collect fragrances, and I like the ideas of flankers.

It’s a running thought but I’ve been wanting a flanker for Stark for a while.

Same social prowess, same bombardment of wealth, opportunities, luck and genius but more masculine, more confidence, more attraction, more status, respect, frame, drive and boundaries respected.

Thank you for sharing these developments with us.


Not yet.

Extremely complicated title. As I said, it would be an artisanal one - and not only that, we want to launch it with the SC Black system.

However, a good part of it is already ready and in testing.


Ay, gotcha.

Thank you, though. I was really hoping you’d make something like this.

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I am just waiting for this.
I have been (unsuccessfully) looking for nice guided meditations for focus, stress, and whatnot. I believe SC life changer could be a great alternative!