Luther's Khan/Spartan/RICH journal

Took a 1 week break from the forum and thought I’d start a new stack/journal.

Khan ST4 - overall alpha development
R.I.C.H. - money manifestations
Spartan - getting my ideal body

also a 4th title in my stack:
Libertine - to make my sexual aura more powerful

I can handle it so I’m good but anyone reading, please stick with 3 as recommended lol otherwise you’re going to risk overload and heavy recon etc.

Summary of my subliminal journey so far:

I’m a 28 year old living in Canada.

About 5 years ago, I was a total mess. I was enrolled in a university program that didn’t interest me and I had no sex life or experience with women lol. I was out of shape and my diet consisted of junk food. I had no self-worth and didn’t like myself at all. I one day came across subliminals on youtube (I forgot how, it was so long ago) and started using them and while they gave some results, it was always inconsistent or had side effects. It also didn’t help that the subcreators on youtube were mostly young people with mental illnesses lol… it’s a weird community. Anyways, I started to look for more professional, high quality subliminals that had better technology. I started using stuff from various companies and healing my internal traumas/issues. I made massive progress but there was still a ton of growing and healing to do. I eventually found Subliminal Club about 2 years ago and the first subliminal program I purchased from them was Emperor. With Emperor I began to heal my masculinity, mentality and self worth and began to feel empowered. For the first time in my life, I was kicking ass. I was able to take control of my life, take action and manifest a decent income. After that, I began to develop my practically non-existent sex life. I started listening to WANTED and began to look more attractive. Women began to enter my life and I manifested a partner. I then kept listening to WANTED to keep going further and I even stacked it with Primal Seduction for many months. I ended up manifesting the complete sexual abundance that 5 years ago I had thought was unattainable and just a dream for me.

I have great relationships, networks and a decent income that allows me to live comfortably, but there are ambitious things that I want to do… which I need more money for lol.

I’m currently focusing all of my time on bettering my finances while keeping my body in optimal shape. Those are literally the only 2 things I’m really focused on improving and directing my masculine “hunter” energy towards. I’m also just trying to become a better version of myself overall and learn/grow whatever I can in this human experience.

With Spartan, I’m now in the gym daily and I’m kicking ass like a beast lol. With R.I.C.H., I spend 10 hours a day working + focusing towards my financial dream. I’m super confident and in the flow state.

I’m in great shape and in a great headspace… I’m pretty much high on life 24/7 lol.
With the help of subliminals and my subconscious mind, I’ve been able to manifest a better reality and now I’m manifesting towards an even better reality.

I’m on my 5th month of Khan ST4 and continuing to grow in many ways. I’ve had ups and downs along the way but now things have stabilized tremendously. I’m more at ease and my perceptions have changed on a lot of things in a good way.

I took 1 week away from the forum for various reasons, 1 big one being to set my head straight and see things from an alternative view. I now have a completely different approach/perception to the internet and forums now, which is awesome.

So yeah, I’ll put my journal updates in here I guess lol

All love and positive vibes :raised_hands:


Ayyyyyy I definitely didn’t think you were Canadian. Right on.

The stories you tell just took a whole new element hahahaha.

You’re gonna love Emperor Black, I just know it.

And of course this forum of the section will be where you can shine free of burden.

I’m not only excited for this part of the forum so that we can get more experimental without worrying about new users, but also, more privacy, so friends and family can’t just randomly stumble across my posts. SC Black is probably where you’d want to post physical progress pics!


We’ll see lol

I agree with you on the privacy lol. I’ll save the physical shifting results for the special forum then, that’s perfect.



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Yeah, one can pick up a lot of crap from PUA. It’s pretty much indoctrination, lol. It’s not a bad thing, I mean knowledge is good, right. Men are just trying to learn and apply things to their life.

This is all true, but when one starts talking about the other variables like masculinity, personality, charisma, character, energy and so forth…

The people that are obsessed with height and etc will call you out as being bluepilled.

You see, in order to assert the importance of height, they’ll bring out studies, analytics, first-hand experiences and statistics in order to counter the argument we’re making.

All of what they propose is actually true, however, they’re still on Level 1.

I mean, when most people go down the height or looks rabbit hole, they feel like Neo in the Matrix. They think they’ve figured out a profound truth in regards to the nature of reality and humans. It’s commendable to figure out Level 1 as it requires intelligence… but you have to keep going though. They just decide to stop at Level 1 for some reason.

Level 2 is when you understand that everything brought out to the table is within the context of a society that is 99% traumatized.

That requires a little more intelligence because you first need to understand that there are different realities within reality. You’re going from understanding what’s in the box, to now looking at the box itself.

When one starts healing, then they get this concept very quickly because the separating line that was once transparent between the 2 realities begins to bolden.

The 2 realities I’m referring to are the traumatized, dysfunctional, incongruent reality and the healthy, empowered, congruent reality.

When you’re in the traumatized, dysfunctional, incongruent reality… then you’re unable to see or even understand the other reality. Everything you see is traumatized, everything around you is traumatized, you yourself are traumatized and so the context of everything is within trauma. Everything you integrate in terms of reality is through that filter. People, relationships, dating, sex, diet, media, way of living, culture and so forth. Everything is normal.

Now if someone proposes something that operates outside of that reality and you test it… you can’t just suddenly jump into the other reality. So you test it by incongruent means (won’t work… after all it’s incongruent) and since it doesn’t work, you then conclude that it’s nonsense.

So when you say “height isn’t that important, just become more masculine” they will laugh at you because they don’t understand what the “just become more masculine” actually means. As we know, congruence is the key to everything. One can’t just suddenly become more masculine and develop character overnight. There has to be subconscious shifts, healing and growth.

That’s where stuff like the subconscious mind, subconscious programming and subliminals come into play. Most people don’t know about any of this stuff. This is the only entry point towards actually becoming the 1%. It’s the only pathway based around congruence.

One can read a gajillion alpha male books and have superficial, consciously controlled changes in their external behavior but intrinsically and more often that not, they’re the same person they were before reading all of those books. This is also segways into why self-help books in general are hardly effective. It’s not about the books or information, it’s about not being subconsciously aligned. It’'s about incongruence versus congruence.

The type of work being done with subliminals is all based on congruence because there are deep changes occuring in the subconscious mind.

The congruent man doesn’t operate in the realm or reality of trauma, so all of the stuff that’s on the table (studies, analytics, first-hand experiences, statistics based on the context of that reality) get thrown out the window… It’s no longer applicable because the rules have changed.

An example of that is when you have a group of 5000 people who are all traumatized with differences in height. They have weak frames, are easily controlled by fear and quick to follow. A man who is 5 ft tall walks in and has the presence of a tiger, confidence of a god, charm of a trickster and fearlessness of a spartan. He’s 5 ft tall though but in a heartbeat those 5000 people are practically compelled to follow him. It’s just too much congruence in the being.

That’s what I’m talking about when it comes to the 2 different realities. It’s an entirely different box, with different rules AND it is more based on the truth and nature of us.

This is what the redpillers, PUAers and height obsessors don’t understand. They are experts of the traumatized reality but they are blind to the other reality. People like me are both experts of the traumatized reality and also experts of the other reality.

The other reality happens to be infinitely better because it’s healthier, more fulfilling on all levels, of a higher vibration and one has access to next level shit. Like I said… bows and arrows are nothing compared to alien plasma technology, lol. The reality of trauma is extremely limited and the settings are all rigid.

Here’s something to think about… are we merely apes or are we much more than that? When we talk about “biological”, we tend to think of something that’s natural and innately default of our being. Is biology the most fundamental or is that merely perceived, given what we are taught. Is there something beyond that? Maybe we are energetic beings, who knows. You guys ever use a subliminal and had people acting completely different around you, despite you looking the same? Uncanny stuff going on, right lol.

What about “I find you so attractive, I don’t know why”. There are a lot of things going on subconsciously that we’re unaware of, let’s just put it like that.

But back to those people who don’t understand this stuff. They aren’t able to see the possibility of becoming a 1% (they don’t know about congruence and subconscious programming) and hence is born a real, truth based perception of the world in their mind. It also doesn’t help that they are statistical evidence based, so their perception is based on a 99% influx of what they’re seeing and learning versus 1% that is practically mythical.

Yeah, that can happen for sure. Part of being healed as a man allows you to see past a woman’s flaws. I date IG models that some men would think are shallow but they’re merely speaking and making judgements from the outside looking in. These are very complex women despite how they appear to be but that really depends on how you yourself are dialed in and how you perceive people. Once you get past the stereotypes, it becomes apparent that these are people just like everyone else but with just a more unique set of challenges and journey of growth.

This is a WANTED thing. It’s where you start to see the “10” in every woman. Think about the level of depth required to consistently be able to do that. It’s a mature perception that you can’t just click into, it’s very deep so it’s born out of a shift in subconscious perception but it ironically makes you a master of seduction. If you look into seduction, they try to mimic that through displayed interest, actions or dialogue, but what happens if you genuinely feel like that as an extension of who you are. It’s the difference between looking at a painting and appreciating the artwork, versus looking at a painting and appreciating the inspired thought of the artist that went into creating the artwork.

It’s a different level of depth, it’s hard to explain, lol. WANTED pushed me far deep into that realm and now I see things in a different way when it comes to women which they probably sense. The enigmatic elements of WANTED can manifest in interesting ways.

Everyone is traumatized to some degree lol that’s life, but if you can look past that as a flaw and uplift/elevate from your own healing, guidance and patience while coming from a place of power and non-judgement… then her current state doesn’t really matter, does it? Of course, not every woman will be receptive but some are.


Spartan really helps with the gym recovery. I recently started doing deadlifts using a trap bar, which is very fun lol. I don’t have back pain or anything, I just wanted to spice things up by trying something different. Sure feels good lol.

My workouts are like my subliminal listening routines, lol… all sporadic and intuitive. I forgot how good working out feels with all the endorphins and testosterone pumping


Exactly!! I have read many alpha books but they didn’t rather made me better, because I behave some sort of way but internally am crying because the external behavior do not correspond to my internal state. Even some of these books are contradictory to each other.

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I love this example :wink:
Examples in the book Godfather–Don Corleone, Luca Brasil.

What is congruence in simple terms?

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Which in Khan did you stack Wanted with ?

Wow… last night before I went to sleep my whole body was sore and today I woke up… zero soreness. LOL, awesome. Can’t wait to workout today, Spartan ZP is something else. I’m noticing increased recovery rate

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True I agree with that, all women are beautiful because they represent the divine feminine and the opposite is true as well. I maybe wasn’t clear enough with what I meant. My perspective is not that they are not attractive, but more the compatibility with me as to where I am currently in my life. All women are worthy of my love and I’m worthy of the love from all women. So when I heal I’m more compatible and enjoy spending time with women that has also done some work healing rather than just numbing their pain with alcohol as an example, but nothing wrong with that, just different ways of living.


Congruence is this:

You have Person A and Person B.

Person A = typical beta male
Person B = alpha male

Each of these people have an internal framework. They have subconscious belief systems.

Person A = large amounts of emotional trauma, lack of self-love, low self-worth, subconsciously afraid of being masculine, sexual repression/unwellness etc.

Person B = high self-love, high self-worth, unapologetically masculine, healthy expression of sexuality.

Okay now, remember. We’re purely talking about subconscious mind here. Not the conscious mind. We’re talking about deep internal framework and subconscious belief systems. That is what drives everything.

Person A is a mess, so he reads a self-help book on how to be a masculine Alpha Male.

I’ll just make up a couple things of what they’d potentially read, lol.

  • Sit up straight and tall, have confident body language.
  • Start saying no to people and asserting boundaries.
  • Stop chasing women.

Next day, Person A just suddenly changes to do all of those things. Uh… no.

Person A still has [large amounts of emotional trauma, lack of self-love, low self-worth, subconsciously afraid of being masculinity, sexual repression/unwellness etc.] within their deep internal framework and subconscious system.

One cannot just make conscious adjustments and expect changes. The internal framework is still the same. The deep childhood trauma of the parent teaching you to be feel worthless hasn’t suddenly disappeared, has it? No lol.

So when you make conscious adjustments, it’s incongruence.
Basically, you’re consciously trying to be a certain way and 99% of your internal subconscious is going the opposite way. You’re not congruent. Your entire being is not aligned and harmonized in the same thing.

In fact, here is a redpill. Most of the Alpha Male behavior/characteristics you read about in those books or listen to in youtube videos… are natural expression of the internal framework and subconscious belief systems. The internal framework and subconscious belief systems have a default expression. So the Alpha Male is not even consciously aware of their behavior, it’s all Automatic and Natural.

All of these “How to be Alpha books” are essentially the result of Beta Males, putting Alpha Males under a microscope and extracting their EXTERNAL behaviors and expressions. Not taking into account the DEEP internal framework and SUBCONSCIOUS belief systems that are the main driving factor BEHIND all of those external behaviors and expressions.

So when people with messed up internal frameworks integrate this knowledge and try to consciously adjust to it… they are incongruent. They’re not the real thing.

There is absolutely no way you can just learn it like that, lol. It’s unnatural.

A person who has a childhood trauma to hate themselves, it doesn’t matter what they consciously do. The subconscious default of their expression for body language will always reflect that. They will always be in a state of consciously correcting it, until they address the subconscious default - healing their trauma.

They can habitualize the outer body language through repetition but it won’t be naturally derived from their internal framework in an organic way.

Incongruence is the overly conscious mimicing of EXTERNAL expression. It’s cheating, unnatural and doesn’t work, lol. It’s disconnected from the deep internal framework and subconscious belief systems - which is where the real change is.

This is prevalent everywhere… the entire realm of PUA for example, is based around incongruence. Instead of doing the subconscious work and doing the real thing, it’s much easier to just shortcut to the external behaviors. One can do that, but they’ll always lose out to the congruent man lol.

Incongruent man is the false prophet that has binoculars on the congruent man in order to copy and be like him. Different parts of him are conflicted and opposing, his internal + external doesn’t add up.

Congruent man is the man, the myth, the legend… the real deal. Inwards, outwards, top to bottom. Fibonacci sequence, lol.


To further add to that… this is why I say that when you’re congruent then “shit testing” doesn’t exist.

When you’re incongruent, people can sense it subconsciously and vice versa.

Beta male who is 99% traumatized takes a pre-workout, listens to some hyped warrior soundtrack and walks around puffing out his chest like he’s the shit.

Everyone is looking at him and can sense that he’s 99% traumatized. You can’t hide shit. So despite him consciously feeling like the bomb, everyone is compelled to treat him and reflect back how 99% of him is defaulted to express and emit outwards towards the reality.

So when he starts getting the feedback that he is outputting, he will conclude that “people are intimidated by me”. Nobody is intimidated by him, they just think he’s weird and egotistical, which is annoying to people. Incongruence reeks like no other… it’s like fear lol it has a distinct smell.

It’s like the nerd in school who starts speaking up 1 day. He’s consciously trying to speak up more, yet 99% of him is still the same. So people sense this incongruence and sit him down, like “yeah I ain’t buying it”. They challenge his incongruence. Incongruence is unattractive by the way because it’s not authentic. Not morally or theoretically… but fundamentally, given the process of conscious + subconscious alignment which I just outlined in the previous post.

It’s like being in a relationship with your controlling girlfriend or your wife and you start trying to be different. They just laugh at you because they know it’s not you. It’s like “lol, yeah sure, sure… now do what the fuck I say or you’re sleeping on the couch…” LOL

You can’t fake stuff or avoid the deep subconscious growth, change, healing.

When you do the work though, then everything changes like magic.


@SWITCH so if you want to check if something is congruent or incongruent.

Ask yourself, “is this behavior, expression, or thought being driven by a deep internal framework and subconscious belief system? Or is it being solely created from the conscious mind and conscious knowledge base”.

Another quick example I can give is Coquettry.

WANTED ZP can create coquettish behavior, right.

There are 2 types of people.

Congruent Coquette:
The coquettish behavior is naturally and automatically expressed due to the individuals deep internal framework and subconscious belief systems.

Incongruent Coquette (this is 99% of conventional coquettes):
Person reads seduction book and learns that playing hot and cold games can drive women crazy. Person then consciously attempts to express said behavior. It is purely conscious, based on conscious knowledge and it’s not tied directly to their deep internal frame and subconscious belief systems. This makes them extremely flawed because women can sense incongruence and this is why coquettes are seen as toxic and have a bad rap. Since most incongruent coquettes are traumatized, egotistical type of men (hence why they’re trying to consciously learn how to manipulate women like that in the first place). Ironically, the Incongruent Coquette’s biggest weakness is the women learning about his deep internal framework.

For the Congruent Coquette, there is no weakness, because his deep internal framework is aligned throughout. There is no sketchiness or flaws, which drives her even more crazy.

I went into this whole thing in detail here:


Amen to that. I have started to notice that too a lot, people almost never question me now. At first it felt strange because I was not used to it, but it makes alot of sense now. I’m learning to fill that void it left behind with what it is I want to do, because I was taught to depend on the system and others, blind leading the blind. It’s like you go from a spectator seat at the baseball game, and instead now you are on the actual field stepping up to the plate expected to swing.

What you talk about is so prevalent in the PUA scene, they never treat the root cause, but instead teach people to manipulate themselves into thinking that s**t is supposed to be there and building falsehood over more falsehood. This is the reason I still see posts from guys who has been there for a decade still doing the same thing and banging their heads against the wall over and over again, and then proclaiming how happy they are.


It’s compensation and coping mechanisms at the end of the day. It’s the easiest way out.

What’s more easy and comfortable? Facing, growing and healing out of years of childhood trauma and crap belief systems while learning to love yourself… or just ignoring all of that and using conscious manipulation that can instantly be learned and applied?

When you’re congruent, then you don’t have to use cheap manipulation tactics and be dishonest to women. You can just be yourself and everything works automatically, lol. It’s a higher vibration too, more fulfilling. Dishonesty is a lower vibration based on fear, so yeah these men who do shit like that are just fearful, coward type of men - all weasely and shit, lol. Hence why their relationships are all messy and their women aren’t deeply into them like that. It’s just incongruence, lol.

You know the infamous phrase “be yourself”. What it essentially means is “be congruent with your internal framework and subconscious belief systems”.

It literally saying to cut out the conscious, incongruent compensation. However, when most people be themselves, they’re a complete mess. Now they have to face their own issues and do healing which is difficult. It also involves reconciling their ego and having to put down the masks which they’re addicted to.


I wish these programs had some ego balancing.

These man are no different from beyond that you have access to a program that drastically changed your life.

If not for this program, I’m sure you would have belonged to that same category and it’s not their fault. This world is SETUP, like a factory generating such men. And it’s sad.

It’s not “just subconsciously becoming congruent”, the program does that for you, it has powerful manifestation modules, it has powerful technology to bring about the manifestation of the experiences you had—and these experiences is what have made you congruent and real to what you believe in.

The mass is totally powerless because those tools are not accessible to them, neither is the knowledge accessible.

So without that, without recreating themselves… they will be a natural byproduct of what the system makes from them. And clearly that is not much.

See, the system was never broken, it’s supposed to be this way. If the system was setup for human advancement many of the world problems would change overnight and world peace would be achieved and we’d be travelling the stars right now.

In fact all those people are victims, they have been so immensely disempowered that nothing is left of them, not even the character to speak their truth — out of fear they would be even further damaged.

So knowing this why would you point fingers at them, and not at the true cause?

Who is really afraid, those who are in power. Why?

Because they are afraid of the truth! Because what they live is a deceiving lie. And everyone has fallen for it.

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