PLEASE READ: The Future of Subliminal Club

What can I do to be a part of the testing?


Funnily enough this sounds exactly what I’m attempting with my new Emperor custom stack. So I got excited there for a moment.

Ok. Does Emperor Black have the same general focus?

This is the most exciting bit for me. By far. Thank you!

Does this mean these titles can’t be purchased at all unless approved? Or is it like current SubClub Black - just buy a relevant title and get access?


Guided meditations are so 1990.

We are taking things much beyond simple guided meditations. You’ll see.


Not to say some won’t slightly remind you of them, but they will very much be more of a transformative experience than a simple listening track.

For now it is closed testing.


The system (which we are still debating upon and tinkering with) would likely be based upon the forum rank and some additional criteria.

The goal is to discern serious members who are ready to and have the experience to run these more advanced, potentially more unbalanced titles. By the very nature of the experimental tag, it requires experience and hence some sort of process.

Of course, we want to automate this and make it as seamless as possible. Once you are in, you’ll be able to purchase any SC Black title.


Favorite part. Now you won’t be limited on having to please a huge audience and can focus in on the people who really want it.


:+1: :+1: :+1:



That’s good news because like now I’m having a terrible customer experience getting my custom.

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Depends on whom it was too much for. Maybe that was just what I needed. :rofl:


Honestly same, now that I am done with school I kinda just wanna focus on myself and do my own thing for a good while. Not really focused on social, and I wanna improve my life before I even want to consider dating anyone, so its kinda crazy that this sub is in the works, and I plan on running Emperor in the near future anyways.


Is this going to be a new title to kick off the improved life-charger line or existing?


Excellent idea

Would be awesome for member who want to run titles that are a bit more advanced or different

If you do this

Will you guys draw ideas from the forum like mixing titles a bit together… like maybe an emperor version with more creativity and other possible stark like elements?


Probably my favorite of all the updates. Super excited for emperor black!!!

Okay never mind this might be what I’m most excited for.

He mentioned automations will help improve support time to one day.


@Fire how would one “prepare” for Emperor Black?

Assuming it’s at least a month away, what do you think would help a user acclimate to some elements contained within?

Is it built off an expanded version of Emperor, hence, one should have experience with Emperor or something similar before running Emperor Black?

Or would it be better to go all in and run a healing title like DR or CFW before Emperor Black just to make sure you come prepared and as a blank slate?


Really unfortunate that RAGNAROK got castrated like this. Such potential… wasted.


It’s more complex than that. I don’t want to talk about it yet and maybe I won’t have to. Hopefully. :slight_smile:


@Fire maybe consider gating more advanced programs behind a pay wall, rather than arbitrarily nerfing incredible products and making them hybrids with already existing titles.

Now we just get another Emperor variant… Chosen and Emperor are overused.

From what you just described RAGNAROK would’ve essentially been a main stay subliminal for me.

RAGNAROK - a more “darker” title, focused on relentless self drive. No seduction or social aspects, just massive action, wealth, dominance, cold-bloodedness mixed with some spiritual aspects that would combine to create the most impressive subliminal for when you want to focus down for a few months with zero distractions and get things going.

This sounds extraordinary.


Is this only for those who has a career direction or already found their calling? Is it possible to use it to relentlessly find out and go after one’s destined calling/subconscious pursuit?


Can’t wait for this forum to come out since it’s more private I would feel comfortable sharing all my bloodwork and physical shifting results I’ve gotten from my customs, Empfit st3, Emperor Black and Wanted.

Me and @Billions are excited :slight_smile:


Does this mean customs are going to be even more customizable with more advanced and unique modules?


The new LIFE-chargers are going to be quite different, so while the title might follow the previous ones they’ll still be different.

Potentially. However, we’re not going down the rabbit hole of creating the Beyond Reborn Khan Emperor of Ascension.

Artisanal titles, titles that bring something unique to the table or a new angle.


Hard to predict.

I’d say getting ready to focus on yourself and only yourself, as well as any potential negative feelings that rise up out of so much focus.

I figured someone would say this. It is an expansion of the effects RAGNAROK has in a useable manner - I could give you a part of RAGNAROK and you wouldn’t be able to make use of it at all.

Expand upon it and suddenly it can bloom beautifully - just like adding salt to a good dish. For example, RAGNAROK dominance effect is unusable by itself. Adding a bit of EMPEROR and suddenly it develops into a mesmerizing, “dark”, powerful, beguiling effect. And that is without social notes in it.

Hard to say. It’s a very distinct title that you’d have to experiment with.

Preliminary results are promising in that it pulls you into a solitary focus. For example, the “anti-social” effect on Emperor isn’t actually anti-socialness, it’s more removal of those who do not help your cause or mission.

On RAGNAROK, the aim is to actually have you focus completely on yourself. As in, you want “anti-social”, here you go. When you do interact it’s from a position of power and then back to it.

Now, would I personally recommend running such a title for extended periods of time? No. But for a month or two of intense focus, be it work or self-development? Beautiful results.

Too early to discuss that. Let’s get automation done first.


I’ll look into this with Q-Engineer in a bit.