Q Cores & Custom Subs

I’ve always wondered this as well

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well, I meant is I clarified the moment about that 2 cores is maximum recommended in one custom and 3 titles in a stack are also maximum recommended. basically, we are talking about the same thing


Oh, ya!

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So, is their a way to achieve what I’m looking for?

Name embedding in the Q cores without other custom modules?

Must custom subs include modules to be created and not just the cores?

Later on, I will look at modules, but now it’s the name embedding that I’m seeking.

Name embedding for store titles isn’t released yet, but it was officially stated that it is in progress now and soon or later we will see name embedding for store titles.

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look at this.

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I’m sorry for misinformation: not name embedding itself but the technology which provide possibility of name embedding is in progress and by the time the official statement was declared the progress was 90%.

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Can name embedding be still done via a Q custom build using just core programs or other modules are required?

Technically, modules are optional, but it is not recommended to create a custom with less then 10 modules because it will cause a harsh reconciliation.

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But aren’t the Q cores identical to titles in the main store?

So, how would reconciliation be different?

Isn’t it just embedding a name, and the format could be the same, such as ZPv1 or 2.

If I have one or 2 cores in a custom without modules, that is just like running one or 2 titles in a stack.

I don’t know, brother, but what I told you is what was stated by SaintSovereign, SC’s co-founder.

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Can you post me a link to where he made that comment.


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Notice he is talking about modules here, not cores. Modules alone have a low amount of script, whereas cores contain various scripts that are fine-tuned and balanced.

So, this issue should only be of concern if there were no cores with the modules.

Well, technically, cores are also considered as modules.
Okay, just try it. I’m interested if SC accept such an order.

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In the Q Store, cores are referred to as cores, and modules are referred to as modules.

Cores are identical to main store titles, which contain multiple modules, each with their own scripts.

There would be no point to offer a future feature of name embedded major tiles if that would cause harsh recon.

For clarification, I have raised a support ticket and will advise of the outcome.


nice. tag me when you get an answer please.

Well, I finally got an answer from technical support.

For those that are interested, it reads as follows>

"Apologies for the delay.

This is a feature we are developing called major name embedding. We don’t know specifically when it will be ready.

Creating a custom with one core 5 times and the other also 5 times would be quite unbalanced, so this isn’t something we offer at the current moment.

However, there are two things you can do:

  1. Attempt to recreate the subliminal you want – by adding modules that would fit the closest to the subliminal in question, you’ll get a balanced result while still fitting in what you want to get out of it.

  2. Fill it with result-enhancing modules. This would boost the effects of the core without potentially adding any new features.

Hope this helps and do let us know if you have any further questions by opening a new ticket – we are happy to assist.

Warm regards,

– SC Support"

Got to pass on feedback. Excellent support, I had a few tickets and all replies were comprehensive.

Love Sub Club and their community :heart:


what was the question?